Sunday, May 20, 2012

More on Israel's Duel Judicial System

1. Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University, Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Calls on Israeli Left to Undermine Israeli Democracy and Have its
Agenda Forced Upon Israel by Foreign Powers

A few days ago an assembly of all the groups and movements of
Israel's radical Left took place in Tel Aviv. Among the key speakers
there was Prof. Amiram Goldblum, a founder of "Peace Now," and a
faculty member at the Hebrew University in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Goldblum is a radical Leftist with a long track record of political
extremism (see this:

The assembly and Goldblum's speech there are reported in detail in
the May 18, 2012 issue of Makor Rishon. There Goldblum is quoted as
calling on Israel's Left to stop wasting its time attempting to
persuade the general public to embrace its political agenda, evidently
because it is clear that the public will never do so. Goldblum said
he has no interest in the Israeli electorate and general public and
called upon the radical Left to go directly to political groups
abroad, outside of Israel, and recruit them as pressure groups to
coerce Israel into accepting the agenda of the Israeli Left. In other
words, Goldblum is openly contemptuous of democracy and Israeli

Goldblum is cited there as saying, "Israel's future regarding
elections and demography has already been predetermined first and
foremost, and excuse me for the express, in the bedroom with the
settlers and of the ultra-Orthodox living in Israel." He went on to
warn that the fact that religious people were having so many children
would ultimately result in the Right gaining strength in elections.
Since the Left was losing its ability from year to year to get
elected, the solution was to have the Left's agenda coerced and
imposed upon Israel by non-Israeli foreign political entities. He
also denounced the residents of the suburbs of Jerusalem, those living
in suburbs that happen to be across the Green Line, as evil "settlers"
who should be evicted.

2. I have argued for years that there operates in Israel a dual
judicial system, one for leftists and one for everyone else. Well,
now it turns out that there is someone who holds the same opinion –
(retired) Judge Uri Struzman, who has taken the Supreme Court to task
in the past for its political biases (see ) . Struzman now
denounces the courts for treating settlers as non-humans. His words.

He writes this in Haaretz, of all places (Hebrew only, at It has to do with how
the courts deal with orders for evicting people from property they do
not clearly own. In general for humans, the judge writes, those being
evicted have the automatic right to a hearing before a court before
the writ is executed, so that they can state their own case. Even
for the myriad Besouins and their fictional claims to ownership of the
entire Negev. Indeed this is so even in the case of convicted Arab
terrorists and murderers. The court grants them a hearing before any
eviction or demolition order is executed so that they can have their
day in court. But in the case of settlers, the courts are insisting
that they are NOT entitled to such due process and to a court hearing
in which they can state their cases. The conclusion being that in
contrast with Arab murderers, the court does not regard settlers as

3. The process of jihadization and radicalization of Israeli Arabs
continues and is spreading even to the most moderate of Israeli Arab
population subgroups. Take Haifa Arabs, mainly Christian, solidly
middle class and yuppies, thoroughly integrated. Haifa Arabs are
increasingly displaying political extremism. On Israeli Independence
Day I observed PLO flags on a number of buildings in which Haifa Arabs
reside in the downtown area. Naturally, the municipality of "Red
Haifa" had nothing to say about that. Freedom of speech, you see. In
the past the municipality under Mitzna allowed PLO flags to fly on
buildings owned by the municipality like the Beit Hagefen "Arab-Jewish
Cultural Center."

Well, this year every single Arab school in Haifa shut down on
"Nakba Day" in order to mourn Israel's creation and existence. This
is illegal under Israel's Nakba Law, which says that no group getting
any public funding may "commemorate" Nakba Day. It turns out that the
principals and teachers in all these schools instructed the students
NOT to come to school on Nakba Day (May 15). The same Haifa
Municipality and the Israeli Minister of Education however continue to
pump public funds into these schools. Do you think an American
municipality would pump money into a school shutting down to mourn the
loss of the war by Nazi Germany? (News Source: Zman Haifa, May 18,

4. More on Tel Aviv University's "Nakba Day":

5. Among the most malicious anti-Israel groups these days are radical
homosexual groups. These also are invariably anti-American and
anti-capitalism. Basically these are Double Pink groups, homosexuals
dreaming of the bliss of life under communism.

Well, I was a bit curious about the history of the treatment of
homosexuals under communist regimes. To tell you the truth, I did not
know much about it. So I did a fast search. And while I would never
suggest that "Wikipedia" is much of a valid source for anything, you
can get a pretty good picture of the rough outline of the answer to my
question here:

With all the caution one must exercise whenever looking up anything
on Wikipedia (its entries on Israel and Jews have largely been
hijacked and sabotaged by anti-Semites), you see the general picture.
Treatment of homosexuals has always been enormously worse under
communism than under capitalism, much like it has always been
infinitely worse in Moslem countries than it has been in Israel. And
that is why the radical homosexual groups are so anti-capitalist and
For non-wikipedia sources that make the same point, see
, and .

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