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The Atrocity committed by Israel that Tikkun Magazine will never Forgive

1. You know the name Shlomo Sand, the anti-Semitic pseudo-historian
from Tel Aviv University who has a "book" out consisting largely of
recycled myths taken from Neo-Nazi web sites and claims that the Jews
were never a people. You know, unlike the Palestinian people, which
has been a people since antiquity. Comrade Sand has a new "book" out
now about how Jews have no ties to the Land of Israel either. Unlike

Sand was in the news a few days back for claiming he received "death
threats" (in my opinion these claims being fabrications). Sand is an
expert on the French cinema who woke up one morning a few years back
and decided that he is actually an expert in Jewish history. He has
no academic publications in Jewish history.

Well, Sand is now back. It seems he is now claiming to have suffered
from suppressed memory syndrome regarding a vicious murder of a
Palestinian by them Zionists. Sand claims to have suddenly remembered
this 45 years after the "fact." In an interview with a jihadist web
site in Australia, here is the latest discovery by Tel Aviv
University's leading "historian":

Shlomo Sand, the pseudo-historian Stalinist from Tel Aviv University,
claims he witnessed murder of a Palestinian and did nothing about it.
Also admits being a Stalinist. (see web page for full interview)


One night in September 1967 he witnessed soldiers abusing an elderly
Palestinian man who had been arrested with a large amount of dollars
in his possession. "I climbed onto a crate and watched a harrowing
scene through the window," he writes. "The detainee was sitting tied
to a chair, and my good buddies were beating him all over and
occasionally pressing burning cigarettes into his arms. I climbed down
from the crate, threw up and returned to my post shaking and
frightened. A little later, a pickup left carrying the body ... My
friends shouted to me that they were going to the Jordan River to dump
the body."

You were armed - why didn't you intervene? You could have fired in the
air, summoned help.

"I lost my senses completely. I was afraid to intervene. The fact that
I did not try to do anything to stop them depressed me for years and
resonates within me to this day. That is why I write about in the
book, because I still have guilt feelings. I am ashamed that I did not
do anything. When I got back from reserve duty in Jericho, I went to
see MK Meir Wilner [head of the Israel Communist Party]* and told him
about it. I also consulted with [the writer] Dan Omer, whom I had met
during the fighting, when we both shook as we shot in Abu Tor. Omer,
who was five years older than I, adopted me. He and Wilner said there
were too many cases like that and there was nothing to be done. That
night I felt that I had lost my homeland, namely my childhood
neighborhood in Jaffa, along with my parents, the neighbors and the
school. A concrete homeland that I lost at that time."

Why are you invoking this now?

"In the book I do a national reckoning. You know, I am not anti-national. ...
Did you go back to the murder of the Palestinian man in order to say ,
"Look, I am one of you and once I was even made to be a bit of a war

"Like everyone, I too am a bit of a war criminal. That is part of my
life. Some time after that reserve service in Jericho I became a daily
activist in Matzpen (the Maoist organization - SP) and distributed
leaflets and sprayed slogans on walls at night and got beaten up. I
was a member of the political fringe. I am not a victim, but my
psychological distress started then, at the age of 20. The years in
Matzpen** gave me a great deal, and the political activity was a type
of healing. I later left the organization heartbroken, and in despair
sank into drugs. My partner and my best friend got into heroin. Maybe
because I am Polish I did not follow them, and instead of heroin I
took matriculation exams and entered university. The best friend
committed suicide. Others left the country."

* Vilner was a hard-core Stalinist who ran Israel's communist party.
Note how Sand's first instinct is to report the "story" to his party

** Matzpen was a treasonous Maoist group whose members formed an
espionage and terror cell led by Udi Adiv in the 1970s. Adiv is out
of prison and teaches at Israel's taxpayer supported "Open University"

2. Lost in Translation: CAMERA Report on Haaretz' English edition's
habit of treason and lying through mis-translation:

Meanwhile, Haaretz' ace traitor-reporter is about to be indicted for
Journalist Uri Blau to be indicted
Journalist implicated in Anat Kam affair to be charged with
unauthorized possession of confidential information.
Blau has been running special features in recent weeks in the Haaretz
weekend magazine attempting to smear anti-Left watchdog groups and web

3. Occupying Palestinians is one thing but now LSD-touting Rabbi
Moonbeam, Mikey Lerner, the pseudo-rabbi editor of Tikkun Magazine,
and Rabbi Woodstock Waskow, his sidekick from the "Renewal" pagan
movement, have found a crime that Israel has perpetrated that simply
cannot be forgiven. This atrocity is the worst crime Israel has ever
carried out, said Lerner:
Israelis develop 'cannabis without the high'
May 30th, 2012 in Biology / Biotechnology

Israeli scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant that doesn't get
people stoned in a development that may help those smoking marijuana
for medical purposes, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

According to the Maariv daily, the new cannabis looks, smells and even
tastes the same, but does not induce any of the feelings normally
associated with smoking marijuanathat are brought on by the substance
THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

"It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant -- it's
all the same -- but the numbing sensation that users are accustomed to
has disappeared," said Tzahi Klein, head of development at Tikkun
Olam, the firm that developed the species.

