Sunday, February 26, 2012

Send some Afghans to Haaretz Headquarters!!

1. Friends, Comrades, Fellow Inciters!


I believe I have at long last found a formula for ending the Middle
East strife and bringing pace to Israel. All we need to do is make
thousands of copies of the column from today's Haaretz by
arch-Israel-hater columnist Gideon Levy and distribute it in
Afghanistan! The article is entitled "Allah is NOT Akbar," although
the web version of the article distorted the title to read "Allah is
NOT Akbar in Syria," (Haaretz's web coward weenies at work!!), which
you can read in Hebrew here: . The Haaretz English web
site has evidently not posted it lest any Afghans see it.

Sure, what Levy meant is that things are not pleasant in Syria, and it
is largely Israel's fault because Israel alienated Turkey when it
refused to allow its unarmed soldiers to be murdered by Turkish
flotilla terrorists, thus undermining the ability to collaborate with
Turkey to fix things in Syria.

So there is something of an innocent explanation for Levy's headline,
just as there was for those accidental burnings of the Koran in
Afghanistan. But several murdered GIs later, we know how much the
Afghans care about such excuses.

Therefore I say, let the Afghans know all about Gideon Levy and
Haaretz, and maybe invite a few plane loads of Afghans to go visit the
Haaretz headquarters in Tel Aviv.

I can see peace breaking out within days thereafter!

2. Meanwhile it is always nice to see Israel's loyal patriotic Arab
citizens displaying their political allegiances. This weekend a group
of them held a rally in Haifa to support and defend Bashar Asad. The
rally was led by Said Nafa ( ),
a Druse Knesset Member and chairman of the Israeli (Arab) Communist
Party, a party that never quite got around to repudiating Stalin. The
rally was one of several to be held by the Committee to Support Syria,
a communist party front.

Probably not coincidentally, at around the same time not far away, two
young Jews walking in Haifa were approached by ten Arabs who asked if
they were Jews and then beat them.

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