Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Professor Walden in the service of Israel-Demonization

1. By now, everyone knows about the infamous "Mohammed a-Dura"
incident. This was the event in which a French television crew staged a
fake death of a Palestinian boy, pretending to be shot by Israeli gunfire
in a firefight with terrorists, dying in his father's lap like a
Palestinian Pieta figure taken down from the cross. He became the
overnight symbol of Palestinian "martyrdom," a child gunned down by
Israel. The Iranians made him a state icon and Arab students at Israeli
universities display him in their pro-terrorism campus activities. Of
course, in the sense that it was all fake, a-Dura really WAS indeed the
appropriate symbol for Palestinian "martyrdom."

The entire a-Dura Gaza incident was staged and faked by the France 2
television crew, as the media later proved and as a French court
officially declared. Among those helping to expose the lies was a young
French Jew named Phillippe Karsenty. He was then sued by the French TV
station for "libel' but eventually won in court. For details, see this:
http://www.debriefing.org/26546.html. This did not stop the usual Jewish
leftists from denouncing Karsenty. Leftist Larry Derfner from the
Jerusalem Post said that Karsenty and people like him are mentally ill and
are equivalent to the 911 "deniers," those who say the US government
itself blew up the WTC buildings. Derfner did not issue an apology after
the French court declared Karsenty was entirely correct.

By now, numerous excellent articles have exposed the whole story. In
French, the best may be this:
. In English, this may be the best: http://www.debriefing.org/16075.html

But there is one aspect of the case that has NOT been widely exposed.
That is the collaboration by Prof. Raphael Walden with the French
television station's fraud and cover-up. Walden is a far-leftist
anti-Zionist medical doctor with specialty in surgery, at Tel Hashomer
hospital. He is active in the pro-terror anti-Israel propaganda group
"Doctors for Human Rights," a group once run by anti-Semite Neve Gordon
and which does not believe that Jews should be entitled to any human
rights. He is also the son-in-law of Shimon Peres and often described in
the press as Shimon Peres' personal physician. He signs all the usual
leftist proclamations
(http://www.mideastweb.org/log/archives/00000579.htm) . His email is

Ben-Dror Yemini this week described the role of Walden in the French
forgery in his weekly column
(http://www.nrg.co.il/online/1/ART1/801/996.html) . Walden prepared a
professional medical report that backed the lies and fabrications of the
French TV station and the attempt to "prove" the Arab propaganda version
of the a-Dura shooting, based on the injuries to a-Dura's father. Only
problem is that the good doctor never examined the a-Dura father and based
his expert conclusions on some paperwork he got from a Jordanian office.
A different Israeli doctor who DID examine the poppa, Dr. Yehuda David,
discovered that all the injuries the father was claiming to have suffered
when his son was pretending to be shot were in fact injuries from at least
8 years earlier.

More about Walden's toadying for the French TV station and his attempt to
defend the lies about the a-Dura "killing" can be read here, by an Arab
propaganda news service: http://www.menapress.com/article.php?sid=2213

2. One of the more amusing developments in pre-election Israel is the
sudden adoption of the slogan "piggish capitalism." Most of Israel's
chattering classes still dream of seeing a bolshevik system of state
planning of the economy imposed upon what is already a Scandinavian style
welfare state in Israel.

Things escalated when airhead Shelly Yachimovitz, a backbencher from the
Labor Party, started tossing out comments about how "piggish capitalism"
was what had to be suppressed. Shelly, whose qualifications for sitting
in the Knesset were that she had hosted a chat show on a state-owned radio
station, claimed that the crashing stock markets prove that capitalism is
dead and that the new enlightened era of bolshevik planning will rescue
the planet. Never mind that capitalism is the only system capable of
generating any wealth at all that ordinary people can have at risk in the
stock market in the first place. It was a bit amusing, but the only paper
that told off Ssilly Shelly was Haaretz, whose business section is the
most free-market medium in Israel.

Now Ehud Barak, the fella who single-handedly rained 4000 Katyusha rockets
down on northern Israel when he ordered the cowardly unilateral
capitulation to the Hezbollah in 2000, has picked up the nonsense term
from Little Shelly. Barak yesterday also spoke out against piggish
capitalism, although in the news report in the English Haaretz they
prettify what Barak said and call it "greedy capitalism" of the "Right"
(see http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1031944.html ).

So now Barak, who is heading the Israeli Labor Party, is getting about 10%
of the support of the public in pre-election polls. He is trying to save
his McClellenist backside by pouting against "Piggish Capitalism." In
other words, Barak is now the national champion of Dodo Bolshevism. You
may recall that the Dodo bird became extinct because it was too stupid to
respond or defend itself when it was being stalked by other animals
seeking to devour it. It joins the lemming as the new Labor Party

3. Sarkozy on Obama:

4. Want to annoy a self-hating Jewish leftist Post-Zionist? Tell him
this: the number of Israeli Arabs volunteering to serve in the Israeli
Defense Forces is growing rapidly (Haaretz, Oct 28, 08)

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