Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Ben Gurion University's Doc Jihad

1. Meet Ben Gurion University President Rivka Carmi's latest little darling.

Ben Gurion University, or - as some are calling it – Ben Gurion
"University," has now outdone itself. It has produced a character who
makes Norman Finkelstein and Neve Gordon look like patriotic Zionists
and truly rational people. Ben Gurion University is now making the
transition from tenured treason to tenured ultra-treason.

A few days ago we told you about the rantings of one Dr. Eyal Nir, who
teaches chemistry at BGU. He had issued a public call through his web
site to murder Israelis who disagree with the Far Left, demanding that
they have their necks broken. Nir is active in numerous anti-Israel
groups, including the Israeli Communist Party.

But it turns out that his call for murder was milquetoast! Over the
weekend, Makor Rishon ran an expose of the good Doc's other rantings,
many taken directly from his Facebook site. (Curiously, that site has
been taken down today: )

Remember this is a tenured faculty member at Ben Gurion University!

Among his many bon mots there are these:

"The rotten corpse calling itself the state of Israel must be strangulated."

"All of Israel is an entity established on the ruins of the Arab community."

The state of Israel is "The Zionist monstrosity that can never be satisfied."

"International sanctions must be placed on Israel to coerce it to live
up to international standards of behavior and to strip it of its
nuclear weapons."

Doc Jihad also likes to call everyone with whom he disagrees, notably
the Im Tirtzu Zionist student organization, "Skinheads." Think Israel
has the right to exist? You are a skinhead! He refers to all of
Israel as the skinhead nation. He uses "stormtrooper" as a synonym
for Zionist. He attacks assorted public figured by name, including
military and police, and calls them serial murderers and those who
cannibalize Arabs. The moving of some Jewish families into the Simon
the Righteous neighborhood of Jerusalem or into certain parts of the
Negev that have a Bedouin majority are described by Doc Jihad as
"ethnic cleansing." Preventing them from so moving to keep those
areas judenrein would be the highest form of democratic pluralism. He
accuses "settlers" of being murderers because their behavior causes
Arab terrorists to murder the settlers themselves. Really. He
suggested that Lag B'Omer would be a good time to burn down and
destroy the shrine of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. He agrees with the
claim that reports of centuries of persecution of Jews are all a
Zionist hoax invented to excuse the Zionist oppression of

Cabbagehead Rivka Carmi, the President of BGU, when asked about Doc
Jihad, came up with her usual lame clichés about how she disagrees
with the content of what he is saying but of course defends his
"academic freedom" to do what he does and say what he says.
Curiously, she did not care to explain her claim from just a few weeks
back, when she insisted that Neve Gordon is the only anti-Israel
fanatic on the BGU faculty and that besides him BGU has no other such
problematic people.

Meanwhile, I do not know what Nir's credentials are and could not
evaluate a chemist's credentials if I saw them. But it is well known
that in other departments at BGU, radical anti-Israel extremists get
hired and promoted entirely thanks to their extremism, thanks to their
churning out anti-Israel hate propaganda. They are not hired in SPITE
of their treasonous activities but rather often explicitly thanks to
those! They are hired and promoted as acts of solidarity by other
leftists in the system even when they have empty or near-empty
academic publication records.

In Nir's case, I have no idea if this is also so. However, here is a
thought for Cabbagehead Carmi: Eyal Nir is a chemist. How exactly do
you officials at BGU know that he is not utilizing the chemistry
infrastructure at BGU to prepare chemical weapons and turn them over
to his jihad mates? Have you ever thought about checking this
possibility out?

There is a petition here to fire Eyal:, but
what is really needed is a petition to fire Rivka Carmi.

2. Well, you will be happy to hear that a group of leftist faculty
members at Ben Gurion University has now organized to oppose the
settling of the Land of Israel by Jews INSIDE the pre-1967 Green Line.
Keep the Jews out of Israel, seems to be their mantra. According to
YNET (,7340,L-4083778,00.html ), the
tenured leftists are irate because an NGO calling itself "Ayalim" has
been approaching students and asking to speak in classrooms at the
University about their initiative to set up rural communities in the
Galilee and the Negev designed for students. The tenured Left is
upset that Ayalim people are not recruiting Arabs to move to these
settlements. Led by Dr. Hamutal Tzamir, who teaches Hebrew
literature, and who as far as we know has no Arab neighbors, these
"academics" are screaming against the "racism" in the initiative.
Wouldn't it simpler if Tzamir and her friends simply set up their own
organization calling itself Jews Against Jews?

Ayalim has set up 14 small student communities as part of its efforts
to realize the vision of David Ben Gurion to settle the Negev, the
same Ben Gurion after whom the university is named. The university
gave approval to reps from the group to speak before classes. But
after all, how dare the university approve people to speak before BGU
students about things other than the necessity for implementing the
Palestinian right of return and the right of the Hamas to fire rockets
at Jews!!!

And besides, these little talks to students can come at the expense of
BGU class lectures devoted to the reasons why Israel is a racist
apartheid regime in need of annihilation! You know, the USUAL
classroom materials at BGU!

3. Dead Jews don't count:,7340,L-4083736,00.html

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