Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bibi Peresyahu

For years the worst anti-democratic political hit man in the
Israeli government was Shai Nitzan. Nitzan served as a Deputy
Prosecutor for years and used his position as a platform from which to
suppress freedom of speech for non-leftists. Nitzan never prosecuted
a single Arab or Jewish Leftist for "incitement" or "racism" or for
endorsements of political violence. Yet he led the charge against
rabbis who wrote a book he considered "racist," and even had other
rabbis arrested when they recommended that people read that book.
Nitzan is a book-burning leftist thug. He ordered a Haifa University
professor (not me) to report to the police for Soviet-style
interrogation because Nitzan did not like some opinions he expressed
in his classroom (see
Naturally he never prosecuted or investigated any leftwing fascist
academics. He operated a special strike force and SWAT team to harass
and prosecute settlers because he disliked their political positions
and the entire settlement project.

For a while Ehud Olmert was trying to get Nitzan named as Attorney
General, perhaps in the hope that in thanks he would not prosecute
Olmert for Olmert's own corruption and sleaze
Nitzan is so openly leftist that he ruled that leftist portraits
showing Netenyahu in SS uniform are protected speech while anything
that implies disagreement with the theology of Yitzhak Rabin or
anything that "insults" any leftist public official (like a Supreme
Court judge or Shimon Peres) is "incitement" and a crime that must be

And according to Makor Rishon from June 1, 21012, Bibi Netahyahu
and his Minister of Justice just tampered with a competitive tender
bid for the job of the next Deputy Legal Advisor to the government to
manipulate it so that the leftist enemy of democracy Shai Nitzan would
get that position. Apparently Netanyahu is supporting Nitzan because
Bashar Asad is too busy to take the job for himself and Muammar
Qaddafi has been terminated.

The fact that Nitzan was even allowed to keep any position at
all under Likud governments for years pretty much shows you the level
of integrity and devotion to democracy of Bibi Peresyahu and his Likud
people. But now the fact that Bibi's Likud plans to turn Nitzan into
the Leftist Kommissar for correct leftist thinking tells us pretty
much everything we need to know about the ideology of the
"right-winger" Peresyahu.

This is not the first appearance of Bibi Peresyahu. We have
been seeing quite a lot of him lately. First of all, it was under
Bibi Peresyahu that Israel was flooded with Eritrean and other African
infiltrators and it was under Bibi that half of Tel Aviv has been
converted into a sub-Saharan slum. Peresyahu did nothing at all to
stop this or to close the border. Peresyahu in fact may have been the
only person in the country who did NOT know about the tens of
thousands of illegal Africans infiltrating Israel.

Peresyahu has also stood by while the entrenched Left in the
judicial system and Prosecutor's Office ran amok and suppressed
freedom of speech and democracy in Israel. Peresyahu did nothing at
all when the Book-burning Left and its captive Attorney General
arrested and harassed Rabbis and "setters" while at the same time the
Prosecution refused to take action against Leftist academics calling
for murder. In one of his last acts as Deputy Attorney General, Shai
Nitzan refused to open prosecution against Neve Gordon after attorney
Dr. Haim Misgav provided evidence to Nitzan that Gordon was involved
in treason and law breaking. Peresyahu did nothing at all to rein in
the anti-democratic tyranny of the "judicial activist" judges in
Israel, and Peresyahu's idea of decisive action was to appoint four
new judges to the Supreme Court where only two of them were
far-leftist judicial activists.

Then there was the response of Peresyahu to the "social justice"
Woodstock on the Yarkon. Instead of dismissing the pampered brats and
their communist party organizers, Peresyahu pandered to them and
attempted to co-opt them, "adopting" many of their slogans and
demands. Peresyahu has done nothing at all to de-politicize the
universities and end the reign of leftist terror by anti-Israel
faculty members there, nor to fight the corruption in academic hiring
and promotion processes nor to penalize the universities for coddling
treasonous activities and organizations.

And then there is Peresyahu's attempt to make himself liked by the
Left by means of evicting "settlers" from their homes. He did nothing
when the enemies of democracy on Israel's Supreme Court ordered a
Jewish "settlement" (Migron) dismantled while refusing to order
illegal Bedouin encampments in the Negev removed. Before that of
course Peresyahu came out all in favor of a "Two-State Solution" in
which the "Palestinians" would be granted a new terrorist launching
pad in the West Bank as their "state."

So if Shai Nitzan really gets this appointment, get ready for
leftist kangaroo courts and Soviet-style prosecutions of everyone who
fails to toe the increasingly leftist political line of Bibi

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