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Two stories of Leftwing Fascism on Campus

1. Two stories of Leftwing Fascism on Campus:

At the Hebrew University:

Hebrew U. Leftists Link Nationalists with KKK and Hitler
Kislev 26, 5770, 13 December 09 11:44
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( Zionist activists on the Hebrew University
campuses in Jerusalem face daily harassment from leftists, some of
whom label them as being like Hitler and the American racist Ku Klux
Klan group, according to student Amit Barak.
Deputy chairman of the nationalist Im Tirztu [If you Wish It] group,
Barak told Arutz 7 that leftist students on both of the university's
campuses in the capital use Nazi symbols and catcalls of 'fascists"
against his group.
"Several days ago, one of our activists who was walking with our
newspaper was met by a student raising his hand" in a manner similar
to the Hitler salute, he continued. The student was identified as a
Meretz supporter. Barak said he complained to the three MKs of the
Meretz party about the slurs, but MK Chaim Oron was the only who
deplored the behavior. Party chairman MK Ilan Gil'on and MK Nitzan
Horowitz ignored him.
Barak has appealed to Knesset Education Committee chairman Zevulun
Orlev (Jewish Home) to hold a special hearing on the harassment, He
also has complained to the university administration, but no reply has
been received.
The student nationalists cited another example of a student newspaper
caricature comparing Im Tirtzu with the Ku Klux Klan.
Barak said that at the end of one university media lecture, Im Tirtzu
leader Erez Tadmor's stand on the expulsion of Jews from their homes
was met by one student who suggested that he add "Heil Hitler" to his
statements. When Tadmor replied, the lecturer admonished him while
ignoring the other student's comment.
One student cell that is identified with the Labor party published a
satire linking Im Tirtzu with the Nazi Sieg Heil victory slogan.

And at Harvard:

SUNDAY, SEP 26, 2010 00:50 ET
Harvard students protest New Republic editor
Demonstrators confront Marty Peretz in Cambridge with signs quoting
his own words about Arabs and African-Americans Video
By Justin Elliott

A woman at the protest targeting New Republic editor-in-chief Marty
Peretz. (How dare Peretz tell the truth!!)
At an event on Saturday in Cambridge, Harvard University accepted a
new research fund in honor of New Republic editor-in-chief and former
Harvard teacher Marty Peretz (full back story here).
A sizable group of students upset by Peretz's writings over the years
-- most recently his assertion that Muslim life is cheap and that
followers of Islam should not be protected by the First Amendment, for
which he later partially apologized -- was on hand to protest Peretz
and the university.
Usefully, the protesters carried signs quoting Peretz's own words as
they followed him and his entourage through Harvard Yard.
Here is the must-see video of the protest:
Here is James Fallows' take on why what happened today was an
acceptable outcome.
And here is the press release put out by the protest organizers:
CAMBRIDGE, Sept. 25—Over 100 members of the Harvard community and
others "welcomed" New Republic editor and the university
administration's favorite racist, Martin Peretz, at the 50th
anniversary of Harvard's Social Studies program with a combination of
protests, walk-outs, and probing questions.
Demonstrators at the event confronted Peretz outside Harvard's Science
Center—which was held in part to launch a $650,000 research fund in
his name—and followed him for several minutes while chanting slogans
rejecting his racist stances.
"Just because President Faust wants to honor a longtime public bigot
doesn't mean that the Harvard community does," said senior Abdelnasser
Rashid, a social studies concentrator. "We've billed this
demonstration as a 'Party for Marty' to show how absurd Harvard's
decision to celebrate Peretz is."
Peretz attempted to sneak out of the Science Center's back entrance
around noontime but was quickly spotted and surrounded by Harvard
students chanting "Harvard University will not stand bigotry" and
"Harvard Harvard shame on you, for honoring a racist fool" as he
walked aross campus.
The protest continued outside of the Adams House dining hall, where
Peretz was honored at a Social Studies luncheon. During his talk,
around 10 faculty and staff walked out in protest.
"It's Marty's party and he can cry if he wants to," said Maryam
Monalisa Gharavi, a graduate student in comparative literature. "But
the rest of us are here to remind him that we're not going to stand by
while the Harvard administration overlooks his 25-year career in
spewing hatred and bigotry. He has a right to free speech, not a right
to be honored."
Protesters had gathered in the morning outside the Science Center,
brandishing signs with some of Peretz' most memorable quotes from his
long career of spouting racism. Peretz has described "Arab society" as
"hidebound and backward"; declared that "many in the black population
are afflicted by cultural deficiencies"; and described Latin American
societies as "congenitally corrupt" with "near-tropical work habits."
Peretz was roundly criticized during the Social Studies celebration
itself. During the event's morning panel, Berkeley economist Brad
DeLong cited Peretz's recent statements about Muslims and argued that
the only "appropriate response" was "What the frackity frack is going
on here?"
During the afternoon panel, several Social Studies alumni and current
students challenged Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne, former
deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick and Princeton professor Michael
Walzer over their support for the Peretz Fund during a question and
answer period. Students remarked on the irony of the session's title,
"Social Studies and Social change," and asked the panelists how they
managed to overlook a career of bigotry spanning decades.
The demonstrators joined the over 600 people, nearly all Harvard
affiliates or alumni, who signed an open letter this week calling upon
Harvard to reverse its decision to honor Peretz and establish a fund
in his name. Separately, several Harvard student groups representing
Arab, African-American, Muslim, and Latino students jointly signed
letters condemning the decision to honor Peretz.
Harvard administrators have cited Peretz' recent attempt to apologize
for a few of his most recent remarks after they drew nationwide
condemnation; but these half-hearted and belated remarks do not
address the many racist statements he has made over the past few
"The Harvard administration has no right to accept to absolve Martin
Peretz of his racism on behalf of students of color and others who
oppose racism," Rashid said.
• Justin Elliott is a Salon reporter. Reach him by email at and follow him on Twitter @ElliottJustin More
Justin Elliott

