Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shammai Leibowitz needs some Smokes to Buy Prison Sundries



1.   You will all be pleased to hear that Noam Chomsky again met with the Hezbollah in Lebanon this week and attended a Salute to Nasrallah event - - evidently the same event in which Nasrallah called for bombing ships bound for Israel (see



2.  When does the Israeli Moonbatocracy NOT scream against destruction of Arab homes?   See this:



3.  Well, one of the happiest events of the week – nay, of the year - was the (re-) sentencing of ultra-leftist shyster Shammai Leibowitz to 20 months hard prison time in the US.  Leibowitz, the 39 year old grandson of the late Yeshayahu Leibowitz (himself a fascinating mix of serious knowledge of Judaism with leftist flakiness) is best known for his campaigns on behalf of Arab terrorists and his defending arch-murderer and terrorist Marwan Barghouti (with New Israel Fund money!!).  Before that he was the lawyer of choice for International Solidarity Movement accomplices to the Hamas. 


As you may recall, Shammai got himself into a jam in the US when the FBI discovered he was leaking to the media documents he had been hired by the same FBI to translate.   Shammai has been living in the US (he has dual citizenship) and got a job working as a translator for the FBI.  The fact that the FBI would hire this collaborator with terrorism from Israel tells you a lot about how much "intelligence" there is inside the skulls of the heads of the FBI these days. 


Shammai had signed a plea agreement last year but evidently tried to back out of it.  In it, he confessed to engaging in the leaking of sensitive documents to bloggers and to a pro-terror Palestinian group, the "Electronic Intifada." See


Anyway, evidently Shammai tried to back out of the plea and the matter went to DC court, where Shammai this week got sentenced to doing the 20 months he agreed to in his plea.  Lawyer tricks did not help him this time.  


Now here is a math problem for you.  If Shammai gets 20 months in the US slammer for leaking two documents to the media, just how much jail time should the leftist spy Anat Kamm and her Haaretz handler Uri Blau, the current darlings of Israel's Left, get for stealing more than 2000 military documents and leaking their contents?    


Why he was not given a sentence at least as long as Pollard's is not clear. 


Well, yes, it IS clear.  Evidently Shammai was spying for the Palestinians!   Did he also leak materials to the New Israel Fund?  Enquiring minds want to know! 


I just love the idea of Shammai making license plates and serving as a prison sissy for some big tattooed gangbanger missing his front teeth and wearing gang colors.  I will try to get you his prison mailing address in case you want to mail him a carton of cigarettes or maybe a cake with a rubber file inside? 


See also this:


He has his own blog here:



4.  I have a confession. 


I despise the TV show "Sex and the City," fantasize about slapping and then sending the characters in it to a nunnery, and think that Chris Noth should have ended his acting career getting shot in "Law and Order."  The "Sex and the City" movies are even worse.  


Nevertheless, I am suddenly tingling with delight that the four skanks in their new movie go to Abu Dhabi and upset the Islamists.  Radical Moslem blogs are already threatening a new wave of violence against the offenders, which will recall their anti-cartoon riots. 

See this. and


I had a dream last night of Islamists throwing shoes at the visiting hussies - all Gucci designer shoes from Fifth Avenue.



5.  "Elvis" Costello, a "singer" in the loose sense of the word, decided he is boycotting Israel and will not perform here.  See,7340,L-3893595,00.html

I think we should all say a Birkat Ha-Gomel for being rescued from that imminent musical threat to our health and well being.


6.  University of Haifa anti-Zionist "New Historian"; Discovers that Israel Itself Caused the 1973 Yom Kippur War because it refused to make peace with Egypt


7.  Tel Aviv University - On anti-Semitic web site, TAU's Ran HaCohen (Dept of Comparative Literature) explains that Israel is "Colonizing" ... Israel


8.  Tel Aviv University - Ariella Azoulay (Dept of Arts) has Nightime Fantasies about the Palestinian "Right of Return"

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