Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amos Oz finds himself Boycotted

1. As you know, I believe the most effective path to peace in the
world is by means of boycotting leftists. What better way to
eliminate apartheid from the planet than by boycotting leftists?

And that is why I was so moved to tears by this story:

Hospital cancels conference after top physician objects to Amos Oz attending
The doctor said he was outraged that Oz had sent a copy of his book "A
Tale Of Love and Darkness" to Palestinian activist Marwan Barghouti,
who is currently serving five life sentences and 40 years in jail for
his involvement in murdering Israelis in a terror attack.

Well, speaking of being moved to tears, Reuven Rivlin, the speaker of
the Knesset, was moved to tears yesterday, or so Haaretz reports. No,
not by that bomb in Jerusalem or by those rockets fired into the Negev
or even by the phosphorus shell fired by the Hamas yesterday at the
Jews. (Hey, remember when the bleeding hearts thought it was inhumane
to fire phosphorus shells?) It was not even because his own party,
the Likud, is freezing construction in Jerusalem.

No, it was because Haim Oron retired. Oron is a Marxist geezer who
had been the last MAPAM politician still serving in the Knesset as
part of the Meretz faction. As I say, Rivlin from the Likud broke
into tears because Oron was going back to his kolkhoz.

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