Thursday, September 08, 2011

"Rabin-style incitement"??

The familiar old saying about the limits of freedom of speech insists
that yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater is not protected

In Israel, by contrast, yelling "Rabin was a moron" in an empty movie
theater is enough to get you arrested for the crime of

For 17 years the Israeli media have been reciting nonstop and
obsessively that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered because of the exercise of
freedom of speech by those who dared to disagree with his "Oslo"
policies and program. Because they did not always express their
objections with all of the calm polite elegance of a literature
professor (and, come to think of it, I have come across some really
foul-mouthed literature professors), therefore impolite unrestrained
diction caused the assassination. Someone shouting "Shimon Peres is a
moron" in an empty movie theater would be arrested for insulting a
public official.

But the "theory" about how unrestrained speech produces murder
evidently only applies to critics of the Left. Foul-mouthed leftists
threatening murder of non-leftists are just letting off steam, all in
the spirit of fun, certainly nothing over which the prosecutor need
concern himself.

Take for example the current threats by leftists to murder Tel Aviv
mayor Ron Huldai. Not a single one has been arrested. Not a single
one has been interrogated by the police. Those issuing the threats
are as pure and innocent and protected as Larry Derfner!

The story of the death threats against Huldai by the Leftists can be
read here in full:

The crazed leftists, also known as "tentsters" and "social activists,"
were upset when Hizzoner started cleaning up the mess from the "social
justice" protests and moving out the hundreds of empty tents the
yuppie protesters had erected to make it look like they are homeless.

Here are some excerpts from the news story:

'Huldai said he had received phone calls and letters threatening him
with bodily harm if he did not call off city demolition squads and
leave the tents alone. "I know the faces of the protesters and can
guess which ones are threatening me," Huldai told Army Radio. "They
are always violent. Some of them brought guillotines to the protests,
I suppose to hint at my beheading. But as we know, symbols have
meaning. There were symbols and pictures before the murder of Yitzchak
Rabin, we cannot dismiss these things."

'The media has (sic) been curiously silent on the threats to Huldai,
said one official close to the Judea and Samaria (Yesha) Council. "As
we know, when the memory of incitement against Rabin is mentioned, we
are talking about a serious problem, and Huldai would certainly not
make the comparison on incitement against him and Rabin lightly," the
official said. "As such we would expect Huldai to file a police
complaint against these inciters, some of whom he says he believes he
could identify, just as anyone else from the left would file a police
complaint against someone from the right that was suspected of far
less. Are the leftist tent protesters incapable of 'Rabin-style'
incitement against Huldai?"'

Rabin-style incitement? Well if "incitement" is what killed Rabin,
how come no one is being arrested for "Rabin-style incitement" against
Huldai? Huldai himself deserves a pie in the puss for even giving
credence to the absurd claim that protest posters against Rabin
produced the assassination. In Israel you get ahead by sucking up to
leftist idiocy.

Or could it just be that death threats from leftists are protected
speech and just do not "count" as incitement to murder?

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