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Smearing General Kochavi

1. One of the recurrent slaps at Jews these days by anti-Semites is
that Jews are unwilling to leave bygones as bygones. Take the
Holocaust, for example. It ended 67 years ago, yet those Joos keep
thinking that it somehow legitimizes their "occupation" of
"Palestinian lands" and "mistreating" the poor "Palestinians." The
French see nothing wrong with history justifying THEIR occupation of
Corsica, Alsace and Lorraine, to mention just three.
And then there are all those other examples of Jewish obstinacy and
refusal to jettison ties with ancient history. The Krauts this month
tried to make circumcision illegal, showing that they are even willing
to antagonize the Muslims if that is the price needed to antagonize
the Jews. Other Eurotwits are making kosher slaughter of meat
illegal. And the frogs, er I mean the French, never miss an
opportunity to lecture the Joos about their irrational attachment to
archaic ideas and life styles.
Well, consider this. The following quote is from today's Wall
Street Journal:
'How's this for a grudge: The western French city of Angers is
petitioning the British monarch to relinquish the crown jewels, as
reparation for the execution in 1499 of Edward Plantagenet, Richard
III's nephew. Edward, the 17th Earl of Warwick, was the last of the
legitimate male line of the House of Plantagenet, seated in old
Angers, which ruled England until Richard III's death in 1485.
'"As compensation for the dispossession of the rights of the Angevin
dynasty and the political assassination of its last direct
descendant," the petition "demands that the United Kingdom remit to
the Angevins, moral heirs of the Plantagenets, the entirety of the
Crown Jewels of England, which should have legitimately reverted to
the Angevin kings."
'The fact that today's British crown jewels post-date the Angevin era
by a few centuries needn't get in the way of what appears to be a
publicity stunt by Angers. The petitioners hope to gather 800,000
signatures during the city's annual street festival in September,
after which they plan to present the petition to Queen Elizabeth II.'

2. I left off a small detail from the TRAIN story I posted yesterday.
Since I often spend time in Hungary working, I started taking an
interest in modern Hungarian literature. Among other writers, I have
read a couple of things by Imre Kertesz, a Nobel Prize winning
Hungarian Jewish author. His best known book is called Fateless in
English, and has been made into a movie (see The story
there involves a (fictional) Jewish twelve year old boy in Budapest
who is deported to Bergen Belsen.

While interviewing Dr. Kohn for the article I posted yesterday
("The Train"), I mentioned the book, which had a few broad
similarities to his own life's story. I asked if he had heard of it.
"Heard of it?' replied Dr. Kohn, "My step-brother translated it into

3. While the whole world is celebrating the social justice protest
that took place yesterday in Damascus, in which a significant section
of Asad's Alawi junta including members of Bashar's own meeshpoocha
were dispatched to their virgins, the Israeli media have been noting
an interesting twist to the story. As it turns out, exactly one day
before this manifestation of Divine justice here within this planet of
tribulations, the Head of Israeli intelligence, Aviv Kochavi, issued
his own prediction that the Asad regime was doomed and that Asad
himself would not survive the uprisings in Syria. You can see the
article and the the Kochavi statement here:

Getting things right in predicting events in the Middle East is
so unusual that Kochavi clearly deserves at least three cheers and
four medals.

But there is one other item though in Kochavi's bio, about which
I have posted in the past, and thought the time is right to remind you
of it.

Aviv Kochavi was the target of a malicious smear and defamation
campaign launched against him by the anti-Semitic lecturer in
political science, Neve Gordon, the darling of the Ben Gurion
University anti-Israel Left, the twerp who leads the calls for a world
boycott of Israel. Little "SLAPP suit" Gordon issued a defamatory
set of attacks against Kochavi, including some that were published on
a Neo-Nazi pro-jihad web magazine (Counterpunch), accusing Kochavi of
being a war criminal. Read it in the original here:
Kochavi had been Gordon's own commander in the army. As a direct
result of Gordon's lies, Kochavi was forced to cancel plans to do
postgraduate studies in the UK lest the local jihadis petition to have
him prosecuted on the weight of Gordon's smears. Ben Gurion
University officials have never had much to say about Gordon's
behavior in this matter.

I re-post my original expose of Gordon's malicious smears against
Kochavi here (from 2004):

The Leftist vs. the General
By: Steven Plaut
Friday, November 19, 2004

How the groupie of a Holocaust denier defames the newest head of the
Israeli Defense Forces.

