Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fwd: Creative Community for Peace

Shalom, Allow us to introduce ourselves.....

Creative Community for Peace is a non-profit organization headed up by a cross section of the creative world - those who create and help create music, movies, and television programs - and their fans.


We may not all share the same politics or the same opinion on the best path to peace in the Middle East. But we do agree that singling out Israel, the only democracy in the region, as a target of cultural boycotts while ignoring the now-recognized human rights issues of her neighbors will not further peace.


We understand the power that our music, our films, our television shows, and all arts have. They have the power to build bridges. Foster better understanding. Encourage dialogue. And hopefully lead toward greater mutual acceptance.


If anything, turn up the music, expose more of our films and television shows to wider audiences, and encourage people from all cultures to interact and build greater dialogue and understanding.


We are reaching out to those who support the message that the arts can build bridges—please join us in this important mission.


The world might just be a better place for it.




Creative Community for Peace informs artists and their representation to help them make a positive decision to play in Israel in the face of threats and disinformation they often face from activists who seek to boycott Israel. Through interpersonal relationship outreach and a sophisticated website developed to support our message and to counter the arguments of the boycott movement.


We have just launched a social media effort to engage with the vast majority of true fans, via social media, who support this aim.


While artists are in Israel, we help arrange their itinerary so they are able to experience the wonder and diversity of Israel's land and her people.


We monitor boycott activity in an attempt to shine a light on how divisive, one-sided and contrary to peace and peaceful intentions these campaigns are.


We continue to encourage artists to play in Israel both in a personal capacity and as a movement of fans. By doing so, they join a host of top artists who have recently played in Israel, including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Linkin Park, Paul McCartney, The Black Eyed Peas, Bob Dylan and many, many more.







Ronny Hatchwell
Israel Coordinator
Creative Community For Peace

Ronny Hatchwell
Israel Coordinator
Creative Community For Peace

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