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Just say NO to a ceasefire!

What part of NO don't they understand?

1. Just say NO to a ceasefire!!
The task at hand

By Moshe Arens

Tags: Guerilla warfare

We have reached a crucial stage in the IDF's operation against Hamas in
the Gaza Strip. If we are not careful, we may have defeat staring us in
the face - another defeat, after the fiasco of the Second Lebanon War.
This time at the hands of Hamas, a terrorist organization even smaller and
weaker than Hezbollah.

Insistent calls are being heard for a cease-fire. Some of these calls come
from outside Israel and others come from within our midst. If the IDF does
not complete the mission it has been assigned, of suppressing the
launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip against the cities, towns and
villages of southern Israel, and if the final act before a cease-fire goes
into effect ends up being an avalanche of rockets fired by Hamas against
Israel, not only Hamas and the Arab states, but most of the world, will
consider Hamas as having succeeded in defeating Israel.

This would be a repetition of what happened during the Second Lebanon War.
Aside from the danger that Hamas, during a cease-fire, would equip itself
with a new supply of rockets, some of even greater range than the ones
currently in its arsenal, and that the civilian population in the south
will continue to live under the threat of renewed rocket fire by Hamas,
such a second defeat would do irreparable damage to the general security
of Israel, serving as an invitation to further provocations and aggression
by Israel's enemies in the years to come. All of Israel's citizens, not
only those living in the south, would bear the burden of such a

It was Henry Kissinger who said that "the conventional army loses if it
does not win - the guerilla wins if he does not lose." Any terrorist group
that manages to face up to the might of the IDF and survive while
continuing its attacks against Israel will invariably be seen as the
victor. In the present fighting in the Gaza Strip, the IDF will lose if it
does not win, and Hamas will emerge as the victor. No amount of wordage in
a UN Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire, or promises
offered Israel by the international community, are going to change the
face of the end result. That is what happened when UN Security Council
Resolution 1701 brought about the cease-fire that ended the Second Lebanon
War and the deployment of UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon. You only need
to take a look at what has happened to Hezbollah, its stockpile of rockets
and its position in Lebanon since the cease-fire to see what is likely to
occur in the Gaza Strip in the wake of a similar cease-fire there. For
some reason, it is Israel that has difficulty learning that a cease-fire
with terrorists is only to the advantage of the terrorists. Terrorism has
to be destroyed.

Unlike the traditional Israeli position in the days of Ben-Gurion and
Begin, which put Israel's security interests first, in recent years some
of our politicians have become obsessed with the notion that any Israeli
military activity is bound to be limited by pressure from the
international community, pressure to which we presumably will have to
accede even if it puts our national security at risk.

In fact, the understanding in much of the world, and especially in the
United States, for Israel's security, and especially for its battle
against terrorism, has grown considerably in recent years. The idea that
Israel may face unbearable international pressure that would limit its
response against terrorist forces has little basis in fact. During the
Second Lebanon War, the IDF could have had all the time it needed if it
had taken effective action against Hezbollah, and such action would have
been applauded in many places abroad. The same is true in the present
battle against Hamas - if we are seen as being successful, we will have
nothing to fear from any quarter. If there are any doubts in our midst
they can be laid to rest by recalling the statements made by Mayor Michael
Bloomberg, of New York, during his recent visit to Ashkelon, and those
made by senior Democratic and Republican senators and by President Bush.
Most of those Israeli politicians who speak of the need to stop our
military activity before international pressure forces us to stop have
precious little experience with the American political establishment.

Our job now is to keep our eye on the ball, and not be diverted from the
task at hand. The IDF must continue to pursue the mission it has been
assigned and put an end to the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip. We
have the ability to do so and it must be done. The consequences of
failure, regardless of the explanations offered by Israeli politicians and
the wording of the relevant UN Security Council Resolution, would bode
very ill for Israel.

2. If you do not want a school or hospital to be targeted, then do not
fill it with terrorists, rockets, weapons, and bombs:

So why was that school targeted? Here's why:
Dead Hamas Terrorists & Missiles Found At UN School In Gaza
See also

3. How many rockets would make it ok?

4. Yet another anti-Israel extremist faculty member at the Hebrew
University shilling for the Hamas in the leftwing Neo-Nazi web magazine
More Treason from the Hebrew University
The Hebrew University's Victoria Buch, writing in the anti-Semitic web
magazine Counterpunch, thinks Israel's real Crime is in its Existence:

'I arrived in Israel 40 years ago. It took me many years to understand
that the very existence of my country, as it is today, is based on an
ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The project started many years
ago. Its seed can be traced to the basic fallacy of the Zionist movement,
which set out to establish a Jewish-national state in a location already
inhabited by another nation. Under these conditions, one has, at most, a
moral right to strive for a bi-national state; establishing a national
state implies, more or less by definition, ethnic cleansing of the
previous inhabitants....'


