Monday, August 29, 2011

Derfner gets Canned

1. Just a fast update and note of thanks to all of you who sent
letters of protest to the Jerusalem Post editors. The traitor Larry
Derfner, who published a column last week justifying and celebrating
the murder of Jewish civilians, was fired today by the Jerusalem Post.
He announces his own firing here:
(That web site, Israel Reconsidered, is one that he runs together with
the unemployed pro-terror anti-Semite blogger Richard Silverstein,
best remembered for having published smear attacks against his own
parents. For details, see this:

I am still hoping that Derfner will be prosecuted under Israeli laws
that criminalize justifications and celebrations of murder.

Thank you – for all of you who helped!

2. Benjamin Disraeli once claimed that there are three kinds of lies:
lies, damned lies, and statistics. In Israel however there are lies,
damned lies, and Haaretz.

One of the best examples of journalistic standards at Haaretz can be
seen in its "report" today about the town of Jisr al-Zarqa. The town
wants to expand by grabbing some lands that belong to neighboring
Jewish jurisdictions. According to official stats, Jisr is the
poorest town in Israel. But that is because so many of the people in
the town who are employed do not report their income to the tax
authorities and so appear as if they have no income. Aside from tax
evasion, this allows them to get welfare and unemployment stipends.
The main Haifa-Tel-Aviv highway passes by the town and anyone can see
all the luxurious single-family mansions springing up all over the it.
The towns residents by the way came originally largely from Sudan
about a hundred years back. You know, making them Palestinians with
roots that go all the way back to the Canaanites and the right to
national self-determination. (Why not in Sudan?)

Anyhow, the most magnificent part of the Haaretz "report," (although
this sentence is not in the English translation on the Haaretz web
site) is where our reporter writes that the population density in the
town is 7730 people per square kilometer, while for Israel as a whole
the population density is only 321. Oh those poor Sudanese
Palestinian oppressed impoverished Arabs suffering apartheid
discrimination by the Jews, right?

Well, only one itsy bitsy problem. The 321 population density is a
national average and includes large swaths of the Negev in which the
population density is zero, and the Sea of Galilee, where it really is
zero, and the Ayalon Highway, where it is zero. The newspaper for
thinking readers is not comparing the density in Jirs to Jewish towns
and cities, where the density is even higher than in Jisr al-Zarqa.
The population density per kilometer for the solar system is even

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