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Anders Beivik imagined cautious alliance with Jihadists: "We both
share one common goal"
Cross-Post, July 23rd 2011, 10:00 pm
by Joseph W
He said:
An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties
but will simply be too dangerous (and might prove to be ideologically
counter-productive). We both share one common goal. They want control
over their own countries in the Middle East and we want control of our
own countries in Western Europe. A future cultural conservative
European regime will deport all Muslims from Europe and isolate the
Muslim world. As a result, the Islamists will gain the necessary
momentum to retake power in several countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Morocco and a few others.
The Jihadists know this very well. An Islamic Caliphate is a useful
enemy to all Europeans as it will ensure European unity under
Christian cultural conservative leadership.
How this type of scenario could play out:
Approach a representative from a Jihadi Salafi group. Get in contact
with a Jihadi strawman. Present your terms and have him forward them
to his superiors:
1. Ask for "hudna" (temporary truce) during the discussions/proposal
and demand assurances not to be harmed if they reject our offer. Ask
if this is acceptable to them.
2. If they accept, try to meet at a neutral place (not like there is a
neutral place on Muslim territory) or at least a relatively public
place (which will make it harder for them to betray your arrangement)
and present your offer. They are asked to provide a biological
compound manufactured by Muslim scientists in the Middle East. Hamas
and several Jihadi groups have labs and they have the potential to
provide such substances. Their problem is finding suitable martyrs who
can pass "screenings" in Western Europe.

2. URL to article:
"We no longer recognize the State of Israel. We could notֲ recognize
the apartheid regime of South Africa, nor did we recognize theֲ
Afghani Taliban regime. Then there were many who did not recognize
Saddam Husseinג€™s Iraq or the Serbsג€™ ethnic cleansing. We need to
get used to the idea: The State of Israel, in its current form, is
history. The State of Israel has raped the recognition of the world
and shall have no peace until it laysֲ down its arms."....FOREIGN
The Quislings of Norway
Posted By Joseph Klein On July 20, 2011 @ 12:43 am In Daily
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Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere

The infamous Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as
it conquered his own country, must be applauding in his grave.
In the latest example of Norwegian collaboration with the enemies of
the Jews, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere declared during
a press conference this week, alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud
Abbas, that "Norway believes it is perfectly legitimate for the
Palestinian president to turn to the United Nations" to seek
recognition of an independent Palestinian state.
Despite Abbas's decision to throw his lot in with the Hamas terrorists
as part of some sort of "unity" government, Stoere signed an agreement
with Abbas on upgrading Palestinian representation in Norway. Under
the agreement, which effectively rewards Abbas for joining forces with
Hamas, the Palestinian representative will have the full diplomatic
rank of ambassador.
The foreign minister of Norway, which chairs a group of Palestinian
donor nations, also used the occasion to hold the tin cup out for
Abbas. Foreign Minister Stoere chided those who have decided to hold
back on their contributions. "All donors should make an extra effort
to support the Palestinians this summer and autumn," he said.
None of this should come as a surprise. Let's not forget, for example,
that Foreign Minister Stoere is in charge of the same Norwegian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which Socialist Ingrid Fiskaa — who
said in April 2008 that she sometimes wished the United Nations would
send "precision-guided missiles against selected Israeli targets" — so
proudly serves as a state secretary.
During the Nazi occupation of Norway, nearly all Jews were either
deported to death camps or fled to Sweden and beyond. Today, Norway is
effectively under the occupation of anti-Semitic leftists and radical
Muslims, and appears willing to help enable the destruction of the
Jewish state of Israel.
For example, one of Norway's leading intellectuals, Jostein Gaarder,
published an op-ed article in a major Norwegian daily newspaper in
2006 arguing against recognizing the state of Israel in its current
form and claiming that Judaism is "an archaic national and warlike
Gaarder equated the Jewish state of Israel's attempts to defend itself
against Islamic terrorists with apartheid and ethnic cleansing:
We no longer recognize the State of Israel. We could not recognize the
apartheid regime of South Africa, nor did we recognize the Afghani
Taliban regime. Then there were many who did not recognize Saddam
Hussein's Iraq or the Serbs' ethnic cleansing. We need to get used to
the idea: The State of Israel, in its current form, is history.
The State of Israel has raped the recognition of the world and shall
have no peace until it lays down its arms.
Norway's Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen has gone even further
and publicly denied the Holocaust. He said that Jews "exaggerated
their stories" and "there is no evidence the gas chambers and or mass
graves existed." While the Norwegian political establishment and
opinion-maker elite may not have reached that point of lunacy just
yet, they do tend to treat Muslims as the victims of Israeli
oppression – as if today's Muslims are filling the shoes of the Jewish
victims of the Holocaust and today's Nazis are the Israelis.
Thorbjørn Jagland, former prime minister of Norway, the president of
the Norwegian Parliament, and the head of the Nobel Prize committee
that gave President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, sided with Turkey and
condemned Israel for the defensive actions it took last year against
the so-called Free Gaza flotilla.
Socialist leader Kristin Halvorsen has been leading the boycott Israel
campaign. While serving as Norway's finance minister, she was amongst
the demonstrators at an anti-Israel protest, in which a poster read
(translated): "The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel." Among the
slogans repeatedly shouted at the demonstration was (as translated)
"Death to the Jews!"
Halvorsen has recently supported a measure calling for military action
against Israel if it decides to act against Hamas in Gaza, based on
the reasoning that the world community's credibility in confronting
the Qaddafi regime would be undermined if it does nothing to help
Hamas repel Israeli air attacks in Gaza.
Last year, the Norwegian government decided to divest from two Israeli
entities working in the West Bank. Norway's sovereign wealth fund
divested from the Israeli company Elbit, because it has worked on the
Israeli security fence that keeps out Palestinian suicide bombers.
Israel has also been blocked from bidding for Norwegian defense
The state-owned TV NRK aired the one-sided movie "Tears over Gaza,"
photographed by several Palestinian cameramen during and after
Israel's Operation Cast Lead. Its film director Vibeke Løkkeberg had
the gall to compare Israel's defensive military actions in Gaza, which
protect Israeli civilians from Hamas bombs, to "the massacres Qaddafi
is conducting against Libyan insurgents."
As explained by Bruce Bawer, an American literary critic, writer and
poet who lives in Norway and has criticized European anti-Semitism and
radical Islam, in an interview with the Jerusalem Post, contemporary
Norwegian anti-Semitism is alive and well in Norway especially amongst
"the cultural elite – the academics, intellectuals, writers,
journalists, politicians, and technocrats."
It is such anti-Semitic tripe and moral equivalency that embolden the
Muslims living in Norway to legitimize their own anti-Semitic conduct,
which Norwegian officials have been tolerating in the name of
As Bawer explained:
Part of the motivation for this anti-Semitism is the influx into
Norway in recent decades of masses of Muslims from Pakistan, Iraq,
Somalia and elsewhere. Multiculturalism has taught Norway's cultural
elite to take an uncritical, even obsequious, posture toward every
aspect of Muslim culture and belief. When Muslim leaders rant against
Israel and the Jews, the reflexive response of the multiculturalist
elite is to join them in their rantings. This is called solidarity.
In 2009, when Muslims rioted violently in downtown Oslo to protest
Israel's actions against Hamas, resulting in extensive damage, there
were few consequences for those responsible.
Teachers at schools with large shares of Muslims reported that Muslim
students often "praise or admire Adolf Hitler for his killing of
Jews," that "Jew-hate is legitimate within vast groups of Muslim
students" and that "Muslims laugh or command [teachers] to stop when
trying to educate about the Holocaust."
Norway is repeating its Quisling treachery of the Nazi era, this time
in league with a growing radical Muslim population. And once again the
Jews are the victims.
Joseph Klein is the author of a recent book entitled Lethal
Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical

Norwegian Labor Party Youth Movement Bashes Israel

By Erez Uriely
The Norwegian Israel Center (NIS) is a voluntary politically
independent documentation and resource center that works at promoting
a more balanced view towards Israel, and therefore fights
antisemitism. At the same time, we try to build a bridge between Jews
and Christians
On 10.07.2002, Mrs. Eva Kristin Hansen, the leader of the Norwegian
Labor Party Youth Movement (AUF), called upon the Attorney General of
Norway to investigate whether "Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
and other Israeli leaders can be put on trial for crimes they
committed" (
Kristin explained that this AUF demand for an indictment comes in
light of "...$nbsp;killing of ambulance personnel, occasional
destruction of civil targets and the illegal execution of civilians".
Less than a day after this AUF petition was sent to the court,
Norwegian former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labor) spoke before
the AUF and attacked Israel. NIS notes that it was not so long ago -
20.4.2002 -, that Stoltenberg gave a speech attacking Israel, while
Nazi Swastikas and other horrible anti-Jewish banners were held up in
front of the Norwegian parliament
( Such
symbols are otherwise forbidden for use in demonstrations organized by
NIS is aware of the important position that the AUF has in the
political life of Norway, particularly concerning the Norwegian Labor
Party. AUF has produced many important leaders of the Labor Party.
Naturally, their opinions influence their environment and Norway.
As young AUF members, future central Norwegian Labor Party leaders,
called in 1971 for the destruction of Israel: "The qualification for
lasting peace must be that Israel cease to exist as a Jewish state".
(As quoted by Haakon Lie, former Secretary General of the Norwegian
Labor Party, in his book: Slik Jeg Ser Det - As I See It - part II, p.
This destruction is what the Labor Party calls "peace". Former Foreign
Minister Bjorn Tore Godal was the leader of the same AUF that
formulated this declaration, which shows obvious religious antagonism
towards Judaism. Can we trust that Godal was neutral and clean of
prejudice while he handled Israel under the Oslo Process?
Since the 1970's, Norwegian Labor leaders have supported the PLO. The
PLO, we remind you, is committed to destroy Israel, a point that did
not prevent Norway from awarding it's leader no less than the Nobel
Peace Prize. Torbjoern Jagland, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jens
Stoltenberg and Terje Roed-Larsen have followed the line that supports
PLO. NIS finds it difficult to understand how such leaders can
contribute to a more peaceful Middle East.
NIS notes that racism is defined as negative discrimination of an
ethnic group. Racism against Jews is defined as Jew-hatred, or
NIS is aware that the leadership of the Norwegian Labor Party Youth
Movement does not necessarily represent the majority opinion. We
therefore warn against labeling the whole Norwegian Labor Party, and
all of its daughter organizations, as antisemitic.
NIS is, however, very concerned by the fact that the leadership of the
Norwegian Labor Party and its daughter organizations might stimulate
and encourage Jew-hatred, which is already well developed in Norway.
In 2002, Jews are being harassed, Jewish children are being
discriminated against in schools and some of the Jews "feel the earth
burning under their feet".
Therefore, it is not surprising that Jews try to maintain a low
profile and, especially, deny any connection to the Jewish state, the
target for modern Jew-hatred. Norway has never been a place in which
Jews could feel equal and permanently safe, particularly before and
during the Holocaust (
This attack by the Labor Party on Israel came only a short time after
1.5.2002, when the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) called
upon Norwegians to boycott products produced in the Jewish state,
Israel. LO is traditionally controlled by the Labor Party. Therefore,
we ask the leader of The Norwegian Labor Party and its Youth Movement
branch: If you really care about human rights,...$nbsp;
What have you done about the Syrian and PLO responsibility for the
massacre of more than 100,000 Christians in Lebanon between 1974 and
1982? Did you try to save them, or punish those responsible?
Why do you blame the prime minister of the Jewish State for acts
committed by Christian phalangists - led by a Syrian agent - as
revenge for a continuous Moslem massacre? Why not blame the Christians
and Moslems involved?
Have you tried to stop the ongoing massacre of Christians in Sudan?
During the past several years, more than 1.5 million Christians have
been massacred there. Where have you been? Where are you now?
What will you do to improve the life of millions of Moslem Arabs,
suffering from tyranny under every single Arab regime, and especially
under the PLO?
Israel, surrounded by Moslem countries to the north, east and south,
and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, is fighting daily for its
survival. The Arab League established the PLO in 1964 as an
umbrella-organization for various Arab groups, with the explicit aim
of wiping out Israel as an independent state. This is clearly
incorporated into the PLO charter and into the "constitution" of
al-Fatah, an organization led by Arafat since 1958. With Israel as an
exception, the Moslem Arabs have managed to eradicate any non-Moslem
minority in the Middle East. But they still refuse to give up. This is
the real background of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.
NIS therefore encourages The Norwegian Labor Party Youth Movement to
consider a change in its radical line. Please support democracy in the
Middle East and fight for equality and human right for Jews,
Christians and Moslems in the Arab-occupied Middle East.

4. The take on Norway by an anti-Semitic blogger:

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