Friday, July 22, 2011

The BDS-holes

Here is the opening statement from the web site, which
exposes and mocks those particpating in the BDS (boycott, divest,
sanctions) movement of economic aggression against Israel and Jews:

Welcome to, the leading web site in the growing BDS movement!!

Here we tell you everything you need to know about anti-Zionism and
BDS! Just what is BDS?

BDS stands for Bigots, Dingbats and Scoundrels. BDS-ers come from the
goosestepping Neo-Nazi Right, from the bedwetting radical Left, from
the "anarchist" anarcho-fascist movements, from the various front
groups for the "International Solidarity Movement" or ISM (which
stands for "I Support Murderers").

BDS is the official mantra of the anti-Semitic vermin and their
genocidal fellow travelers, who are attempting to get the world to
boycott Israel. The BDS scum consist of anti-Jewish racists seeking
the annihilation of Israel and strive for a second Holocaust of the
Jewish people. They work to achieve this while pretending that they
think Israel mistreats Arabs. If they had been alive in the 1930s and
1940s, they would all have been participating in the German movement
to boycott and divest from Jews!

That is right. These morons and would-be pogromchiks seriously want
you to think that Arabs in Israel are "oppressed" by the Jews. Sure,
they are about as oppressed by the Jews as the Germans in the 1930s
were oppressed by the Jews.

Never mind that Arabs living under Israeli rule are treated a thousand
times better than Arabs living under any Arab regime. Never mind that
Arabs living under Israeli "occupation" enjoy infinitely more freedoms
than any Arabs living anywhere else in the Middle East. Never mind
that Israeli Arabs enjoy far more minority rights than do most
minority groups in Europe.

The BDS neo-fascists and barnyard bigots claim Israel is an apartheid
regime. They of course know perfectly well that Israel is the only
country in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid regime.

Curiously, the BDS scum could not care less about Arabs being killed
when the killers are other Arabs. Hundreds of thousands butchered in
Algeria, genocide in Sudan, uses of chemical weapons against civilians
in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey – none of this interests them. Palestinians
murdered by Jordan do not interest them. Human rights of Arabs do not
really interest them – after all, the only place in the Middle East
where Arabs enjoy freedoms and where the human rights of Arabs are
respected is in Israel!

The BDS lickspittles want to see Israel boycotted because the BDS-ers
are primitive bigots. They hate Jews. Their "caring" about Arabs is a
pretense that they utilize to attack Jews. Hating Jews helps them feel
righteous about themselves. It makes up for their inability to cope
with the real world and succeed in life. It is their way to make
people overlook the stupidity and inferiority of the BDS anti-Semites

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