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Maariv Editor Denounces Hebrew University Professor as Anti-Semite and Traitor

1. While almost all Israeli journalists coddle the leftist
anti-Zionist academics at Israeli universities and pander to their
treason, praising them as courageous moral role models, Ben Dror Yemini,
the deputy editor of Maariv, is a notable and heroic exception. While a
bit left of center in his own personal outlook, he nevertheless is willing
to call a leftist spade a spade and often is willing to call a leftist
spade a traitor. He has frequently attacked leftist seditious Israeli
Jewish professors by name.

In his weekend column yesterday, he outdoes even himself. He takes on
Prof. Nurit Elhanan-Peled, the very same moonbette whom we cited and
commented about in a posting a few days ago. To remind you, Elhanan-Peled
is a professor of education at the Hebrew University. She is sister to
Marxist professor of history Yoav Peled at Tel Aviv University and her own
daughter was murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber in Jerusalem. In
response to that murder, Elhanan-Peled has since devoted herself to
promoting the agenda and cause of the very same terrorists who murdered
her own daughter. Her latest outburst of cheering on behalf of the Hamas
was posted by us a few days back and can be read at this URL:

Yemini viciously attacks Elhanan-Peled in his column on Dec 26. It can
be read in Hebrew here:
Significantly, Yemini explicitly calls her an anti-Semite and a traitor in
his column. I translate the relevant parts for you (my own translation)

'The Hamas will also Take Care of the Lecturer

'There is in fact no reason to wait for any imminent military action. The
Lie Factory is already hard at work at full steam. This week a new record
was broken. A lecturer at the Hebrew University wrote an article, "The
Heroes of the Gaza Strip," about those Gazans who express the "free spirit
of humanity" in opposition to the "military plan about to commence by the
criminals of the occupation army." The writer uses the word "thugs," that
favorite term for Jews used by anti-Semites, to describe the Jewish
bullies who are in secret control of the world. The use of the term is
not and innocent. It erases the distinction between anti-Zionists
and anti-Semites. The propaganda of "atrocities" has already arrived. No
need to await a large action.

'The writer is Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan, the granddaughter of the late
reserve general Matityahu Peled (a notable Israeli communist ironically
named Matityahu --- SP). She is a begrieved mother, whose own daughter
was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. She of course blames
Israel for that, not the murderers. She goes out of her way to JUSTIFY
the murderers! And if we yearn to understand why the freedom of spirit is
being defeated and why the Islamist anti-Semitism is winning, it behooves
us to continue to read her malicious propaganda in this regard.

'Israel, according to the writer Peled-Elhanan, "is sunk up to its neck in
the blood of innocent (Palestinian) babies and every breath that we take
shoots out red bubbles of blood into the air of the holy land."
Peled-Elhanan then makes a blood-chilling misuse of the famous poem by
Bialik about the Kishinev pogrom, "On the Massacre," which includes the
famous line, "The revenge for the death a small child has not yet been
invented by the Devil." That poem was written about the Kishinev pogrom.
But she declares that "the child in question is the Palestinian from Gaza,
and his butchers are the Jewish soldiers." Here we have yet another
medieval blood libel. Again the Jews are murdering children.

'She writes about "cities of massacre," about a massacre supposedly being
perpetrated against Palestinians. Except that she knows perfectly well
that Israel has never carried out any massacre, ever, and not even
something resembling a massacre, during the entire 40 years of occupation
of the occupied territories. In reality, the number of Palestinians
injured has been extremely low, both relatively and in absolute numbers,
in comparison with any other conflict anywhere on the planet. But since
when do anti-Semites care about facts.

'She refers to the Hamas murderers as "freedom fighters." No doubt she
also considers the Nazis to have been also when they were struggling
against the Jews. After all, years and years of demonization of Jews, of
painting the Jews as the "threat to world tranquility," preceded
annihilation of the Jews back then also. Peled-Elhanan continues their
work. She is now perpetrating the demonization of Jews. At one time
someone like Peled-Elhanan would have been tossed into prison as a
traitor. The world has changed. Peled-Elhanan is the recipient of the
"Sakharov Prize" granted to her by the European parliament.

'So what does one do with sicknesses like this? Silencing them would be
prohibited, would turn them into martyrs. You know . the victims of the
Israeli stormtroopers. What needs to be done is to do to them what they
are trying to do to Israel . to turn them into lepers. To expose the
anti-Semitic essence in them. And the fact that they are barons in the
factory of lies. That they are the defense advocates of the anti-Semitic
regime at our gates. Peled-Elhanan is operating among us and at times at
our expense. She and her ilk are in service to the murderous Hamas
regime. She and her ilk are perpetuating bloodshed. And in spite of
that, we are commanded not to prosecute the anti-Semites in our midst. (I
disagree --- SP)

'If her plot succeeds, the Hamas will be victorious and rule over us here
and IT will then do the dirty job! Both to us and to her!'

Up to this point were the words of Ben Dror Yemini. (In the remainder of
his column he attacks Israeli leftists who protested when Israel barred
the anti-Semitic Professor Richard Falk from entering Israel as a UN
delegate after he had smeared Israel as a Nazi entity.)

Please take a few moments and send a letter of outrage to the heads of the
Hebrew University and to all Hebrew University "friends of" offices around
the world. Let them know what you think of people like Elhanan-Peled
being emplyed using the funds of Israeli taxpayers, alumni, and overseas
donors. Please cite Yemini and demand that the Hebrew University take
action against the pro-terror anti-Semites on its faculty (of whom
Elhanan-Peled is not the only one!). To do so, contact:

President of the Hebrew University
Prof. Menachem Magidor
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905
Fax. 02-5811023
President of the Hebrew University
Prof. Menachem Magidor
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905
Fax. 02-5811023

The Rector of the Hebrew University is
Title : Prof.
First Name: Sarah
Family name: Stroumsa
Department: Rector of the Hebrew University
Primary Email address:
Other Email addresses:

Telephone: 026719698
Telephone (extra): 025883676
List of Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices with email addresses and

Finally, please note that is the Israeli watchdog group
that monitors and exposes academic treason in Israel, following the
shenanigans of Israel's academic Fifth Column, and exposing campus
politicization and extremism in Israel. It needs your help, support, and

Please visit the web site weekly to learn what is happening on Israeli
campuses! Please advise others to provide assistance and support to it.

