Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Africanization of Tel Aviv

1. Israel's Left is having a field day in attacking the Israeli
public for its "racism" against African infiltrators. The Left always
thinks that attacking and demonizing other Israelis will make them
want to vote for the Left. Haaretz is including such denunciations as
part of its daily morning doses of treason. And the foreign press and
its anti-Semitic fellow travelers are chortling in delight.

So just what is going on?

First, let's shine some light of accuracy upon the usual media
horse manure about Israel. Israel has for many years been an
attractive employment base for foreign "guest workers," who have been
welcomed into the country by the many tens of thousands and come to
Israel in the first place because of employment opportunity and
attractive wages. Almost all of the home care workers for elderly
Israelis are foreign guest workers. These usually enter the country
legally, although there are often problems when their visas run out
because they do not want to leave. They prefer to remain in Israel
and be "exploited," the nonsense term universally used by the Left to
refer to their employment by Israelis.

Second, until recently the bulk of guest workers were from the Far
East. Filipino day care workers became so common that the Hebrew word
"Filipino" is used as a synonym for day care workers, such as "Where
is your Filipino from? Mine is from Sri Lanka!" For years the bulk
of guest workers (including in the construction industry and in
agriculture) were Thai, Filipino, and Chinese, with a handful from Sri
Lanka and Romania and Central/South America. They were accepted with
affection and approval by almost all Israelis and were never regarded
as much of a social problem, even when they stayed on too long beyond
their visas. They were hard working and well behaved, almost never
involved in crime. The East Asians of course were not "white" and so
their welcome and acceptance shows the lie in the claim that Israelis
are protesting against the Africans because the Africans are not
"white" like Israelis.

Things began to change a few years ago when masses of African
infiltrators started entering the country. In most cases they simply
walked in from the Sinai Peninsula, where even today the border with
Egypt is wide open. Successive Israeli governments refused to erect a
security fence along much of the border, to preserve the pretense that
Israel is at peace and in harmony with Egypt, even after repeated
terrorist infiltrations and atrocities carried out along this
unsecured border. The gap in the border controls was also used to
smuggle in the bulk of the prostitution "manpower" in Israel, largely
women from Eastern Europe. It is how all the drugs enter Israel.

And it is how the masses of African infiltrators came in.

At first, the media tried to paint the Africans as desperate
"refugees" fleeing the massacres in the Sudan, and indeed a handful
were from the Darfur. The media hectored Israelis about how "we too
were desperate refugees" and with "remember the stranger among you"
quotes from the Bible, almost the only quote the Leftist journalists
know from the Bible. (Never mind that the Bible is referring to
righteous converts to Judaism.) Never mind that to enter Israel the
Africans had to enter Egypt first where no one was murdering them or
preventing them from seeking work THEREt. But the wages in Israel
for such "refugees" were at least ten times higher than in Egypt. And
they did the math.

Meanwhile, the business about the infiltrators coming from the
Sudan is literally an urban myth. At least two thirds of the
infiltrators now in Israel are from Eritrea, an impoverished despotic
Moslem country on the Red Sea crawling with Islamofascist terrorist
groups. They come to Israel for the wages. It is widely believed
that al-Qaeda terrorists are among them.

And unlike the Thais and Filipinos, they are decidedly NOT hard
working and well behaved. Many carry diseases and many more take to
crime. There have been repeated attacks on Israelis, especially
women, by the Eritreans, and the crime stats in South Tel Aviv are in
the stratosphere.

The Israeli Left is overjoyed by the flooding of Tel Aviv by the
Eritreans. That is because the Left supports ANYTHING that makes
Israel a less Jewish country or undermines the existence of the
country demographically. The Lefties would prefer an unlimited
Palestinian "right of return," but are willing to make do with south
Tel Aviv being converted into an African slum. The Africans live
eight to a room and seek work illegally, getting paid under the table.
Until now the government turned a blind eye to the problem.

The Left loves seeing Tel Aviv Africanized just as long as no
Africans move into any buildings in which leftist yuppies live.
Instead, the Eritreans crowd into the neighborhoods of low-income
blue-collar Israelis who do not have the capital to flee the
neighborhoods for safer, better ones. Curiously, the Leftists have
never proposed that maybe the Moslem Eritreans should all seek work
and move to nice homes in the Gaza Strip or in the territories now
under the control of the Palestinian Authority, their fellow Moslems.
I have not heard of a single Eritrean moving there.

South Tel Aviv residents are enraged and are increasingly holding
rowdy street protests demanding a solution. In some of these, the
protesters let of steam and throw curses and even a few rocks. No
African has been killed by the hotheads and as far as I know none has
even been injured. This has not stopped the anti-Semites from
painting the protesters as the moral equivalents of Nazis on

Far too little and far too late, the Israeli government is
reluctantly looking for "solutions," including putting illegals into
holding prisons in the Negev for up to three years. A smarter move
would be to pay Eritrea some cash and then ship them all back home
from out of Eilat. And of course the Netanyahu people are STILL not
seriously trying to close the border. I would also suggest that,
until the Eritreans are deported, they be sent to live in Hashomer
Hatzair (Marxist) kibbutzim and in the buildings in which anti-Zionist
leftist faculty members at Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion
"University" live. I am sure at least 60 could be fit into Neve
Gordon's apartment.