"Many of our patients who tried the new plant come back to us and say:
'You tricked me,'" because they assumed they had been given a placebo,
he said.

According to Maariv, Tikkun Olam sought to neutralise the effect of
the THC and to increase the effect of another substance called CBD, or
cannabidiol, which has been shown to help diabetics and to ease
various psychiatric disorders.

Not only does it leave users stone-cold sober, it also doesn't induce
the munchies, the hunger pangs that the drug's smokers generally

Despite the innovation, it is unlikely to have any impact on Israeli
law, which outlaws the use of marijuana as illegal except for medical

According to figures published earlier this year by Sheba Medical
Centre and the Israel Cancer Association, medical marijuana has been
approved for use by about 6,000 Israelis suffering from various

(c) 2012 AFP

"Israelis develop 'cannabis without the high'." May 30th, 2012.

4. Israel is currently debating four different proposals designed to
criminalize the use of Holocaust imagery and rhetoric by
ultra-Orthodox "chareidim." The black suited anti-modern folk and
their children have conducted some rowdy protests in Israel in which
they bedeck the kids in yellow Jewish stars reminiscent of those of
the Holocaust.

Some of Israel's radical leftists are suddenly free speech absolutists
regarding this. In reality, Israel's leftists are generally fascists
who oppose democracy and freedom of speech. But they are afraid that
the new bills, if passed, could be used to prosecute leftists who
proclaim each morning with their lattes that Israel is a Nazi regime.

In any case, today two leftist law professors write an Op-Ed (Hebrew
only) in Maariv denouncing the new bills. The two are Mordechai
Kremnitzer, from the Hebrew University law school and a stalwart of
the Leftists Israeli Democracy Institute (IDI)
He has a long track record of worrying about the "rights" of
terrorists but not of their victims. He is joined by Amir Paz-Fuchs,
one of the most anti-Israel radical leftists
teaching law in Israel. Fuchs teaches, or rather preaches, his
extremist ideology at the Kiryat Ono community college. Both have
been active in demanding that the government crack down on the freedom
of speech of rabbis and settlers and Im Tirtzu students
). Fuchs is also associated with the IDI.

The two are suddenly great believers in free speech absolutism. It
must be protected speech to call people Nazis and call Israel a Nazi
regime, claim the great democrats.

One itsy bitsy problem with this. Neither of these two great
defenders of freedom of speech ever had a single word to say about the
fascist SLAPP suit against me by anti-Semite Neve Gordon nor about the
anti-democratic decisions by anti-democratic judges in Israel, when
they chose to close ranks with Gordon and find in his favor.

Just to remind you, Neve Gordon illegally entered Ramallah in 2001
to interfere with Israeli military anti-terror operations and to act
as a human shield to express solidarity with wanted Palestinian
murderers and protect them from the Israeli military. On an internet
site I described his "human shield" solidarity group as a group of
"Judenrat wannabes." After all, they were self-appointed
Judenrat-like representatives "negotiating" with the world's worst
mass murderer of Jews. Gordon filed a frivolous SLAPP suit against me
for "libel" for use of that expression. He filed in Nazareth court in
order to get an Arab judge. The Arab woman judge in Nazareth court
issued a verdict agreeing with and endorsing Gordon in all things, a
verdict in which she also proclaimed support for Holocaust
"revisionism" and proclaimed Israel a country sitting entirely on
lands stolen from another people.

Then, in the first round of appeal, the Nazareth Appeals court
overturned most of the verdict but left standing the judgment that use
of the word "Judenrat" in a sentence about someone engaged in illegal
treasonous activities is not protected speech. It allowed Gordon to
retain 10,000 NIS in damages. Later a panel of three justices at
Israel's Supreme Court refused to overturn this residual part of the
judgment and agreed that use of the word "Judenrat" in a sentence
about someone's illegal treasonous activities, in which he was
protecting wanted murderers, is NOT protected speech. The writer of
that anti-democratic ruling was Eliezer Rivkin, the Deputy Chief
Justice, who retired this week from the bench.

So use of the word "Judenrat" is libel, ruled the gaggle of
anti-democratic judges. Of course, leftists and Arabs calling people
Nazis is always protected speech in Israel and not a single Leftist
has ever been convicted of libel for doing so.

Suddenly the leftist duo from the Israel Democracy Institute think
prohibiting use of "Holocaust era rhetoric of symbols" is undemocratic
and that use of these should be protected speech. Yet neither has
ever had a single word to say about the judicial atrocity committed by
those anti-democratic judges in the Gordon-Plaut suit. And it is
obviously NOT because they have never heard about the suit. Tel Aviv
University's law journal ran an article (albeit biased and distorted)
about the court case last year.
In short, as usual leftist "academics" in Israel only believe in
freedom of speech for leftists. Anti-democratic infringements on the
freedom of speech of non-leftists are never matters deserving of
comment or condemnation.

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