2. The wonderful Nidra Poller on the Hamas Hannuka:
Just posted on
Nidra Poller in Paris on the Israel counter attack to defend itself
against Islamic jihad.
HAZAK ! Hamastan is getting the Hanuka treatment, special delivery for
evildoers. It seems the mighty jihadis were caught by surprise. Not me.
Listening between the words of leftist Israeli journalists interviewed on
our Jewish radio stations this week, I was sure the attack was imminent.
It.s one of those times when Israel speaks with one voice and acts with
one determination. Even the wimpy Olmert government could not dawdle any
longer. Only two days ago the Hamasniks were gloating over Israeli
indecision. These jihadis operate in closed circuit minds. Once they
convince themselves they are winning, they whip up a whirlwind of
delusion. Now look at them, battered and bloodied, stunned and dazed,
caught in full dress uniform, whining and calling for help.
As Israel stands tall and proud, exercising its sovereignty, European Jews
threaten to bomb the carpets in Strasbourg and mow down the sprouts in
Brussels if E.U. officials don.t stop spouting off their mouths. Not
really. But it.s no more of a joke than the Automated Out of Office
Replies registered early this afternoon in the French media. The French
presidency of the E.U. is calling for an immediate ceasefire and,
incidentally, requesting that Hamas refrain from shooting rockets into
Israel. The French presidency of France, no surprise, is making the same
inane statement. And so it goes down the line, flutters of indignation
from automatic official responders while the real leaders are out to
breakfast lunch and dinner in the empty year-end week. Never at a loss for
a lie, French media have thrown the U.S. in with the hypocrites under a
one size fits all headline claiming that the international community is
calling for a ceasefire. In fact, the U.S. position is radically
different. Wishing that Israelis will do their best to avoid civilian
casualties, our government more or less told Hamas it got what it was
asking for.
This is now. What will happen when the 90lb weakling usurps his seat in
the White House? Will we hear European squeak from the next to the last
bastion of courage? A few days ago le Figaro descended to new depths with
an article about Obama in swim trunks, exclaiming: .What a gorgeous hunk
of man!. The only moment of truth in this endless flow of Obamaniac drivel
was an article a few weeks ago about how Michelle will certainly be using
fashion advisers to get her act together. Though that journalist, too,
imagined gorgeous legs and a perfect figure, she did say that the future
first lady.s red and black election night dress was not exactly a winner.
Back to Hamastan. A Metulla News Agency ( for those who
read French) release reports that 50 targets were hit simultaneously in
the first wave of bombing, scoring 97% of direct hits in the space of 3
minutes. 50 additional targets were hit in the second wave. Most of the
command posts, military bases, arms factories, and arsenals were damaged
or destroyed. Tunnel personnel came scurrying out of their underground
enterprises near the Egyptian border as the bombings shook the earth.
Noting that Hamas spokesman Fawzi Baroum gave shooting orders.over the
radio-- to rocket launchers near the Israeli border, the Metulla reporter
supposes that the military communications network was destroyed. An
airstrike against a building where Hamas military and political personnel
had just gathered for an emergency meeting indicates, according to the
same source, information gathered from human intelligence on the ground.
The Metulla News Agency release concludes that Hamas, caught by surprise
by .the timing, the scope, and the precision of the attack,. is
desperately searching for some civilian victims to display as proof of an
Israeli massacre.
By 5.30 PM, Le Figaro had lined up an impressive list of condemnations.
The U.E., Javier Solana, President Sarkozy, PM Fran.ois Fillon, Ban
Ki-Moon, Leila Chahid, Turkey, Mahmoud Abbas, Abdallah of Saudi Arabia,
Moubarak, the Arab League, Iran, Ghadaffi, Syria. Le Figaro tucked the
U.S. and the U.K. into the list, trying to assimilate them with these
accusations of everything from carelessness to war crimes. They must have
missed this exchange with Egyptian MFA Ahmed Aboul Gheit, at a Cairo press
conference. Asked if he.d known the attack was imminent, About Gheit
replied, .Didn.t you? Didn.t you hear the declaration of Tzipi Livin last
Thursday?. He said Hamas had been warned, and shouldn.t be surprised at
getting what they asked for.
And somehow this strong condemnation of .Israeli.s massacre against Gaza
Strip reported by the Kuwait news agency didn.t make it onto the honor
. Why? Isn.t Sudan part of the elevated conscience of international
Night has fallen here in Paris. Time to light the Hanukah candles. They
will burn so brightly as the evildoers writhe in pain and cry over their
broken lethal toys. A few days ago they reinstated crucifixion in the
sharia arsenal of their rump Islamic republic. Today our haverim burned
their punishing crosses!

3. Well, Israel's loyal Arabs have taken to the roads in a fit of
violence, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at passing Jews. Since the
Israeli politicians seem at a loss about how to handle these pogromchiks
in the middle of the battle in Gaza, I have written Olmert and Livni with
my own proposal. I can't go into details about what the proposal
contains, but I can tell you that its title is, "Throw a Rock at a Jew and
Die," and it has a companion document whose title reads, "If you are old
enough to throw a rock you are old enough to be shot."

4. The latest from Beilingrad:

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