Friday, June 29, 2012

Israel's Leading Literary Stalinist discovers some "Racism"

The headlines spread quickly to every anti-Semitic web site on
earth. Not only is Israel the most racist country on earth, they
bellow, but one of Israel's own leading literary figures says so.

The writer in question is the Iraqi-born Jew Sami Michael. He
proclaimed Israel the most racist country on earth; see this
'Israeli culture is no less toxic than fanatic Islam, and the
country's discriminatory attitude toward Mizrahi Jews and Arabs
qualifies it for the title of "most racist state," prominent Israeli
author Sami Michael said on Monday. Israel can claim the title of most
racist state in the developed world.'

Two itsy bitsy problems with this though. The first is that Israel is
in fact probably the least racist country on earth. It is certainly
less racist than the United States, Britain, France, and Japan. The
main form of racism in Israel is the anti-Semitic bigotry among
Israeli Arabs.

The second itsy bitsy problem is that none of those citing the
pontifical pronouncement by Sami Michael are bothering to mention that
Michael is a life-long Stalinist. He grew up in the communist party
in Iraq, which contained a significant Jewish contingent in the 1940s.
(It also contained a large Christian contingent. Michael is not the
ONLY Iraqi-Jewish Stalinist in Israel working against Israel, by the
way.) And he has remained a hard-core communist his whole life. His
above attempt to link the "struggles" of Sephardic Jews and Arabs is
typical of this crowd. Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua are harmless
innocent little naif cubs compared with communist Michael.

So let us get this straight. The same writer who insists that Israel
is the most racist country on earth has never been much disturbed by,
nor has he ever denounced, any of the acts of Stalin, including mass
murders, ethnic cleansings, intentional mass starvations approaching
genocidal levels of death, the mass expulsions, the collaboration with
Hitler, and so on. None of THOSE things strike Michael as racist.

In addition, Michael's blather is instructive because Michael has long
served as the president of the so-called Association for Civil Rights
in Israel (ACRI). The ACRI is interested in many things, like
supporting Palestinian extremism, while civil rights is one of the
things it is NOT interested in, at least not when it comes to the
civil rights of Jews. The ACRI does not think Jews are deserving of
any human rights. The ACRI is also decidedly NOT in favor of
defending freedom of speech in Israel or protesting infringements of
the freedom of speech of non-leftists.

Michael as president of ACRI has rejected any suggestion that the
Hamas should be regarded as a terrorist organization.
( Here
is a famous citation by Michael endorsing Arab terrorism:
"'Imagine the feeling if I woke up tomorrow and saw this neighborhood,
which we inhabit, forcibly conquered by the Syrians, and they
established settlements here, and in order to go to the bus station, I
needed permission from the Syrian army. How would I feel?' the author
from Haifa asked. 'If I fight them, I will be considered a terrorist.
Why am I a terrorist? Why do we call Hizbullah or Hamasniks
terrorists? Why? Because they fight for their own territory? Suddenly,
aliens, occupiers, land on him and tell him: "Your house is ours."
It's his land, he and his forefathers were born here, and the settlers
say: "We will never leave...." How would you respond to this?'"

The fact that Michael serves as head of one of the leading NGOs of
Israel's Left, funded naturally by the New Israel Fund and the
You-Know-Who, illustrates the growing Stalinization of the radical
Left in Israel. It also nicely illustrates the growing treason and
self-hatred of Israel's radical Left.

Michael is not the only leftist mega-moron working for the victory of
Israel's enemies these days. Another one is Alon Liel, who has served
as an Israeli diplomat, and is now calling on the world to boycott
Israeli products if they were manufactured in "Palestine." Since the
anti-Israel lobby sees all of Israel as Palestine, you can see where
he is going with this. Liel's wife is a honchette at the anti-Israel
"New Israel Fund." See this report about him:

The lesson here is that anti-Israel leftist idiots are even serving in
Israel's diplomat corps these days!

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