2. http://www.melaniephillips.com/zionism-and-bigotry

Always a pleasure and a duty to read Melanie Phillips:

28 May 2012
Zionism and bigotry

Published in: Daily Mail

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In the wake of the festival of Shavuot, when Jews have been
celebrating the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai
from where he presented them to the Jewish people camped at its foot,
I have been brooding over the fact that Zionism has become a dirty
word in Britain and the west.

For many in these societies, Zionism has now become equated with
racism. This group libel, once regarded with revulsion by decent
people when the Soviet-Arab axis got the UN to endorse it in 1975, has
now become the prism through which the BBC, academia, the artistic and
theatrical world and much of the rest of the cultural establishment
now frame all references to Israel.

This helps explain the attempted boycott of the Israeli theatre
company Habima, playing Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice at London's
Globe theatre this evening in conditions of the tightest security
(apparently the expected interruptions by bigots have so far been
relatively minor). The profound malice and ignorance behind such
reflexive demonisation of Israel are rendered all the more
hallucinatory by the sanctimonious and unchallenged assumption of the
moral high ground which these idiots believe they occupy.

This is as grotesque as it is terrifying. Zionism is no more nor less
than the self-determination of the Jewish people -- as a people, and
not just as adherents of the Jewish religion. Jews are in fact the
only people – as a people -- for whom Israel (ancient Judea and
Samaria) was ever their national homeland. Those who deny Zionism thus
deny Jewish peoplehood and the fundamental right of Jews to live as a
people in their own ancestral homeland, Israel.

Unique in the world, Jews are both a people and adherents of a
religion. Intrinsic to and inseparable from the religion of Judaism is
the land of Israel; more specifically, the centrality of and longing
for Jerusalem and its Temple. Deny that centrality and you rip the
heart and soul out of Judaism. Those who deny the right of the Jews to
Israel and Jerusalem deny the right of the Jews to their own religion.

Judaism is like a stool supported on three legs – the nation, the
religion and the land. Saw off any of these legs and the stool
collapses. Does this mean that all Jews are Zionists? Of course not,
no more than it means that all Jews are religious. But just as the
hatred of Jews on theological grounds has always threatened the lives
and safety of all Jews including those who are not religious, so the
anti-Zionist hatred of Jewish self-determination is a form of bigotry
which threatens the lives and safety of all Jews, whether or not they
are Zionists. And the fact that there are some anti-Zionist Jews who
themselves hate the expression of Jewish self-determination in the
form of the State of Israel is a manifestation of that same self-same
bigotry no less for being such a tragically twisted example.

The anti-Zionist madness of our time is thus far more pernicious even
than hatred of Israel, pathologically obsessive and malevolent as that
is in itself. Bad enough that for so many people in Britain and the
west, Israel has been successfully demonised as a pariah state on the
basis of a unique systematic campaign of falsehoods, distortions and
libels about its history and behaviour, untruths which have
nevertheless become the unchallenged basis for public discussion.

But far worse even than this is the assumption underlying this lazy
defamation, that Zionism is a creed that is itself a particularly
aggressive kind of racism or colonialism. This vicious prejudice has
turned truth, reason and decency inside out. The right of the Jews to
their own historic national homeland has been recast, entirely
falsely, as a usurpation of the 'right' to that land of 'Palestinians'
– who never actually existed as a discrete people in the first place.
Those Jews who are Zionists now find themselves as a result cast as
racists and social pariahs – merely for asserting the right of the
Jewish people to self-determination in their own historic homeland.

Those who are driven by a vicious and bigoted hatred have thus been
allowed to cast the victims of their hatred as themselves hateful
people. Zionist Jews are thus defamed and victimised many times over –
and by those who have the gall to claim the moral high ground in doing
so, from luvvies Emma Thompson and Ken Loach to the boycotters and
thugs who harass and bully Zionist Jews on campus.

This is a truly chilling situation, reminiscent of the mass
brainwashing and hijacking of thought that took place in the Soviet
Union – not surprising when you consider the Soviet-Arab axis that
back in the seventies set out to destroy Israel by capturing and
subverting the western mind. In practical terms, it means that by
definition it is not possible to persuade people what has actually
occurred and what the true facts are, since such propositions will be
dismissed out of hand -- on the basis that everyone knows that the
lies about Israel are actually the unchallengeable truth.

But just as in the former Soviet Union, there are plenty of decent,
rational people who do understand very well what is happening here,
and its broader and lethal implications for the safety of the entire
western world. For those people and others who have yet to be
persuaded -- not to mention the duty to record this infamy into the
memory of the world -- the truth behind this terrible departure from
reason and decency over Israel and Zionism must continue to be
publicly told.

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