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Israel's Leading Literary Stalinist discovers some "Racism"

The headlines spread quickly to every anti-Semitic web site on
earth. Not only is Israel the most racist country on earth, they
bellow, but one of Israel's own leading literary figures says so.

The writer in question is the Iraqi-born Jew Sami Michael. He
proclaimed Israel the most racist country on earth; see this
'Israeli culture is no less toxic than fanatic Islam, and the
country's discriminatory attitude toward Mizrahi Jews and Arabs
qualifies it for the title of "most racist state," prominent Israeli
author Sami Michael said on Monday. Israel can claim the title of most
racist state in the developed world.'

Two itsy bitsy problems with this though. The first is that Israel is
in fact probably the least racist country on earth. It is certainly
less racist than the United States, Britain, France, and Japan. The
main form of racism in Israel is the anti-Semitic bigotry among
Israeli Arabs.

The second itsy bitsy problem is that none of those citing the
pontifical pronouncement by Sami Michael are bothering to mention that
Michael is a life-long Stalinist. He grew up in the communist party
in Iraq, which contained a significant Jewish contingent in the 1940s.
(It also contained a large Christian contingent. Michael is not the
ONLY Iraqi-Jewish Stalinist in Israel working against Israel, by the
way.) And he has remained a hard-core communist his whole life. His
above attempt to link the "struggles" of Sephardic Jews and Arabs is
typical of this crowd. Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua are harmless
innocent little naif cubs compared with communist Michael.

So let us get this straight. The same writer who insists that Israel
is the most racist country on earth has never been much disturbed by,
nor has he ever denounced, any of the acts of Stalin, including mass
murders, ethnic cleansings, intentional mass starvations approaching
genocidal levels of death, the mass expulsions, the collaboration with
Hitler, and so on. None of THOSE things strike Michael as racist.

In addition, Michael's blather is instructive because Michael has long
served as the president of the so-called Association for Civil Rights
in Israel (ACRI). The ACRI is interested in many things, like
supporting Palestinian extremism, while civil rights is one of the
things it is NOT interested in, at least not when it comes to the
civil rights of Jews. The ACRI does not think Jews are deserving of
any human rights. The ACRI is also decidedly NOT in favor of
defending freedom of speech in Israel or protesting infringements of
the freedom of speech of non-leftists.

Michael as president of ACRI has rejected any suggestion that the
Hamas should be regarded as a terrorist organization.
( Here
is a famous citation by Michael endorsing Arab terrorism:
"'Imagine the feeling if I woke up tomorrow and saw this neighborhood,
which we inhabit, forcibly conquered by the Syrians, and they
established settlements here, and in order to go to the bus station, I
needed permission from the Syrian army. How would I feel?' the author
from Haifa asked. 'If I fight them, I will be considered a terrorist.
Why am I a terrorist? Why do we call Hizbullah or Hamasniks
terrorists? Why? Because they fight for their own territory? Suddenly,
aliens, occupiers, land on him and tell him: "Your house is ours."
It's his land, he and his forefathers were born here, and the settlers
say: "We will never leave...." How would you respond to this?'"

The fact that Michael serves as head of one of the leading NGOs of
Israel's Left, funded naturally by the New Israel Fund and the
You-Know-Who, illustrates the growing Stalinization of the radical
Left in Israel. It also nicely illustrates the growing treason and
self-hatred of Israel's radical Left.

Michael is not the only leftist mega-moron working for the victory of
Israel's enemies these days. Another one is Alon Liel, who has served
as an Israeli diplomat, and is now calling on the world to boycott
Israeli products if they were manufactured in "Palestine." Since the
anti-Israel lobby sees all of Israel as Palestine, you can see where
he is going with this. Liel's wife is a honchette at the anti-Israel
"New Israel Fund." See this report about him:

The lesson here is that anti-Israel leftist idiots are even serving in
Israel's diplomat corps these days!

2. As a public service, I have composed a brief English language
"financial guidebook" for English-speaking Israelis (especially older
ones), about putting one's financial affairs in order. It is free and
not a come-on to sell anything. If you are interested or know anyone
interested, it can be downloaded for free at Feel free
to send it to anyone and to make copies.

