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The Latest Atrocity at Tel Aviv University

1. As afterword on the Leonard Cohen story, one Plaut-lister sent me some information I did not know. Evidently Cohen lost his life savings in the stock market crash and was forced to go back on the road just to earn some lunch money.
By the way, in all his new performances, Cohen insist on wearing this dorky "Rat Pack" style fedora hat.

2.. I happen to be one of those people who think that death does not get someone off the hook for having dabbled in anti-Semitism. With the whole world of pop and preadolescence in shock over the death of singer Michael Jackson, it behooves us to remind you all that Mikey also was prone to outbursts of anti-Semitism. This was many years before the reports that he was getting interested in Islam and building a mosque in Bahrain. (I am sure his interest in Islam was as genuine and deep as the interest by Madonna and Roseanne Barr in ka=BBBAAAALLLL-la – as they mispronounce it.)

A few years back Jackson took time off from riding the roller coaster with his 10 year old friends in "Neverland" and recorded a nasty anti-Semitic song with lyrics that included, "Kick me, Jew me," and similar sentiments. He also referred to Jews as leeches and other metaphors.

Here are some web items about Mikie's little problem with members of the chosen people who were over the age of 10:

Jackson even pretended at one point to have some interest in Judaism. When that story was in the media, I posted this ( in the year 2000):

Michael Jackson's Judaism

There are reports out this week that yet another Hollywood entertainer is suddenly interested in Judaism. The newest one though is none other than Michael Jackson. This is the same Jackson who recorded a couple of years back a song featuring the words "Kike Me, Jew Me," which triggered a storm. At the time the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, added Jackson to his list of Hollywood anti-Semites being granted papal absolution by Foxman, earning him his current nickname, the Twentieth Century Foxman.

Jackson's sudden interest in Judaism comes after the other highly publicized cases of entertainers taking an look into Jewish mysticism, including Madonna and Roseanne Barr. It is all part of a larger wave of Hollywood airheads getting "into" religion, which includes Richard Gere's adoption of Buddhism and John Travolta's levitating the molecules in his butt over to the Scientology "church". In Jackson's case, he has reportedly approached the controversial Rabbi Shmuel Boteach for "spiritual counseling". Boteach used to be a Rabbi at Oxford University, with ties to the Lubavitch movement, but is most famous these days for his saucy popularizing and discussing of Jewish attitudes towards sex (including an interview in Playboy).

Jackson's sudden interest in Judaism raises a number of questions, not least regarding the anti-Semitic song he recorded earlier. SO let me give you my reading of this new "Jewish" Michael Ben-Yaakov.

First of all, Mikey's "Kike Me, Jew Me" song appears in retrospect to be a desperate call to Reb Boteach to connect him to Judaism. Jackson=s constant grabbing of his crotch while singing has to do with his contemplation of that rite of passage necessary for any male to join Judaism and the fears it must arouse. Suppressed for decades is the fact that the REAL original unabridged name of the Jackson Five was the Jackson Fivebooksofmoses. And all that hanging around with twelve year olds that earned Jackson his reputation as a pederast? Why, he was just attending with them Bar Mitzvah lessons, that is all.

And what about Jackson's famous series of surgeries and medical douches, the ones that have produced of him a creature of ambiguous racial and gender identity? Friends, this was nothing more than the consequence of Jackson studying the Scroll of Ruth from the Bible and then, well, deciding that he wishes to look like Ruth.

3.. In Israeli academia nary a week goes by without some university holding a malicious one-sided anti-Israel "conference" consisting of hate propaganda misrepresented as scholarship. The participants in these "conferences" never seem to include anyone who thinks Israel has the right to exist and to defend itself. The conferences are pluralistic and balanced in the sense that they include both Jewish and Arab anti-Semites, and may contain a whole range of communists from different splinters.

Well, this coming week Tel Aviv University will once again show its disdain for academic standards and serious scholarship. It is to host yet another Bash-Israel one-sided indoctrination "conference," this one purporting to debate and discuss the Psychological Influences of Service in the Territories. In other words, it will be a pseudo-academic litany of rantings about how Israel's "occupation" of the "occupied territories" causes devastating psychic damage to both the "Palestinian" inhabitants of those areas and to the Israelis serving there in the security services.

Now I can absolutely guarantee you that not a single speaker at this grand academic event will mention any psychic damages caused to Jews from having thousands of rockets fired at their children by genocidal Islamofascist terrorists. There will also be no discussions of the psychological stress caused to those Jew civilians blown to smithereens by suicide bombers, or murdered by snipers. In fact, no one will even mention the psychic damages caused to Jews by Arab terrorists whose violence makes it necessary for Jews to give up their time to do reserve duty and otherwise help prevent the terrorists from murdering Jews. No one at all will mention any psychological damages done to Jews from Arab fascists demanding that Jews be mass murdered, or when Arab leaders deny there ever was a Holocaust or claim that Jews drink the blood of gentile children for Passover.

Here is the official description of the conference (I think the main difference between this Tel Aviv University event and the Holocaust Denial conference in Iran was that the coffee was better in Tehran). This North-Korean re-education "conference" will take place Sunday, June 28, 2009 at Tel-Aviv University in the Hall of Justice, the Trubowicz Law Faculty Building

Official conference announcement:

Conference: "The Psychological Influences of Service in the Territories" - June 28th

Israeli society imposes on its soldiers serving in the army the role of control over another nation - the Palestinian people living in the Territories; these soldiers serve as the almost exclusive contact between Israeli society and Palestinian society. In this conference we will examine the psychological influences of the army service in the occupied territories, both on the soldiers themselves and on the Jewish society in Israel, that avoids direct contact with the Palestinians in the Territories, but sends and receives back its sons and daughters in their army service there. We will examine how open these influences are and how they are spoken about in our society, army, and mental health personnel.

