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Israeli Arab Leader Arrested for Arson

1. Remember how the leftist Moonbatocracy in Israel was screaming
about all those allegations of arson by Arabs being behind the massive
fires in Israel this past fall? And how they were nothing more than
Jewish paranoia and, of course, Jewish anti-Arab "racism?" Leftists
in Israel these days cannot complete a sentence without inserting the
word racism into it, and often without inserting the word fascism. It
is part of the growing fascism within the Israeli Left itself.

Well, Heavens to Murgatroyd, look at what has just been revealed about
those forest arsons:

Islamist Leader Arrested for Forest Fire Arson
Adar 18, 5771, 22 February 11 06:15
by Maayana Miskin
( The leader of a major Muslim movement in
Israel is suspected of setting fire to a forest less than three months
after the worst fire in modern Israeli history. Sheikh Ra'ad Salah,
head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, has been arrested
in connection to an arson attack in southern Israel.

Salah allegedly set fire to a Eucalyptus forest in southern Israel.
The attack was allegedly in protest of a Jewish National Fund project
in the area.

The Jewish National Fund is working to forest parts of the Negev, a
plan opposed by some Bedouin residents of the region. Residents of the
illegal town of El-Araqib in particular have condemned the project out
of concern that it will use land that they hope to use in the future
to house Arabs "returning" to Israel from the rest of the Arab world.

Salah was arrested while driving on Highway 1, between Jerusalem and
Tel Aviv,, and was subsequently questioned by officers in the police's
minority affairs bureau.

He was released from jail just two months ago after serving five
months for attacking a police officer. Upon release he told his
supporters, "Someday we will celebrate the end of the Israel
occupation of Jerusalem and Al-Aksa [the Temple Mount – ed.]. We will
continue with all our activities, without fear, until we reach that

The arson attempt in the south came just weeks after the Carmel fire,
a massive forest fire in northern Israel that killed 44 people. During
the Carmel fire an Arab arson offensive led to firefighters being
called away from the main blaze to battle smaller fires.

Despite the offensive, the Knesset voted down a bill to impose a
mandatory minimum sentence on arsonists.

[Sheikh Salah is the same bloke who appeared at the University of
Haifa a couple of years back in a lecture hall from which the
university officials prevented Jews from entering. Salah there called
on Arab students to become suicide bombers. Unlike some Rabbis who
praised a rabbinic treatise on the Halakhic rules of warfare, Salah
has never been investigated of prosecuted for "racism." In
post-survivalist Israel, Islamofascist terrorists can never be

2. Prof. Gerald Steinberg on Transparency and Leftist Whining
Transparency for NGOs is not anti-democratic
With the adoption of regulation for reporting of foreign government
funds, the door is open to expanding transparency for private foreign
funding for Israeli groups across the political spectrum.
By Gerald M. Steinberg
The Knesset legislation that mandates reporting of foreign government
funding for non-governmental organizations is not anti-democratic, as
claimed by vocal critics, mainly the recipients of the foreign
Indeed, as wide support in the Knesset showed, including from Labor
and Kadima MKs, this law mandating transparency is designed to fix a
gaping hole in Israeli democracy. This bill is very different from the
draconian and partisan effort to use the Knesset to investigate only
left-wing groups.
In recent years, European governments have provided an estimated 100
million euros in taxpayer funds annually to a very narrow group of
Israeli, Palestinian and European political advocacy organizations.
When these groups sponsor quasi-academic conferences, newspaper
advertising campaigns and public rallies heralding sweeping
allegations of Israeli wrongdoing, the public has the right to know
that the money was provided by a foreign government.
This transparency is an elementary requirement for the informed debate
that is essential to the democratic process. While all external
funding for Israeli civil society, across the political spectrum,
should be public knowledge, large foreign government transfers are
very different in principle from private donations.
All governments have interests and use power to pursue those goals.
When officials from Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, and another
dozen nations use their "soft power" to fund dozens of Israeli groups,
such as Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din, and the Public Committee
Against Torture in Israeli, whose officials travel the world declaring
that Israel is a nation of war criminals, these groups are also
promoting the interests of their sponsors. ‏
(In contrast, the U.S. government generally does not fund Israeli
political advocacy NGOs, and the few exceptions, such as the
ill-advised attempt to use the "Geneva Initiative" organization, ended
In election after election, the governments chosen by Israeli voters
have differed with European positions. However, by massively funding
opposition NGOs, many of which claim to promote human rights
‏(although they do this selectively‏), Europe tries to interfere with
and manipulate the legitimate outcome of Israeli elections.
In fact, some NGO officials are simply rejected politicians, who,
after failing to get Knesset positions, have used foreign funds to
exert power they could not obtain otherwise. A heavy shroud of secrecy
surrounds the budgets of these Israeli political groups.
In most European nations, the details are more tightly held than
military plans, and no parliamentary hearings are held to discuss the
legitimacy, wisdom or implications of such funding. The decision
making processes are also completely non-transparent, leaving open the
possibility that these policies are made in violation of due process
of law, as was recently uncovered in the case of Canadian NGO funding.
In theory, Israeli NGOs should be covered by the existing reporting
requirements for non-profits, but in practice, many political advocacy
groups have found ways to avoid such transparency by registering under
different frameworks, or avoiding any Israeli oversight mechanism.
The new legislation, which is based on the U.S. Foreign Agents
Registration Act, is designed to prevent these exceptions, and to
promote the public's right to know who and what forces are behind
powerful political campaigns that take place outside, and often in
direct opposition to, the electoral process.
Had the NGO recipients endorsed this transparency legislation, instead
of falsely denouncing it as anti-democratic, the proposed
investigations aimed only at one side of the political spectrum ‏(and
misdirected at alleged Arab government funding‏) would not have been
With the adoption of regulation for reporting of foreign government
funds, the door is open to expanding transparency for private foreign
funding for Israeli groups across the political spectrum.
The writer is president of NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research
institution that tracks NGOs, particularly in the Middle East.
This story is by: Gerald M. Steinberg

3. The Left and Fort Hood:

4. You will be happy to hear that the Im Tirtzu student organization
this week picketed the Tel Aviv University classrooms in which
ultra-bimbo Rachel Giora was to lecture and handed out leaflets to
students revealing to them Giora's involvement in anti-Israel
seditious activities and her many calls for world boycotts of Israel.
The TAU moonbats are wetting themselves over this in hysteria.

5. Israel's goofiest "academic" of the week:

6. More on the J Street Jihadists:

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