3. This is cute:

(Also this

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yad Vashem Vandalism

1. CBS' anti-Israel jihad:

2. Wishful thinking? The end of the asslibs (assimilationist liberals)?

The Death of Jewish Liberalism
Posted by Daniel Greenfield

See also

3. Rabbi Tycoons?

4. A few days ago some repulsive graffiti was painted on a wall at
Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial site in Jerusalem, attacking
Zionism. Saying something like, "Zionism thanks you for such a nice
Holocaust." The Israeli media in sheep-like unity decided with no
basis whatsoever that the graffiti was placed there by ultra-Orthodox
anti-ZIonist Hareidi Jews, the black coated ones.

But there is reason to believe that the ultra-Orthodox had nothing
to do with it and that the vulgar graffiti was placed there by far
leftists and communists. And they are the ones who claim that Zionism
"profited" from the Holocaust!

Why? Because the graffiti uses slang words and expressions that
the ultra-Orthodox would not know or use. And because the communist
urchins have been writing similar anti-ZIonist graffiti on walls
around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and elsewhere. To me the handwriting
even looks the same. A typical anti-Zionist slogan on a Tel Aviv
highway wall I saw yesterday reads, "Zionism made me lose my
virginity." Clearly no ultra-Orthodox vandal would write such a thing
and the Ultra-Orthodox are ultra-prudish when it comes to sexual
references. But the Bash-Zionism theme, the same that appears in teh
graffiti at Yad Vashem, is exactly what the far-left and commie youth
like to paint.

So any guesses why the media herd pronounced in unison that it was
the Orthodox behind the Yad Vashem vandalism?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Funniest story of the Week in Israel


The Rhetoric of Nonsense
Fabricating Palestinian History

by Alexander H. Joffe
Middle East Quarterly
Summer 2012, pp. 15-22 (view PDF)

ISRAELI bleeding heart leftie who supported the African infiltrators flooding Southern Tel Aviv, suddenly becomes a victim

by barenakedislam


Left Wing Israeli Journalist, Guy Maroz, slammed right-wing MKs for wanting to deport or create internment camps for these economic infiltrators. He was among the most vocal activists demanding that Israel not deport these African mostly Muslim illegals who have swarmed in by the tens of thousands, causing crime and rape rates to soar.

Until it hit home for him. He got mugged by one of the invaders.


Jewish Press(H/T Liz)  Suddenly, he woke up and realized that the problem isn’t only in South Tel-Aviv or Eilat (which obviously aren’t his problem because he doesn’t live there)…and the illegalss started flooding all of Israel, his hometown as well.

In a heartfelt letter to Israel’s Prime Minister via an opinion piece in NRG/Maariv, Maroz begs PM Netanyahu to take action against the surge of illegals:

“The writer of these lines, and his wife were among the most strident activists against the expulsion of the the children of [illegal African] foreign workers. That is why I permit myself to scream today, “No More. No more flooding of the streets and lives of Israel’s poorest citizens [South Tel Aviv].

This week a friend hesitantly told me, and she is one of the most enlightened and liberal people I know, ‘they have also come to us, to Hod Hasharon.â€

And they have arrived here as well.â€


Israel has been under attack by the onslaught of illegal immigrants from Africa and over the past few months there has been an unbearable rise of crime —brutal rapes and assaults of teenagers and women in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netivot, Lod, Netanya, Eilat, Or Akiva, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer, and more. These illegal job-seeking immigrants are being deemed as “refugees†by all sorts of “aid groups†in Israel, who vocally protest all government actions to evict these illegals — estimates ranging from 900,000 to 700,000. Many of the same “social justice†advocates who demand a better quality of life for Israel’s lower and middle class, are also demanding equal rights for these thousands of illegals as well.


These “activists†live in fiscal fantasyland.

Unlike the European Union, no one will bail out Israel’s fledgling economy if we over-spend. No one will come to our fiscal rescue if we go bankrupt providing services and social benefits to the tens of thousands of migrant workers who have illegally infiltrated Israel. We’re on our own, and our first responsibility is to ourselves.


Despite the ongoing rabble from the “refugee aid groups†who routinely pine on the Israeli guilty conscience that “we too were refugees, and its our responsibility to accept these illegal Africans,†99% of these refugees are NOT legally considered refugees. Less than a few dozen have actually fled their countries due to political or military persecution and have directly entered Israel. They have all entered Israel via Egypt, via Libya, and via other countries.