Convention and Registration

09:00-09:30 Greetings on behalf of Tami Shteinmetz Center: Ephraim Lavi

Machsom Watch (seditious anti-Israel pro-terror propaganda group --- SP): Reva Bachrach - psychoactive.

09:30-11:30 First Session: Witnesses.

Reva Bachrach - Machsom Watch (seditious anti-Israel pro-terror propaganda group --- SP) Chairman – psychoactive: Barrier - salt of the earth? Soldiers' atrocities in the Intifada: Perspectives from the soldier, the company, the army and society.

Yoel Elitzur - Hebrew University: "To See if I'm Smiling" segments from Tamar Yarom's film.

Tal Ben Sira-Morag - one of the film's participants.

The cruelty of Givati (an IDF army brigade), and Liberal Morals (now THERE is an objective title for a lecture! – SP)

Zvi Bekerman - Hebrew University

11:30-11:45 Coffee break

Second Session: Cover-ups, Silencing and Silence

Chairman: Uri Hadar (anti-Israel post-Zionist extremist – SP) - Tel Aviv University, Psychoactive

Nisim Avishar - Herzelia Interdisciplinary Center: Blurring, Denial and Silencing from Close-up: The psychologists in the army and the first Intifada. Psychoactive

Edna Lomsky-Feder (one of the thesis advisors for that infamous thesis claiming that Jewish soldiers do not rape Arab women because the Jews are such racists --- SP) - Hebrew University: Psychological Talk and Normalization of the effects of the Occupation

Arnona Zahavi - Beyt Berl College: Dangerous empathy - silence and silencing in the psychological treatment of soldiers who killed and injured (not a word about sucicide bombers? – SP)

13:30-14:15 Lunch break

14:15-15:45 Small group discussions: The presence [lingering effects] of the Occupation in my personal and professional life

15:45-17:00 Final session

Chairman: Nachi Elon - psychodrama

Daniel Bartal - Tel Aviv University (who says that the Jews refusal to abandon Zionism is the real obstacle to peace and that Jews are racists but Arabs are not --- SP): The psychological impact of the Occupation on the Jewish society in Israel, and the price it pays for it.

Participation in the Kenes is free of charge

For details and registration: Roni Shalit:0546-466582, Tami Cohen: 0544-628618

What is Psychoactive?

Behind the name "Psychoactive" stands a group of mental health men/women who have taken upon themselves to be involved in social-political subjects in general, and in the Jewish-Arab conflict in the territories in particular. The group acts out of recognition of the basic rights of a person, as a person, to spiritual well-being, alongside physical well-being.

We recruit the tools at our disposal as men/women involved in the treating professions, to deepen the understanding and awareness of the subject of occupation, and the continuing war between the two nations, and its repercussions in the populations on both sides of the conflict. These tools also serve us in advancing healing processes and advancing the psychological welfare of the individual, which is influenced by the societal-political reality in which he lives.

The group is made up of Israeli Arabs and Jews, and contacts are made with Arab mental health personnel from the Palestinian Authority. Members come from the social work professions, both from the field and from the academic community.

The group serves as a laboratory for developing initiatives in these subjects, according to the personal initiatives of the members of the group. The group meets every few weeks in different parts of the country, and is in constant touch through an Internet list.

Our activity

Safety searches in Ben Gurion airport of Arab citizens: Writing of letters of protest against humiliating treatment of Arab citizens in searches in Ben Gurion airport. (They prefer that bombs go off on planes --- SP)

The psychological repercussions of the second Lebanon war: Writing and distributing petitions during the Lebanon war, that warn against the psychological repercussions on Israeli and Lebanese citizens. (Yeah, right, with no mention of the impact of 4000 katyusha rockets fired at the Jews)

A Study Day by PsychoActive Group 28.6.09
Mental Health Professionals for Human Rights
The Psychological Effects of Military Service in the Occupied Territories on Soldiers and on Israeli Society

Israeli society entrusts the task of controlling and administering another nation, the Palestinian people, to the soldiers who serve in its army. These soldiers constitute the more or less exclusive interface between Israeli society and Palestinian society in the Occupied Territories. Their encounter with Palestinian residents - at the military checkpoints, carrying out arrests, and while undermining freedom in diverse other forms – takes place from a position of power, authority and control and very often involves infringements of basic human rights.
This study day will offer an opportunity to consider the psychological effects of Israeli military service in the occupied Palestinian territories, from the point of view of the soldiers themselves, and from that of Jewish Israeli society as a whole, which, while avoiding any direct encounter with Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories, dispatches its conscripted sons and daughters to serve there . We shall also look into the question of the extent to which these effects are dealt with and discussed in Israeli society, within the army, and among mental health professionals.

Our activities have included (here are some neutral academic research projects --- SP):

• Protest against the manner in which Majid Kna'ane's trial was conducted. Kna'ane, an intern in psychology at the Jaffa Mental Health clinic, was accused and found guilty of committing security violations.

• Writing up and distributing a petition during the war in Lebanon, calling for its immediate end, as well as explaining its consequences for the mental state of the citizens of Israel and Lebanon.

• Co-organizing a public event during the Israeli offensive on Gaza: A Gathering to Mourn and to Protest: Grieve together & reject the massive killing of civilians.

• Gathering testimonies of current occurrences in Gaza and their distribution.

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