Saturday, February 26, 2011


1. Current events quiz!!

Question: What will be the NEXT oppressive Arab state in which a
popular uprising or protest will emerge?

Answer: France

2. Probably the most amusing part of the Libyan uprising has been
watching Israeli Arab "leaders" scrambling to disassociate themselves
from Mad-Dog Muammar. It is amusing because almost every single Arab
in the Knesset and almost every Arab politician from Israel has made
pilgrimage to the Great Brother Muammar, embraced him in Green Square
while waving his green flags, cheered him and defended him, while
demanding that Khaddafi attack Israel and help annihilate it. In
fact, if there was one person in the world who personified even better
than Osama bin Laden the ambitions and ideas of Israeli Arab leaders,
it was no doubt Khaddafi the Elder (although they seemed fond of his
unctuous son as well). Call it Mad-Dog-philia.

Knesset Member terrorist Ahmed Tibi is but one example of a
Muammar-phile. Stalinist Muhammed Barakat is another (as was his
Stalinist Jewish poodle Dov Chanin). Stalinism, like love, means you
never have to say you are sorry. Haneen Zoabi, the woman terrorist
Knesset Member from the Galilee who was part of the "Flotilla"
terrorist entourage sent by Turkey on the ship to brutalize Israeli
soldiers armed with paint guns, was also one. She went to Libya this
past spring. Suddenly this week all these people are running about
demanding that the media report their fundamental disgust at Khaddafi
and his regime, and the fact that they always disapproved of Libya's
fascist dictator.

But the most delicious part of all of this is the editorial published
in Haaretz, that Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, from April
30, 2010. It came out right after some rightwing Knesset Members
denounced Zoabi and her friends for making pilgrimage to Khaddafi and
Libya. Since there is nothing so pleasant as rubbing a leftist's nose
in his own droppings, here are some quotes from that Haaretz

"The parliamentary Right has been seized by hysteria over the visit by
Arab Knesset Members and Arab public figures in Libya. The rhetorical
attacks by parties of the Israeli Right, The National Union and the
Jewish Home, the two of whom could easily merge and rename themselves
the Racist Home, sounded as if we were talking about acts of treason
without precedence. (AS IF!!!! --- SP)

"Actually this was a historic opportunity to rule out once and for all
the parliamentary immunity and rights of supposed anti-Israel members
of parliament who disgrace the country, or so said Knesset Member
Michael Ben-Ari. A proposal by Knesset Member Zvulon Orlev demanded
that those who pay visits to enemy countries be treated, no less, as
if they are participating in armed struggle against Israel.

"But Libya is not on the list of our enemy countries. (!!!!!! - SP)
And so the Arab Knesset Members were in no need of special permission
to go there. Libya had signed the Arab peace initiative (huh??? --
SP), is the current Chair of the Arab League, and its head of state,
Muammar Khaddafi, maintains excellent relations with the American

"So it is hard to say what the racist clique in the Knesset are more
afraid of – the danger that Arab Knesset Members could launch an armed
struggle against Israel with Khaddafi's help or that they could serve
as a bridge for conciliation, recognition and acceptance of Israel by

"The state of Israel is not exactly crawling with good relationships
with Arab regimes, even with Egypt and Jordan, which signed peace
agreements, how much less so with Libya, which sees Israel as an
enemy. Therefore ANY invitation to Libya of Arab Israeli
representatives, especially those serving officially in Israeli
institutions (Haaretz does not mean as prisoners – SP) must be seen as
the opening of a new window of opportunity, or at the very least as an
expression of curiosity about the Israeli experience.

"Travel to Libya or to any other Arab country is an inseparable part
of the culture and ethnicity of Israeli Arabs, and reflects their
desire to communicate their own understandings and interpretations of
the Israeli Experience, even if it is not the one forged in the
Israeli Right.

"Instead of tarring and feathering the Arab Knesset Members, Israel
would be much better off including them in the design of policy and
encouraging them to forge ties and bridges with Arab states. In so
doing Israel will at least succeed in demonstrating its commitment to
making peace with its own Arab population."

Maybe we should correct the above current events quiz. Maybe the next
fascist Islamist regime that needs to be toppled is the editorial
staff at Haaretz.

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