Saturday, January 22, 2011

Haaretz Muftis upset by Amalek

1. Update on the undermining of the bill that would scrutinize the
finances of seditious leftist NGOs and other groups inside Israel:

Netanyahu has turned the rewrite of the proposed law over to an
open agent of the New Israel Fund. Since the New Israel Fund was
probably the main group that the law's initiators wanted investigated
in the first place, this is a bit like allowing Tony Soprano to
conduct his own RICO investigation of organized crime.

The rewrite of the law has been handed over to Isaac "Buji"
Herzog, a Labor Party stalwart and son of the late Israeli President
Haim Herzog. Like so many Israeli politicians, Herzog likes to be
known by an infantile nickname, in his case "Buji." Until a few days
ago he was the Labor Party Minister of Welfare in the coalition
government. He is now a member of one of the three factions left over
from the breakup of the Labor Party, after Ehud Barak and four others
quit its ranks. Public opinion polls are reporting Herzog as the most
popular of the leaders of the rump Labor Party, and he is generally
respected more than the other Labor lightweights. But he also has a
long track record of working with the New Israel Fund. Last year he
led the campaign to demonize critics of the New Israel Fund as
"McCarthyists." More troubling, he himself was up to his ears
involved in the recruitment of foreign tainted and illegal funds for
various front groups set up in 1999, which were involved in the Mugabe
style campaign finances of Ehud Barak at that time.

In charge of rewriting the proposed law, Herzog is coordinating
each and every letter and punctuation mark in his draft law with the
New Israel Fund. By the time he finishes, the only seditious leftist
groups whose finances the law will allow to be investigated will be
some mahjong clubs and yeshivas.

2. Well I suppose we should be happy whenever the Bible serves to
provide a matter of current events interest and public debate.

But this week the Bible is the background material to the further
Der-Sturmer-ization of Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in
Hebrew. Haaretz is becoming more and more openly hostile to Judaism

The front page story today is this:

You have to read the piece to believe that it was actually
published and is not some sort of Purim gag by the Haaretz muftis.
There it says in black and white that a religious groups is demanding
the building of extermination camps for moderate rabbis and no doubt
also for Arabs.

Here is the Haaretz banner headline: "Who is advocating 'death
camps' for Israel's moderate rabbis? Editorial calling for death
camps for 'Amalekites' raises storm among religious."

So what on earth is Haaretz foaming at the mouth about? Where did
it come up with this nonsense?

The answer to the mystery is that the editors of Haaretz have
probably never been inside a synagogue or read the Torah.

Most Israeli synagogues have tables on which weekly leaflets
discussing the weekly Torah portion and sometimes other matters,
including current events, are distributed. My own synagogue probably
distributes 20 each week. They are part of the universal discourse
among Jews about the weekly Torah portion. The quality of the
leaflets varies from the highly scholarly and learned all the way down
to the primitive and superstitious. The leaflet that is suddenly so
controversial for the Haaretz Left is called Maayanei Ha-Yeshua, and I
put it in the upper half of the weekly leaflets in terms of interest
and quality. I read it myself regularly, although there are some
others I think are better.

Now unbeknownst to the Haaretz editors, because of their
animosity towards Judaism, is the little fact that the Torah portion
two weeks back contained the Biblical Commandment to exterminate the
Nation of Amalek. Here is not the place to expound about where the
commandment comes from and why it is there. But it is there in black
and white in the Torah. You are free not to like the Commandment,
although you will need to take your objections up with God and not
with me, and in any case there are no certifiable descendents of
Amalek that anyone is aware of in the real world.

Now being about the weekly Torah portion, the leaflet that was
smuggled into the hands of Haaretz editors naturally discussed the
Amalek extermination commandment, the week in which it is read from
the Torah. Haaretz of course would have been much happier had the
leaflet called for Israel's surrender to be negotiated with the Hamas,
but alas the leaflet discussed that week's Torah portion instead.
Since the leaflet was written by people who believe in the Torah, they
also spoke about the obligation to obliterate Amalek. Unbeknownst to
the same learned Haaretz staff, all of the Purim holiday, which is
celebrated even by children of Haaretz readers, is a celebration of
the annihilation of Amalek!! So wait until Adar Bet comes round this
year to see if Haaretz denounces Purim as a fascist Nazi racist event
that must be stopped.

Anyhow, the Haaretz sages read the leaflet in question, and saw
that it spoke about obliterating the memory of Amalek. They also
learned that the same leaflet criticized the critics of the Rabbis who
had issued the call not to rent property in Jewish neighborhoods to
Arabs. Putting two plus two together, and – as always at Haaretz –
getting 13 as the sum, Haaretz concluded that the leaflet's discussion
of eliminating Amalek was actually code for murdering moderate rabbis.

The Haaretz coverage goes on: "The leaflet's editors declined to
say who they meant by 'the Amalekites.'" That of course is because
any reader of the leaflet who found his way to synagogue services
already knows who and what Amalek is! Haaretz continues: "There are
no known descendants of the biblical Amalekites today, but the term is
sometimes used to describe anyone deemed an irreconcilable enemy of
the Jews." So in other words, if some people use the term Amalek
loosely and in allegorical manner as a term of derision, it must mean
that they are planning to carry out genocide. The Haaretz sleaze is
mimicking anti-Semitic smears of rabbis appearing in other forums.
See the second item down the page here:

The attack against Sarah Palin for her "target" sign on Arizona
pales in significance with this Haaretz idiocy. By the same logic,
calling someone an arrogant bastard must literally refer to the nature
of the relationship between that person's parents. Calling someone
spacey must mean they are seriously considered to have arrived on a
Chamish UFO!! We could go on and on.

So in order to demonize rabbis, Haaretz pretends to have lost the
ability to understand metaphor and hyperbole.

Add that to its inability to understand the Middle East conflict
and to its gutter anti-Judaism incitement.

3. Moronic but not quite Amalek:


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