Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apartheid Jordan Files Legal Complaint against Democratic Israel

The Apartheid Regime of Jordan sues Democratic Israel
By Steven Plaut

Well, no sooner do we recover from our bout of laughter over Turkey
criticizing Israel for its behavior in Gaza
than an even more Orwellistic event takes place. Jordan has decided to
file a criminal lawsuit against Israeli officials for alleged war crimes
in Gaza (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3673005,00.html ).

German and Arab media have been reporting that Jordanian Parliament
members at the behest of their king plan to file a petition to the
International Criminal Court in the Hague to prosecute Israeli officials
for "war crimes" committed during Operation Cast Lead, fought against the
genocidal Hamas terrorists. Israeli Internal Security Minister Dichter
reacted: 'No greater hypocrisy than when the country that murdered 10,000
Palestinians deals with international crimes.'

So let us put this into perspective. Jordan itself is a pseudo-country
sitting on land that properly belongs to the Jews. There is no Jordanian
people at all. Jordan is a country composed of Palestinian Arabs with no
political rights at all, controlled by a Bedouin ruling elite, which has
hegemony over the government and army.

Jordan is as much an apartheid regime as any on earth. Official
discrimination against non-Bedouin Arabs is state policy. Jews may not
own land in Jordan, and tracts of land once legally purchased by Jews have
been stolen from them by the Jordanian government. When Jordan
controlled the Old City of Jerusalem it destroyed every single Jewish
shrine there and used their stones to build latrines. It tore up
gravestones from the Mount of Olives, which has been a respected cemetery
for 4000 years, and used them also as building materials.

Jordan came into existence as a country when the young Winston Churchill
quite literally drew its boundaries on the back of an envelope, drawn so
as to accommodate two British petroleum pipelines, , in land promised to
the Jews under the Balfour Declaration. Instead of Wilsonian national
self-determination dictating the emergence of countries, pipeline
geography did in the case of Jordan.

Jordan is one of the few countries on earth still ruled by a king, and not
a make-pretend ceremonial one, but rather one whose every whim must be
obeyed. Moreover, the previous king of Jordan decided to show his
devotion to the human rights of Palestinians by massacring tens of
thousands of them in the infamous "Black September" of 1970. No one
exactly knows how many Palestinian civilians were massacred by the
Jordanian ruling class and army, although Yassir Arafat said it was
25,000. The Palestinian terror group "Black September," which carried out
the Munich massacre and other atrocities, named itself in memory of this
massacre of Palestinians by the Jordanian army. At the time, hundreds of
Palestinian terrorists entered Israel and begged to be allowed to be put
in Israeli prisons, rather than be returned to Jordan where they faced
certain death.

Jordan does not only shoot Palestinians when they ally with Syria and try
to topple the Bedouin regime there, as they did in 1970. Palestinian
students in Jordan participating in demonstrations against ISRAEL have
been mowed down by the Jordanian soldiers. In fact the only country in
the Middle East in which students can conduct a spontaneous anti-Israel
demonstration against Israel is Israel.

Amnesty International and many others speak out against human rights
abuses in Jordan. The treatment of women there is about as bad as it gets
anywhere and there are many "honor killings" of women. There is no
freedom of the press. Torture is routinely used. One of the more ironic
matters is the treatment of homosexuals. Jordanian gays, who face violent
persecution, often apply for asylum in Israel.

Jordan of course has a long history of military aggression. It began with
the Jordanian invasion of Western Palestine in 1948, when Jordan attempted
to annex all of the territory that the UN had tried to partition into
Israel and an Arab Palestinian state. Jordan, not Israel, prevented the
creation of that Arab Palestinian state. Jordan illegally invaded and
held East Jerusalem, including the Old City, starting in 1948 and lasting
for nineteen years. It participated in the military aggressions against
Israel in 1967 and 1973. The West Bank was taken from Jordan by Israel
the same way that Germany lost Alsace and Lorraine, thanks to its losing
its own war of aggression.

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