2. With Stalinist Anti-Semitism at Tel Aviv University

Shlomo Sand, the Stalinist history professor from Tel Aviv University
with expertise on the French cinema is the guy who discovered that
Jews are not a people at all and that Israeli Jews are converted
Khazar intelopers, in his book that recycles Neo-Nazi myths. Now on
the pages of Haaretz he discovers also that Jews cannot be democratic:
Perhaps the best segment of this learned essay is this: "Strange, I
didn't know you could only join a people via religious conversion and
not by taking part in its day-to-day culture. But perhaps there's a
secular Jewish people-culture I'm not aware of? Maybe Woody Allen,
Philip Roth and others are secretly well-versed in the Hebrew
language, cinema, literature and theater? For me, the best definition
of belonging to a people is the ability to recognize the name of at
least one soccer team competing in the local leagues."

SO this professor of history, who published a book about Jewish
history that only French people read, did not know that one joins some
peoples, like Jews, by accepting their religion. The real mystery of
course, is how he ever got hired by TA in the first place.

4. Torpedo the ship of capos, the flotilla of Jewish communist

5. Remember the old quip about how you can tell when a lawyer is
lying because you can see his lips move? Well, now – and this is no
joke – you can tell when a Jew needs to be arrested in
post-survivalist Israel because you can see his lips move:

6. Five cheers to the teenager, wherever he or she is, who invented
Stuxnet. I personally would have named it Shtoop-em-net.

7. Check out the latest atrocities from the ALEF list of anti-Semites
and Neo-Nazis operated by the University of Haifa here:

Want to complain about such anti-Semitic filth being distributed by
Haifa University? Write:
University of Haifa:
President of the University of Haifa
Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev
University of Haifa
Mt Carmel, 31905 Haifa Israel
Tel: 972-4-8240101
Fax: 972-4-8240281

Rector of the University of Haifa
Prof. David Faraggi
University of Haifa
Mt Carmel, 31905 Haifa Israel
Tel: 972-4-8288094
Fax: 972-4-8342101
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Mr. Leon Charney
Law Office of Leon H. Charney
Broadway 1441
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-819-0994
University "Friends of" Offices Outside Israel are listed here:

9. Know how UFO not and conspiracist fiction blogger Barry Chamish
denies he has anything to do with his material running on Holocaust
Denial web sites? He says they just pull his stuff off the web cause
they are so impressed with his brilliance? And that he is passive and
does not endorse those Neo-Nazis or have anything to do with them?

Well, In his latest epistle to his handful of remaining IQ-challenged
followers, which can be read here (top of, the Chamish directs his
readers to a Holocaust Denier web site that is running chapters from
his latest "book." He writes, and we quote:
'The experiment worked. Here is my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism
And The Holocaust. Let's give it one more try: '

VHO is of course one of the world's leading Neo-Nazi Holocaust Denial
web sites. It is one of dozens of Holocaust Denial web sites where
Chamish publishes his conspiracy fiction. Chamish recommending his
readers to go read his "book" there proves that he himself places his
material with these sites, and proves once again that Chamish cannot
combine 6 or more words In a sentence without lying.

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