Once the refugee left their country where they were persecuted and entered another country where the threat of persecution ended, they are no longer refugees from their country of origin. As they continue their trek to Israel via other countries, they are no longer in search of protection, rather in search of opportunity and jobs. Entering Israel via Egypt they are here in the quest of economic opportunity and the benefits which Israel’s left are more than happy to offer.


Unfortunately, Israel as a Jewish Democracy cannot tolerate this situation; not economically, not demographically, and certainly — not the awful crime wave which has descended uppon us.

Israel needs to quickly take decisive action to quash the illegal immigration from Africa. This isn’t racism. This isn’t intolerance. This isn’t immoral. This is self-preservation. This is the responsibility of survival of the Jewish State, for us, our children, and generations to come.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Billions, Millions, Rabbis and Concubines

First, apologies, in the item I sent yesterday about the Rabbi
Tycoons there was a misprint. The wealthiest rabbi in the Forbes list
is supposed to have 1.3 billion NIS, whereas I had written 1.3
million. It would be too much to expect an economics prof to be able
to get his basic numbers correct! Did I mention I have trouble making
exact change on the bus?

Second, when challenged by other journalists about their data,
which I believe are all fictional, the Forbes team in Israel that
wrote the report are mumbling and evasive. According to this web site
- they are claiming: "The value of the rabbinical communities are
based on interviews and conversations with scores of officials from
the rabbinical communities by experts on the haredi (ultra-orthodox)
communities, the Israel Police, assessors, and various haredi sources.
Current and former Israel Tax Authority officials also contributed to
the rankings." Elsewhere they note that the ex-officials from the tax
offices and the police with whom they spoke just advised them on
Israeli rules governing tax evasion and money laundering in general
and had no information about the rabbis. In any case, it would a
serious felony to pass on information from the income tax offices
about individuals to anyone and it is doubtful any ex-officials there
could even get the information. All the other "sources" listed in the
above quote are nameless (remind you of Barry Chamish's "journalism"?)
and none of them could possibly have any real information about the
wealth of those rabbis. In my opinion, all the "sources" mentioned by
Forbes are fictional. As I discussed in the previous posting, the
writer of the Forbes article seems pretty clearly to have a personal
or family ax to grind with the rabbis named, many of whom are from the
rival Abuhatzeira clan.

Third, most of the rabbis on the Forbes list are Moroccan Jewish
"kabbalists." Moroccan Jews have a tradition of following charismatic
Rabbis, the most famous of whom use honorary titles that begin with
the word "Baba," a bit like "ADMOR" among Ashkenazim. There was the
Baba Sali and the Baba Baruch. Baba means Rabbi, not to be confused
with the Yiddish Bubby. Number five on the Forbes list is one Nir Ben
Artzi, who is not an ordained rabbi at all. Ben-Artzi was a young
tractor driver who supposedly had mystical visions while driving his
tractor and set up a little cult with a movement of followers. Cynics
(like me) call him the Baba Tractor.

Lest anyone suspect that I have any hidden dislike for North
African Jews, let me point out for the record that my concubine's
maiden name is Ohana, a common name among North African Jews. Ok, to
come clean, my concubine is really also my wife – they are the same
person. I just like to call her my concubine because it makes both of
us feel younger and sexy, and she lets me get away with it as long as
I do the hoovering and wash the dishes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rabbi Tycoons?

Rabbi Tycoons?

By Steven Plaut

The world media and the Israeli media are all a-buzz about a Forbes
magazine (Hebrew) report about the supposed super-wealthy Rabbis of
Israel, the Rabbinic tycoons and Kabbalistic Plutocrats. Leftwing
media, from Haaretz to the Forward, are having a field day mocking the
"Rabbi multi-millionaires." At the top of the Forbes list is Rabbi
Pinhas Abuhatzeira, supposedly having 1.3 million shekels in wealth
(more than $350 million). A second different Abuhatzeira is said to
have 350 million shekels. Eleven other people (including two other
Abuhatzeiras) appear on the Forbes list of "Rabbi Multi-Millionaires,"
at least two of whom are not rabbis at all. One is a widow of a rabbi
and one is a notorious pseudo-rabbi.

