Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Israeli Left’s Favorite Pedophile

1. Israel's summer Woodstock on the Yarkon festival continues, with
thousands of protesters (or, if you write for Haaretz, 150,000
protesters, all standing in a square that can hold 40,000) taking to
the streets to posture their concern for the downtrodden and their
demands for "social justice." While no two protesters seem to want
the same things, most of them agree that the highest form of social
justice is to turn over public funds to themselves – to those who are
protesting. The communist party is playing a major role, and hammers
and sickles and PLO flags are to be seen in the protests. Few of the
protesters seem to understand that their two main demands are mutually
contradictory: "Lower taxes on the middle class" and "Raise spending
for welfare and for the poor." Why not demand cold fires and dry

The most common slogans of the protesters consist of denunciations of
the "tycoons." The protesters are convinced that everything wrong
with their lives is the fault of tycoons. The wife had a headache
last night? It was the fault of the tycoons. Never mind that most of
the tycoons were made tycoons back in the days of Labor Party
socialism thanks to their crony ties with the socialist politicians!
The Likud enriched its OWN tycoons, proving it is no longer necessary
in Israel to be a socialist in order to be a tycoon or an oligarch.

I must say that I personally am getting a lot of mileage out of the
tycoon fetish sweeping the country.

For example, the Missus confronted me yesterday to demand to know why
the toilet seat was up instead of down. "The tycoons left it that
way," was my reply. The dishes were not up to snuff after I washed
them? The tycoons must have left them dirty! I run up to the meter
maid about to ticket my car and scream at her to desist from the
ticketing cause the tycoons put my car in that illegal parking slot.
You get the idea.

2. A few days I posted a note about the latest Supreme Court
atrocity in Israel. It involved the ruling by the Court that the
pro-terror propagandist and film producer Mohammed Bakri may have lied
his fangs off but was judged not guilty of any "defamation." Not even
when he called Israeli soldiers involved in the Battle of Jenin Nazis.
Not even when he falsely claimed they massacred Arabs. Not even when
he accuses IDF soldiers of being murderous drooling dogs. None of
that is defamation because, after all, Bakri never criticized the
illegal pro-terror treasonous public political activities of an
anti-Semitic university lecturer.

The judge who headed that Supreme Court panel and who wrote the absurd
verdict was leftist Yoram Danziger. Like most of his colleagues on
the Supreme Court bench, he is a radical leftist and used to be on the
board of the Far-Leftist misnamed Association for Civil Rights in
Israel, a sort of a cross between the ACLU and the Baath Party.

The very same Danziger is in the news for other things this week. He
may become the first Supreme Court judge (maybe even the first judge)
in Israel to end up in prison for corruption.

The Israeli Attorney General is about to make recommendations as to
whether Danziger should be tried for corruption. It will surprise me
if the Attorney General recommends that he should be, since under the
Israeli dual justice system it is the job of leftist prosecutors to
shield other leftists. The problem is that Danziger's track record
stinks to high heaven and the Attorney General may have no choice but
to recommend prosecution.

Danziger's odoriferous past goes back to the days when he was a
municipal legal counselor in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam. In
general, the worst corruption in Israel is at the municipality level,
and many a mayor or senior municipal official could never get a
position in Third World countries because the Israeli officials are
too corrupt for those countries. The mayor of Bat Yam, Shlomo
Lachiani, is under investigation for such corruption, including
bribery. And Danziger was his legal sidekick during much of the time
when alleged criminal activity was taking place there. Danziger had
ties with Lachiani even before the latter became mayor and provided
legal services to the municipality once Lachiani was calling the shots
there. Both Danziger and Lachiani are major stockholders in the
company that puts out the local Bat Yam weekly newspaper. As mayor,
Lachiani funneled large amounts of municipal funds into that
newspaper, buying up large ads, and guess who benefited from those
allotments of public funds.

If the Attorney General indeed recommends criminal investigation
procedures against Danziger, he will be forced to resign from the
bench. That means that the next time the Supreme Court needs to clear
an anti-Semitic Arab terrorist or to suppress freedom of speech, some
other judge will have to do it.

And if Danziger ends up in prison, the irony is that he will not even
be able to use Mohammed Bakri as his prison honey because Bakri is
running about outside free.

3. You may recall the baby murderer Samir Kuntar, who murdered babies
during his terrorist raid on Nahariya, who was released by Israel in
that ultra-disgraceful "exchange" in which Israel released more than
400 terrorists to buy back the corpses of three Israeli soldiers
murdered by the Hezb'Allah in cold blood plus one live drug smuggling
criminal. Since then Kuntar has been the persona grata of the
Lebanese paparazzi and darling of the jihadis. Well, there are
reports out of Lebanon that he was blown up in an explosion in Beirut
over the weekend, and we are waiting to learn if Kuntar is with his

But I am concerned about something else. While in Israeli prison,
Kuntar was allowed to do a BA via distance learning at Israel's Open
University. Lots of terrorists do the same. So if he has been blown
to smithereens, doesn't that mean all that academic training and
enlightenment will be lost to the world?

4. For years one of the worst anti-Israel leftist extremists in
Israel has been one Ezra Nawi. Because he was both anti-Israel and
gay, he became the hero and mentor of some of the worst anti-Semites
on earth. Better yet, he is a convicted pedophile. He has been
celebrated by Neve Gordon and Noam Chomsky, among others. For
example, here is Gordon proclaiming Nawi his idol, in the anti-Semitic
Neo-Nazi web magazine Counterpunch: As you can see
there, Gordon claims Nazi was arrested for "caring about people's
homes." Sure and Gordon was hired and promoted at Ben Gurion
"University" thanks to his being a serious scholar.

The great irony of course is that Nawi, this darling of Palestinian
terrorism, would himself be tortured and murdered for being gay if he
were to fall into the hands of certain Palestinian peace organizations
like the Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. An Israeli court on
March 19, 2009 convicted Nawi of violently attacking a police officer
and engaging in violence in an anti-Israel protest.

Well, this darling of the Israeli Left and the Caring Classes is
suddenly back in the news, for pederasty. It seems that Nawi was
involved in some illicit relations with a minor. And his crimes are
threatening to end the political career of a candidate for the Irish

Nawi was convicted in 1992 of sexual relations with a 15 year old boy.
Nawi is also chummy with the Irish Senator David Norris, now running
for Pres. When Nawi was indicted for sexually molesting a minor,
Norris rushed to defend him and even sent a letter praising Nawi to
the Israeli court where Nawi was being tried. In that trial, by the
way, the star witness for Nawi was Yehudit Karp, a Meretz politician
who had been the deputy Attorney General. Her "testimony" did not
help Nawi.

The Irish media got wind of Norris's ties to the convicted pedophile
and are making life tough for Norris. Many members of his staff
suddenly resigned. The media in Ireland smell blood.

Nawi is walking about free, but I still like to sit back and imagine
his sharing a prison cell with Judge Danziger.

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