Monday, June 18, 2012

Yad Vashem Vandalism

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The Death of Jewish Liberalism
Posted by Daniel Greenfield

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4. A few days ago some repulsive graffiti was painted on a wall at
Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial site in Jerusalem, attacking
Zionism. Saying something like, "Zionism thanks you for such a nice
Holocaust." The Israeli media in sheep-like unity decided with no
basis whatsoever that the graffiti was placed there by ultra-Orthodox
anti-ZIonist Hareidi Jews, the black coated ones.

But there is reason to believe that the ultra-Orthodox had nothing
to do with it and that the vulgar graffiti was placed there by far
leftists and communists. And they are the ones who claim that Zionism
"profited" from the Holocaust!

Why? Because the graffiti uses slang words and expressions that
the ultra-Orthodox would not know or use. And because the communist
urchins have been writing similar anti-ZIonist graffiti on walls
around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and elsewhere. To me the handwriting
even looks the same. A typical anti-Zionist slogan on a Tel Aviv
highway wall I saw yesterday reads, "Zionism made me lose my
virginity." Clearly no ultra-Orthodox vandal would write such a thing
and the Ultra-Orthodox are ultra-prudish when it comes to sexual
references. But the Bash-Zionism theme, the same that appears in teh
graffiti at Yad Vashem, is exactly what the far-left and commie youth
like to paint.

So any guesses why the media herd pronounced in unison that it was
the Orthodox behind the Yad Vashem vandalism?

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