The Forbes story and the feeding frenzy by the anti-Orthodox media
is providing enough anti-Semitic fodder to feed the world's haters of
Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewry for many generations to come, and I
imagine that every Neo-Nazi web site on earth already carries the
story of the Rabbinic Tycoons.

The first thing to emphasize is that the entire Forbes story is
fiction. While the internet is filled with citations of the
"findings" in the report by the Israeli local offices of Forbes,
almost no one has read it. The report is available in Hebrew only
here: and although the web
is filled with English language "summaries" of the findings. And the
entire report fails to describe the sources for its data and
information. That is correct – study the report as you will but you
will not find a single stipulation of the sources for the data in the

Clearly Forbes and its writers did NOT have access to the tax
returns within Israel or from other countries for the Rabbis in
question. Those are all confidential and protected by privacy laws.
One can get data on wealth holdings of individuals in Israel when it
is in concentrated form in terms of stock holdings. That is, if a
person holds more than 5% of the shares of a company, this is public
information. But I doubt any of the rabbis in the Forbes list own
much, if any, shares of stock, so this cannot be the source for the

SO where did the Israeli Forbes reporters get their data? The
answer seems to be that they made them up. I suspect the Forbes
numbers have no source at all other than the imagination of some
Forbes writers. Any partial data they might have stumbled across were
not for the personal incomes or wealth of the rabbis in question but
for the entire network of religious institutions with which those
rabbis are associated or whose resources they oversee.

Some of the more charismatic rabbis in Israel are associated with
dozens of schools, yeshivas, charity funds, funds of contributions
that they oversee for purposes of distributing support payments to
yeshiva students and other members of their "courts," and so on. To
represent these funds as the personal property of the rabbi in
question is a bit like claiming that the entire multi-trillion dollar
budget of the United States is all Barack Obama's property. The
Lubavitch movement does not appear in the Forbes list; but because its
global movement budget is enormous, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe must be
one of the wealthiest people in the world (and I do not want to debate
those fringe Chabadniks who insist he is not even dead).

Forbes evidently never bothered to try to seek out evidence that
the rabbi "owners" of the "wealth" in its tables were leading lives of
splendor and luxury. In fact, I suspect that many of the rabbinic
tycoons on the list live in Spartan simplicity and modest

The writer of the Forbes fiction is one Shimon Ipergan, who is a
minor scandal chasing journalist with no credentials in business or
economics. He has himself been the target of criticism for biased and
misleading journalism, including by the Latma web site (see this,
albeit in Hebrew:
He gained a bit of notoriety when his own home in Ashkelon was damaged
by a Hamas rocket
( Because he
lives in Israel's south he seems to have had a special animosity and
passion for painting some of the Negev's more charismatic rabbis as

Ipergan seems to have composed his list in part as a part of some
personal vendetta. One of the supposedly super wealthy rabbis on his
list is himself named Ipergan, Rabbi Yaakov (Yisrael) Ipergan
(sometimes spelled Ifergan), a mystic of sorts based in Netivot,
better known by his nickname "The Rontgen" or Xray Rabbi. (Wilhelm
Rontgen was the fellow who invented the Xray machine in 1895.) His
nickname comes from the claims that he has a sort of magical Xray
vision and can see through things and predict the future. I do not
know how the Forbes writer is related to the Rontgen or if he is But
I suspect his entire "report" was motivated by some sort of personal
score he wanted to settle with this other Ipergan or this Rabbi's
followers or opponents. For the record, I myself consider this
Rontgen a charlatan. I have seen his center in Netivot. There is a
nice yeshiva and synagogue he has built there. I did not see any
fancy mansion in which he himself is housed. The main spending
extravaganza by the Xray rabbi was to build a shrine around the grave
of his own father in Netivot. His father's name was (drumroll) Shimon

There is a lot of bad blood between the Ipergans/Ifergans and some
of the other Moroccan Jewish "kabbalist" charismatic rabbis, some of
whom also are on the Forbes list, and it is possible that the Forbes
team accumulated their "data" just by asking each of these opponents
to bad-mouth the finances of their rivals. In particular the Xray
Rabbi is involved in a Sicilian-style vendetta with the Abuhatzeiras,
a rival dynasty of Moroccan Jewish "kabbalists." (See this delicious
) The fact that no fewer than four Abuhatzeiras appear on the Forbes
list might indicate that the entire list was invented by Ipergan as
part of this vendetta of the Ipergan clan against the Abuhatzeiras.

