Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elul and Peace Now Discoveries

1. Happy Elul! As you probably know, the word Elul is traditionally
thought to be an acronym for the expression from the Song of Songs:
Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li. It means I am of my Beloved and my Beloved is
mine. It is thought to sum up the relationship between God and the
Jewish people.
Anyway it occurred to me that this year there might be a whole new
interpretation of the word "Elul" with a new acronym. I am afraid it
is in Hebrew, but you may be able to figure out what it means:
"Ani L'Romney V'Ha-Teepshim L'Obama" = Elul

2. Haaretz has a new official editorial policy. The editor has
decided that no longer will the paper allow use of the expressions
"The War of Independence" or the "War of Liberation" to refer to the
events of 1948-49 during which Israel emerged as an independent state.
Instead, all writers in the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew
will be required to use the expression, "The War of 1948."
These instructions come from the one whom I think we should all refer
to for now on as the Putz of 2012.

3. So Iran says it would "welcome" an Israeli attack on its nuclear
facilities so that it can then wipe Israel off the map? All this
coming from a country whose most famous cultural contributor and
historic figure is Haman!!
Well, I have posted this before but I think a re-posting might be timely:

End the imperialist colonialist occupation !! Liberation now!!

Now that the heads of Iran are openly calling for Israel's
annihilation, and Iran's "president" suggests that Europe create a
Zionist state some place inside Germany or maybe in Alaska, I think we
should all promote a REAL solution to the problems of the Middle East
and end the illegal occupation. I refer of course to the illegal
Iranian occupation of lands that properly belong to the Mongols.
Meaning all of Iran.
True, Iran was conquered or liberated from the Persians by the Mongols
militarily starting in 1219. Iran then became a legitimate part of the
Mongol homeland. Tamerlane, who was part Mongol, also ran the place.
All in all, the Mongol liberation of Persia lasted for two and a half
centuries, not much different from the length of the period of Arab
rule of "Palestine," after which Iran was "lost" to Turkic tribes. I
guess that means the Turks also have a legitimate claim to a homeland
Now if the fact that some Arab armies once conquered the Land of
Israel is thought to confer upon them rights of sovereignty and even
statehood, why should not the Mongol conquest of Iran do the same?
After all, Iran was once a Mongol state, as recently as 550 years ago,
whereas the last time the Land of Israel was an Arab Palestinian state
was, well, never.
Not only should Mongol rule be restored to Iran as the only legitimate
rulers of the place, but these days the Mongols make far better
neighbors than do the ayatollahs. The Mongols have no nuclear plans
and have never met with the pagans from the Neturei Karta. The Mongols
would surely put the Persian Gulf petroleum to better use than do the
Holocaust Deniers in Iran these days, like developing yak milk
production capacities.
So, I say, end the illegal occupation once and for all. Liberate Iran
from the imperialist colonialist occupation of the Iranians! Restore
it to its proper owners – the Mongols!
Biladi biladi!
Biladi ya ardi ya arda al-judoud
Fida'i Fida'i
(That is the Mongolian song of national liberation: Its lyrics
continue: "Az der rebe zingt Zingn ale chasidim Az der rebe tantzt
Tantzn ale chasidim." Alas, I do not know enough Mongolian to tell
you what it means.)

4. Bibi bashing:,7340,L-4269917,00.html

5. Jewish anti-Semites:

6. Peace Now founder finds something more dangerous than Hamas and Iran:

And that is not his ONLY discovery:

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