This week's newspapers in Israel carried a news item about a new
senior military appointment in the Israeli Defense Forces: Brigadier
General Aviv Kochavi was appointed commander of the Israel Defense
Forces in the Gaza Strip this week. He replaces commander Brigadier
General Shmuel Zakai.
Kochavi, 40, served for the past year as the commander of an elite
army division. Previously he served as commander of the regular
paratrooper division and excelled in battle in the territories during
and after Operation Defensive Shield. Kochavi commanded division
troops that took control of Nablus during that operation. Kochavi is
considered one of the IDF's outstanding field commanders. Kochavi is
scheduled to take up the post in two weeks.
But there is one more important piece of information about General
Kochavi. The general and I have something in common: General Aviv
Kochavi and I have both been the victims of malicious harassment by
Neve Gordon, the anti-Semitic lecturer in political science at Ben
Gurion University, best known for his pronouncements that Israel is a
fascist, apartheid, terrorist state.
Gordon filed a malicious "libel suit" against me in Nazareth court
last year because he was upset that I had dared to criticize his
public political writings (he is a syndicated columnist, including for
the viciously anti-Semitic "Counterpunch" magazine published by
anti-Semite Alexander Cockburn) and also his public political
activities. (I criticized the fact that he had joined the "Solidarity"
pro-terror demonstrators who illegally entered Ramallah and served as
human shields for Arafat in order to interfere with Israeli
counter-terror military operations.) In other words, I criticized an
illegal public political activity of Gordon.
Neve Gordon was particularly upset that I had labeled him a "groupie
of Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein" after he had published
articles singing the praises of Norman Finkelstein (who publishes
vicious articles defaming Holocuast survivors and questioning whether
six million Jews were actually killed by the Nazis). Gordon even
comparing Finkelstein ethically to the Prophets of the Bible. Gordon's
articles have been published on the Zundelsite, the website of the
notorious Nazi and Holocaust Denier Ernst Zundel (see this website),
as well as many other anti-Jewish and anti-Israel websites and
magazines. Gordon was offended by my criticism of his political
behavior. He claimed it was "libel" and the suit he filed is now
working its slow way through the Israeli court system. Gordon's
purpose in this suit was to harass me for criticizing his politics, to
silence me, and to maliciously cause me to bear legal costs of
fighting off the frivolous suit. For those interested, more background
information on this matter is here and also here.
I, however, am not the only victim of Neve Gordon's harassment.
Gordon has conducted a campaign of slander, defilement, vilification,
and defamation. against this very same General Kochavi, the Israeli
military hero that was appointed this week to the senior post
described above.
Beginning in 2002, Gordon published an article declaring Kachavi (back
then still a colonel) to be a war criminal. The article was published
on dozens of websites and in magazines, and in several languages,
including Hebrew, English, Arabic, German, and Italian. It not only
personally smeared Kochavi falsely. It could reasonably be interpreted
to have been an attempt to motivate acts of violence against Kochavi,
perhaps even incitement to murder. At the very least, it was a clear
attempt to get Kochavi indicted before the International Court of
Justice in the Hague or some similar outfit on trumped up charges.
The article is reprinted in full below. You will notice how Gordon
signs his piece smearing Kochavi while openly listing his affiliation
with Ben Gurion University, in violation of University instructions
and prohibitions on such behavior without a clear accompanying
declaration stating that the views expressed are NOT those of the
university! In this article, as you can see for yourself, Gordon
declares that Kochavi (he spells the name Kohavi) committed atrocities
and war crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians, having given
direct personal command to troops to do these.
Now it goes without saying that this is all Gordon's fabrication.
There have been no charges at all filed against Kochavi for his
behavior in the battle that Gordon describes, in Israel or anywhere
else. Kochavi's troops were hunting for bands of vicious terrorists,
including suicide bombers, who had killed hundreds of Israelis, a
carnage that does not interest Gordon at all in the article. Gordon
accuses Kochavi of ordering assorted human rights violations that even
the worst anti-Israel propaganda outfits did not claim took place in
this battle.
Gordon's claim that Kachavi ordered troops to utilize Palestinian
civilians as human shields is not only preposterous, but a downright
blood libel.
So here we have the spectacle of the same person who files a libel
suit because he is outraged that someone criticizes his published
political opinions, yet he launches a worldwide campaign of personal
vilification against one of Israel's greatest military heroes -- and a
private person, to boot. Let us emphasize that Aviv Kochavi, unlike
Gordon, is a private person and not a public person. Gordon is a
syndicated columnist who also has lead and represented assorted
far-Left, pro-Palestinian political organizations. Public discussion
of Gordon and his opinions and behavior is a legitimate media topic.
Kochavi, however, is a private person, does not write in the media,
represents no one. He is just a private man doing his job.
Gordon's double standard regarding what constitutes "libel" is
mind-numbing. Kochavi was to have been called to testify against
Gordon in Gordon's own SLAPP suit against me, but the judge truncated
the discovery process before that was possible. SLAPP stands for
Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation, and SLAPP suits are
anti-democratic "libel" suits designed to silence critics through
malicious legal harassment.

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