So how do we really know the story is fiction? Because Forbes
and Ipergan provided no information at all about the sources for their
data regarding the wealth of these rabbis and "rabbis."

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

British Publicist Melanie Phillips on Jewish Anti-Semitism in Israel

A Jewish pathology

Published in: Melanie's blog
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One of the most shocking aspects of the campaign to demonise and
delegitimise the state of Israel is the part played in this diabolical
endeavour by Jewish and Israeli academics on the political left. We're
not talking here about people who are merely critical of Israeli
policies. We're talking about people who lend their names and academic
credentials to lies, libels, distortions, fabrications,
misrepresentations and other malicious fantasies in order to demonise
and delegitimise Israel, treatment they afford to no other country.

Why do they do this? Why, especially since they themselves are Jews
and Israelis? Many reasons suggest themselves, ranging from the craven
desire for access to a fashionable society itself riddled with this
prejudice, through naivety, ignorance of Judaism and history not to
mention sheer benighted stupidity, by way of a bitterly warped
psychopathology all the way to the closed ideological thought system
of the left for which Israel is doubly damned – as a western nation
and a Jewish western nation.

The part played by these Jews in the global bullying of Israel, and
the tacit or explicit support they are thus lending to those whose aim
is the extermination of the Jewish state, cannot be overstated. For
those in the wider world who want Israel destroyed not only use the
bogus arguments of these Jewish Israel-bashers but also use their
Jewishness as a human shield, to insulate themselves against the
charge of Jew-hatred.

How can there be anything bigoted about these arguments, they say, if
Jews and Israelis are themselves using them? Very easily, actually;
throughout the long centuries of Jewish persecution, the terrible fact
is that Jews themselves have always been prominent in such murderous
campaigns. The Judeophobic malice of today's left, indeed, which can
be traced back to the French Revolution, was supplied with rocket fuel
by Karl Marx whose own Jewish ancestry managed to morph into virulent
hatred of Judaism and the Jewish people.

Within Israel itself, the demonisation of their own country by Israeli
academics has to be seen to be believed – not least for the free rein
they are usually given to debauch the role of a university and
substitute lies and propaganda for facts and knowledge. If anyone
challenges them, they start screaming that they are being demonised.
Not surprisingly, a steady stream of them find their way onto the
campuses of Britain, where the already Judeophobic atmosphere supplies
them with an unlimited supply of the oxygen of hatred. The IsraCampus
website is doing sterling work recording this systematic corruption of
the academy by Jewish academics both within Israel and abroad. It is a
deeply tragic and unique phenomenon. As Professor Steven Plaut has
written on that site:

'Among the most malicious and venomous of all bigots, the Jewish
antisemites are at the forefront of each and every smear campaign
against Israel and other Jews. Jews today are leaders in the campaigns
to boycott and divest from Israel, including the Solidarity with
Terrorists groups. They make pilgrimage to the terrorist camps of the
Hamas and the HezbAllah, cheering on terrorist atrocities against
Jews. They pioneered the smear campaign to paint Israel as an
apartheid regime and denouncing Israel as equivalent to Nazi Germany
is their favorite pastime.

'... The creation of Israel was supposed to turn Jews into a normal
people. But the psychosis of Jewish antisemitism has no comparable
analogue among the nations, making the Jews a therapist's sui generis.
The disease of Jewish antisemitism not only illustrates the absence of
normality among 21st century Jewry, it threatens the very survival of
Israel and of Jewish communities around the world.'

Bizarre? Grotesque? Suicidal? Sure. Yet astonishingly, all but ignored
by Jews in Israel and elsewhere, who choose to pretend this is not
happening. IsraCampus is fighting back. Where are all the rest?

