Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1. Goatgate


I would like to propose that the Knesset investigate whether
Senator Patrick Leahy is romantically involved with goats.

I can think of no more appropriate response to Leahy's call to cut
aid to Israel because of the actions taken by Israel's three most
elite military units: Shayetet 13 unit, undercover Duvdevan unit, and
the Israeli Air Force Shaldag. Because budgets are fungible, this
does not really threaten the operation of those units. But it puts
Leahy suddenly in bed with the worst of the BDS (boycott, divest,
sanctions) guttersnipes who want to solve the world's problems with
economic sanctions against Israel.

Leahy of course is the ultra-liberal Senator from Vermont who has
made a career out of promoting political correctness and leftism. The
strongest promoter in the Senate of affirmative action apartheid, he
led the campaign for "gay marriage," Obamacare, and opposes free
trade. He opposed the Patriot Act and favors unconditional unilateral
US withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. Wikipedia says he is a great
fan and collector of Batman comic books.

Leahy, while in the past sometimes pro-Israel, is now chummy with
JStreet (http://jstreet.org/senator-patrick-leahy-d-vt-statement-regarding-violence-gaza/
) . He has been the leading Sentor denouncing Israel's supposed
mistreatment of Palestinian children (see this:
), and compared that to the sufferings of Irish children during the
Great Irish Famine. He has long been trying to cut support for
Israel (http://www.solomonia.com/blog/archive/2007/07/how-patrick-leahy-tried-and-fa/index.shtml

The elite military units Leahy wants castrated financially are
Israel's main line of defense against Palestinian mass murders and
genocidal terrorists. Leahy says these need to be defunded because
Israel does not sufficiently investigate the human rights abuses
perpetuated by those units. In other words, Goldstone Commission
style, let's assume Israel is guilty of routinely carrying out human
rights abuses and then have sanctions against Israel for not indicting
and convicting itself for those abuses. Curiously, Leahy has never
demanded investigations into the human rights abuses perpetuated by
the family members of Americans killed in the 911 attacks, nor by the
families of the kids killed in the Breivik killings in Norway. In
fact he has never even demanded an investigation into human rights
abuses perpetrated by couples married under Vermont's gay marriage law
nor by people who collect Batman comic books. It goes without saying
that he did not call for a halt to aid to the "Palestinians" for their
countless atrocities.

And that is why I really seriously think the Israeli Knesset should
respond to Leahy's initiative by calling for an investigation into the
question of whether Leahy is romantically involved with goats! I
mean, how else are we to know whether or not there exists such an
alarming and abusive relationship?!

You can find more details and Leahy's contact information here:

2. The infantile tent protest festivals in Israel have now morphed
into the battle of the meaningless committees.

You remember that old quip about how a camel is really a horse
designed by committee?

Well, Netanyahu has decided to buy off the tent protesters by setting
up a committee of more than 60 people (!!!) to study all about "social
justice" and the economic problems of Israel, to be manned by
students, professors, tentsters, and others. The committee will not
do anything, and no one seriously thinks a committee of more than 60
can hope to understand, let alone fix, economic problems. (How many
committee members have ever taken freshman economics?) But Netanyahu
hopes it will take some wind out of the tentster sails, and by the
time the committee makes its recommendations, the rains will be here
and the tentsters and their kids will be back in school.

Meanwhile, a counter-committee has been set up by Israeli communists,
far Leftists, and their fellow travelers, to challenge any proposals
that might come out of the "Trachtenberg Committee," the name of the
meaningless Netanyahu committee. This counter committee is being
called the Yonah-Spivak committee. It is headed by anti-Israel far
leftist sociologist by Yossi Yonah, from Ben Gurion "University" who
is also on the staff of the semi-Marxist Van Leer Institute. You can
read about him here:

His sidekick is Avia Spivak, who is ordinarily an intelligent guy, an
expert on pension fund financing, and possibly the only member of the
"counter-committee" who is not a Marxist.

The easiest way to recognize a Marxist these days is to spot people
who use the nonsense word "Neo-Liberal." By that they do not mean
liberal, but simply non-Marxist. Neo-liberals are what Marxists call
people who think that markets should usually be allowed to operate.
One of Israel's leading denunciators of Neo-Liberalism is Joseph
Zeira, a radical leftist and anti-Israel activist from the Hebrew
University. He will also be on the "counter-committee." It is hard
to find an anti-Israel petition he has not signed. He is joined on
the committee by the ultra-leftist anti-Israel Dani Filc, Neve
Gordon's mini-me and currently the chair of the department of politics
at Ben Gurion "University." Also on the committee is Mordecai
Kremnitzer from Tel Aviv University Law and from the leftist Israel
Institute of Democracy, who has made a career out of defending the
human rights of terrorists and denouncing Israel's policy of defending
its population (see
). Also there is Itzhak Galnoor, the inventor of affirmative action
quotas in Israel and the chief McCarthyist denouncing those in Israel
who criticize the Left as McCarthyists. They are joining by a Jewish
Marxist woman who has no academic job and an Arab woman who has no
academic job, both described by Haaretz as "professors." Plus a few
other leftists, and one token rabbi (Shai Peron), from the
ultra-leftist "Rabbis for Human Rights." .

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