Friday, May 15, 2009

Speaking of Spain...

A few days ago I posted a piece on how the Spanish are ignoring human
rights and collateral damages when they go after THEIR Basque terrorists,
but insist that Israel deal with terrorism by capitulating to the demands
of terrorists. You can see the piece here:
The Spanish are also indicting Israeli military and
political leaders for "war crimes." Well:

Let's Do Things the Spanish Way!

(reprint of item from June 2002)
by Steven Plaut

Sixteen more human sacrifices were offered up this morning to the Oslo
pagan goddess. They were murdered for one reason and one reason only:
Ariel Sharon was too cowardly to kill Yassir Arafat and the rest of the
PLO leadership behind the bombings and atrocities.

At long last, I believe I have discovered the perfect role model for
Israel of the 21st century. It is Spain. The new Spain, the democratic
Spain. Ok, when speaking with Spaniards we should actually call it
Occupied Andalusia, but you know what I mean.

But you see, Spain is a country that deals with terrorism. It has
separatist radical organizations among the Basques and Catalans, and the
Basques in particular have learned from the great success of the PLO that
bombings and violence are the best way to victory. The Basque ETA is
defined by Spain, the US and the EU as a terrorist organization. Not
activists. Not militants. Terrorists. I guess cause it does not target

But democratic Spain has just decided to get serious about ITS terrorists
(and never mind that it of course joins the Euro Nuremberg Rally in
backing Palestinian terrorism).

You see, Spain has just made it a crime to express verbal approval of
Basque terrorism. Anyone saying publicly that they understand or justify
Basque terrorism is barred from running for election. Parties holding such
a view are to be declared illegal and their leaders and members arrested.
Spanish law criminalizes parties that "preach hatred and violence," unless
of course it is directed against Jews. The initiative to ban pro-terror
activities and parties is that of the democratically elected Prime
Minister Ansar. When the Vatican whined about this abridging the free
speech of those who support Basque terror, the Spanish Foreign Minister
called in its rep and dressed him down. Spain is serious. No nonsense.

Endorse an atrocity, go to jail.

Actually, anyone wishing to run for office will be required under Spanish
law to publicly DENOUNCE terrorism.

Now all Israel has to do is follow the lead of Spain and pass a similar
law making it illegal to endorse or justify terrorism unless it is
directed against Spain!! [But wait, isn't that sort of what Avigdor
Lieberman just proposed? And what all the Eurotrash and their Israeli
leftist amen chorus are calling racism?]

You see, in that case, every single Arab political party in Israel will be
declared illegal. Ahmed Tibi and Azmi Bashara and the rest of the Arab
Knesset fascist menagerie will be placed behind bars. So will the Jewish
communists who march with and support them. Uri Avnery will be put into
solitary, along with scores of Tenured Traitors from the Israeli
universities. Meretz is likely to be declared illegal, and I am not sure
that the Israeli Labor Party will be able to survive in tact. It goes
without saying that nearly all the employees at Haaretz newspaper will be
sent to the chain gang.

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