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bibi Peresyahu

For years the worst anti-democratic political hit man in the
Israeli government was Shai Nitzan. Nitzan served as a Deputy
Prosecutor for years and used his position as a platform from which to
suppress freedom of speech for non-leftists. Nitzan never prosecuted
a single Arab or Jewish Leftist for "incitement" or "racism" or for
endorsements of political violence. Yet he led the charge against
rabbis who wrote a book he considered "racist," and even had other
rabbis arrested when they recommended that people read that book.
Nitzan is a book-burning leftist thug. He ordered a Haifa University
professor (not me) to report to the police for Soviet-style
interrogation because Nitzan did not like some opinions he expressed
in his classroom (see
Naturally he never prosecuted or investigated any leftwing fascist
academics. He operated a special strike force and SWAT team to harass
and prosecute settlers because he disliked their political positions
and the entire settlement project.

For a while Ehud Olmert was trying to get Nitzan named as Attorney
General, perhaps in the hope that in thanks he would not prosecute
Olmert for Olmert's own corruption and sleaze
Nitzan is so openly leftist that he ruled that leftist portraits
showing Netenyahu in SS uniform are protected speech while anything
that implies disagreement with the theology of Yitzhak Rabin or
anything that "insults" any leftist public official (like a Supreme
Court judge or Shimon Peres) is "incitement" and a crime that must be

And according to Makor Rishon from June 1, 21012, Bibi Netahyahu
and his Minister of Justice just tampered with a competitive tender
bid for the job of the next Deputy Legal Advisor to the government to
manipulate it so that the leftist enemy of democracy Shai Nitzan would
get that position. Apparently Netanyahu is supporting Nitzan because
Bashar Asad is too busy to take the job for himself and Muammar
Qaddafi has been terminated.

The fact that Nitzan was even allowed to keep any position at
all under Likud governments for years pretty much shows you the level
of integrity and devotion to democracy of Bibi Peresyahu and his Likud
people. But now the fact that Bibi's Likud plans to turn Nitzan into
the Leftist Kommissar for correct leftist thinking tells us pretty
much everything we need to know about the ideology of the
"right-winger" Peresyahu.

This is not the first appearance of Bibi Peresyahu. We have
been seeing quite a lot of him lately. First of all, it was under
Bibi Peresyahu that Israel was flooded with Eritrean and other African
infiltrators and it was under Bibi that half of Tel Aviv has been
converted into a sub-Saharan slum. Peresyahu did nothing at all to
stop this or to close the border. Peresyahu in fact may have been the
only person in the country who did NOT know about the tens of
thousands of illegal Africans infiltrating Israel.

Peresyahu has also stood by while the entrenched Left in the
judicial system and Prosecutor's Office ran amok and suppressed
freedom of speech and democracy in Israel. Peresyahu did nothing at
all when the Book-burning Left and its captive Attorney General
arrested and harassed Rabbis and "setters" while at the same time the
Prosecution refused to take action against Leftist academics calling
for murder. In one of his last acts as Deputy Attorney General, Shai
Nitzan refused to open prosecution against Neve Gordon after attorney
Dr. Haim Misgav provided evidence to Nitzan that Gordon was involved
in treason and law breaking. Peresyahu did nothing at all to rein in
the anti-democratic tyranny of the "judicial activist" judges in
Israel, and Peresyahu's idea of decisive action was to appoint four
new judges to the Supreme Court where only two of them were
far-leftist judicial activists.

Then there was the response of Peresyahu to the "social justice"
Woodstock on the Yarkon. Instead of dismissing the pampered brats and
their communist party organizers, Peresyahu pandered to them and
attempted to co-opt them, "adopting" many of their slogans and
demands. Peresyahu has done nothing at all to de-politicize the
universities and end the reign of leftist terror by anti-Israel
faculty members there, nor to fight the corruption in academic hiring
and promotion processes nor to penalize the universities for coddling
treasonous activities and organizations.

And then there is Peresyahu's attempt to make himself liked by the
Left by means of evicting "settlers" from their homes. He did nothing
when the enemies of democracy on Israel's Supreme Court ordered a
Jewish "settlement" (Migron) dismantled while refusing to order
illegal Bedouin encampments in the Negev removed. Before that of
course Peresyahu came out all in favor of a "Two-State Solution" in
which the "Palestinians" would be granted a new terrorist launching
pad in the West Bank as their "state."

So if Shai Nitzan really gets this appointment, get ready for
leftist kangaroo courts and Soviet-style prosecutions of everyone who
fails to toe the increasingly leftist political line of Bibi

2. The latest from the academic jihad:

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