Monday, December 26, 2011

Israel's Tenured Left Demands Censorship! The death of academic freedom in Israel!

The latest cause of Israel's tenured radicals is censorship. They
are all in FAVOR of it!

Hundreds of Israeli academics are issuing calls and signing
petitions demanding that a book containing unfashionable comments
about homosexuality be censored and barred from any use in academic
institutions. Not a single one of these tenured sheep ever condemned
the "book" by Tel Aviv University's Shlomo Sand that claimed that
there is no such thing as a Jewish people and that today's Jews are
merely descendents from converted Khazars and Berbers, having no
rights at all to self-determination and statehood. Not a single
participant in the campaign for censorship this week ever offered the
opinion that Sand's book should be removed from library shelves and
course syllabi. And not a single crusader for censorship this week
thinks that minority dissenting opinions about homosexuality have the
right to be aired in classrooms and textbooks.

The ruckus this week over homosexuality involves a standard
Hebrew textbook in psychiatry entitled, "Prakim nivharim
b'psichiatria" ("Select Chapters in Psychiatry") the most recent
edition of was published in 2010. It expresses some unfashionable and
"politically incorrect" opinions about homosexuality. It describes
homosexuality as a disorder, insisting it is curable, and endorses
"conversion therapy," which is vehemently opposed by homosexual
militant organizations. The chapter that today's censors are upset
over was written by Prof. Shmuel Tiano, former director of the Geha
Psychiatric Hospital in Petah Tikva.

You can see the Haaretz report on the ruckus in English here:

A number of homosexual activist academics started a campaign
against the book, and the chat lists of Israeli faculty are filled
with calls for suppression of the book and censorship of "incorrect"
ideas about homosexuality. The book contains "incorrect
information," insist the censors. Suppose that it does. But so does
the book by Shlomo Sand. Since when does the fact that a book
contains incorrect information entitle the leftist thought police to
suppress and censor it?

The tenured censors insist that students be prevented from hearing
the opinion that homosexuality is a disorder, and a treatable one at
that. Their vehement insistence that homosexuality is NOT a disorder
might be more easily marketable if these were not the very same people
also insisting that "transgendered" people (transvestites and those
who undergo genital mutilation) are ALSO "normal" people suffering
from no disorders at all. Without getting into a whole debate here
about homosexuality in general, let me just say that it is my opinion
that by adding that "T" to the "LGB" to construct "LGBT," the
politicized homosexual militant movement (which is almost always
anti-Semitic and pro-terror, by the way) has also shot itself in its
own foot and undercut any chances it ever had of persuading the
general public of its case for legitimizing homosexuality.

And by leading the jihad for censorship, Israel's own militant
homosexuals, led by its tenured pinks, is showing its own fundamental
hostility to freedom of speech, academic freedom, and democracy.

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