Friday, April 15, 2011

Sit back, be quiet, and savor!!

A Peace Program from Gaza at Last!!

On the seventh day of Passover, the section of the Torah is read
in which the parting of the Red Sea takes place. Just before the
parting, the Israelites are panicking, as Pharoah's peace activists
are approaching them in chariots and with weapons. They scream their
panic to Moses, accusing him of making their lot in life worse than it
was when they were enslaved. Moses patiently answers them, saying
simply (Exodus 14: 14): You just sit back and be quiet!

Sometimes life requires that we sit back passively and quietly,
and savor the Higher Plan being carried out for us before our own
eyes, without any efforts on our own part.

And that is exactly what is now happening in the serial murders
of terrorists and terrorist cheerleaders by other terrorists.

A few days back we had the murder of the malicious Juliano
Mer-Khasin, an actor with a Jewish communist mother and an Arab
communist father, who spent his days calling for the murder of
Zionists and the complete elimination of Israel. He endorsed "armed
resistance" against the Jews by the Arabs. And he was murdered,
evidently by Islamist terrorists (such as from Hamas) in Jenin. They
were upset because the "Resistance Theater" that Mer-Khasin ran in
Jenin with another terrorist had staged "Animal Farm" by Orwell and
had made some Arab actors dress up on stage as pigs. This sacrilege
seems to be what triggered the murder. Mer-Khasin was and continues
to be the darling of the Far-Leftist Israeli Jews for a Second

And then this morning comes the news of yet another cheerleader
for terrorism being murdered by terrorists. This time the "victim" of
his own love of terrorism was an Italian cheerleader for the Hamas,
Vittorio Arrigoni. Aged 36, he had gone to the Gaza Strip to assist
the Hamas as part of a delegation for the "International Solidarity
Movement." The ISM (or "I Support Murderers") is a terrorist
accomplice movement that openly endorses "armed struggle" by Arabs
against Jews, meaning genocidal terrorism. It has collaborated with
terrorists, hid them, held weapons for them, and attempted to
interfere with Israeli troops arresting terrorists. The most famous
ISM terrorist was Rachel Corrie, who decided to commit suicide in
order to protect Hamas terrorists by throwing herself in front of an
Israeli earth mover.

Arrigoni, whose name sounds very similar to "Arrogant-he," was
kidnapped by terrorists in the Gaza Strip this week. The terrorists
called themselves "Salafists," seemingly associates of the Saudi
Wahhabi movement. They also claimed to be from "Al-Qaeda" but
probably were from the Islamic Jihad. And they resented Arrigoni's
collaboration with their competitor terrorists from the Hamas. So
they kidnapped Arrigoni, beat the bejeebers out of him, released a
tape of him with bloodied face, and threatened that he would be
murdered by late Friday afternoon if the Hamas refused to accede to
their demands. (The Hamas is holding some of their members in
Hamastan prison.) But the kidnappers were impatient and executed
Arrigoni late Thursday night, ignoring their own deadline. You can
see Arrigoni engaged in his peaceful solidarity with terrorism in the
tape here:,7340,L-4057173,00.html
In their statement, the kidnappers wrote: "The Italian hostage entered
our land only to spread corruption." They also described Italy as
"the infidel state".

Arrigoni had entered Gaza illegally on one of those
blockade-running flotilla boats. He personally denounced the
Palestinian Authority for "collaboration" with the Zionist regime, and
liked to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. He boasted that he was in
Gaza to act as a human shield to protect the terrorists from Israeli

He was either hanged or strangled by his captors (depending on
which news story you are reading).

Gaza terrorists have a long history of kidnapping those who come
to cheer them. A correspondent for the anti-Israel BBC was kidnapped
and held for 114 days. Even the parents of Rachel Corrie were briefly
kidnapped, before the terrorists realized that the Corries could do
much more on behalf of terrorism while walking about free. (See

According to INN: 'Arrigoni wrote a blog for Guerrilla Radio and
for the communist newspaper Il Manifesto. During Israel's Cast Lead
counter terrorist offensive in Gaza, he wrote: "Israel has every right
to laugh and sing, even while it massacres its neighbor. Palestinians
are only asking to die a different death, one of old age."'

I can think of no better way to promote peace in the region than
to encourage terrorists to kidnap and murder more terrorists and more
apologists for terrorism. I can prepare a list of candidates, if any
of the terrorist groups would like one. Let the ISM Hitlerjugend
hoist with their own terrorist petard!!

I confess that most years, after the first cup of wine at the
Passover Seder, I drink grape juice for the remaining three glasses.
But not this year! Four glasses of wine it will be!

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