Tuesday, November 01, 2011


1. I inadvertently sent a message yesterday where the address list
was showing. Sorry, I am getting old! Please delete and do not use
that list for sending out messages.

2. A couple of days ago I sent out a posting about Tel Aviv
University's airhead philosophy faculty member, Anat Matar, and her
celebrating the release of mass murderers and terrorists as a great
reason to party. She also defended a terrorist's tossing a grenade
at a bus full of soldiers. Her own son of course was not on that bus
because he was convicted and did jail time for refusing to serve in
the Israeli army.

The same bimbette is in the media today (Hebrew only:
http://www.news1.co.il/Archive/001-D-280634-00.html ), where she is
essentially saying that there was nothing very objectionable to the
Hamas kidnapping and holding Gilad Shalit incommunicado for so long
because Shalit was "not shooting Bamba from his tank," in her words.

Now for those of you not familiar with the product, one of the great
cultural achievements of Israel is "Bamba" - a high-calorie snack with
peanut butter in the center, which no teenager watching South Park on
television can resist eating.

Of course, Tel Aviv University still needs to explain why they have
given tenure in the philosophy department to a traitor who has Bamba
between her ears.

I would like to call hereby on the Im Tirtzu student activists to go
to the classes of Matar at TAU and to throw Bamba at her.

3. I was just sent a really funny cartoon, which I was unable to
upload onto this message, so let me just tell you what it showed. You
see a Jewish man with a beard speaking into his cell phone as he is
walking down the street and telling his customer, "And not to worry.
If there are any problems with this, I am available to resolve
problems and help 24-6."

I thought that was cute.

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