January 6, 2009

The Real Estate War in Gaza
The History and "Morals" of Ethnic Cleansing

To tell the heads of the Hebrew University what you think of this, write:

President of the Hebrew University

Prof. Menachem Magidor


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905

Fax. 02-5811023

Rector of the Hebrew University
Prof. Sarah Stroumsa
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Telephone: 02-6719698, 02-5883676

Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices:

5. In defense of "settlers":

6. Hat Tip to Israel Winkie Meidad: The idea of Gaza as the "most
densely populated place in the world" is a propaganda fabrication with a
very clear underlying logic.

Meshing the images of densely populated neighborhoods in Gaza, and which
place lacks such neighborhoods with scenes of poverty, conjures up the
idea that Palestinians lack land and resources.

If you believe that, it is a small jump to the conclusion that Israel
should be giving Palestinians both. In fact, Gaza has been in Arab control
for years, and the territories liberated by Israel in 1967 would be enough
to maintain a large Palestinian population that was educated, industrious,
prudentially managed, well-governed, the least bit interested in working,
and, above all, peaceful!

According to the US Census Bureau's 2008 Statistical Abstract, Gaza is
less densely populated than Gibraltar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Monaco and

In fact, Macau (population 453,000) is four times more densely populated
(42,271 per square mile) than Gaza (10,665 per square mile).

Area Population Density (persons/sq. mile)

Gaza 8666
District of Columbia 9176
Gibraltar 11,990
Singapore 17,751
Hong Kong 17,833
Monaco 41,608
Macau 71,466
Cairo 82,893
Calcutta 108,005
Manila 113,810


Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2004-2005, Tables 18 and 1321;
Demographia -- Population Density: Selected International Urban Areas and

Posted by YMedad at 1:05 PM
Labels: Demography from an article by Daniel Mandel of Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, USA .

National Post
How Israel could win

Iran announces 70,000 suicide bombers ready to strike Israel. They could
all sign up to study political science at Ben Gurion University.

9. Believe it or not, a Haaretz columnist wrote this:
Gaza War Diary III: If Mexico shelled Texas, like Hamas shells Israel

By Bradley Burston Haaretz

Analogy One: A fanatical religious party wins a string of elections in
Mexico's northern states, then stages a civil war to drive out the federal
government and take full control.

The party's charter demands the return to Mexico of the occupied
territories of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and

Firing homemade rockets and more advanced projectiles smuggled in from
Iran and China, the party's gunners can hit a total of one of every seven
Americans, or 43,598,000 people, in a broad swath which includes Los
Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Austin, San Antonio and Houston,
and Las Vegas.

In all of these areas, pre-schools, grade schools, and universities are
all forced to shut down. Families sleep in bomb shelters, and return to
them several times a day during air raids. Businesses are shuttered, and
the economy shuts down.

Analogy Two: A man comes into your home. He has a gun he made himself. He
points it at your family. He fires, but misses. The gun has little
accuracy. He fires repeatedly, missing again and again.

You have a much better gun, made in a real factory. It is in the drawer in
the bedroom.

Demonstrators in London and San Francisco - who are distant relatives of
the gunman - stage a protest, calling you a murderer and demanding that
you keep the well-made gun in the drawer because it would be a
disproportionate response.

The man with the homemade gun, it turns out, is a religious fanatic who
lives across the street. You were once his landlord. There is much bad
blood between you.

He races back across the street. He has a larger weapon that he smuggled
in through his basement. He shoots from behind his younger son. He wounds
your daughter. You take out a rifle. You aim for him and hit the son,
killing the boy.

The demonstrators are now calling you a Nazi and chant "Slaughter the

[In his defense, the neighbor explains that you have kept him and his
family locked in the house, and have at times, failed to pay his water,
gas and electric bills, causing them to be turned off.

This is some years after the neighbor send out his older son, nicely
dressed, to knock on your door. Your older daughter opens the door. He
greet her politely, and presses the detonator on a homemade bomb.]

And finally a word about...

Analogy Three: Gaza as the Warsaw Ghetto

Jew-haters the world over adore this one. It solves a number of problems
at once:

It denies and diminishes and exploits the Holocaust, does disrespect to
Holocaust victims and survivors alike, alleviates European guilt over
complicity with the Nazis, alleviates American guilt over inaction in the
face of the annihilation machine, misrepresents both the cruel reality of
the Gaza Strip and the cruel reality of the ghetto, dismisses the humanity
and the vulnerability of the million Israeli Jews and Arabs within rocket
range, and ignores completely the role of Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the
Popular Resistance Committees, and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, in having
sent thousands and thousands and thousands of rockets and mortars into

As a bonus, pro-Palestinian demonstrators in San Francisco [where else?],
referencing the Warsaw Ghetto analogy, recently beat up a small number of
pro-Israel demonstrators, reportedly shouting "Slaughter the Jew" at them
in Arabic.

Way to bring peace.

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