Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Temple Mount is in Our Hands!

1. So after being warned that it would only produce disaster, Israel
bombed the nuclear facilities being constructed in Iraq and only good
came from it.

And then after being warned that it would only produce disaster,
Israel bombed the nuclear facilities being constructed in Syria by
North Korea and only good came from it.

So after being warned that it would only produce disaster, is there
any reason to believe that Israel bombing Iran will result in anything
but good coming from it?

2. A few times a year, the "Women of the Wall" orchestrate incidents
at the Western Wall. They are a group of feminists, some with ties to
radical leftist NGOs. They wear Tallis and Tefillin and hold services
in the women's section. The Rabbinic authorities who supervise the
affairs around the Western Wall have conniptions. I have commented on
this before but let me just sum up my position.

Basically all involved are silly and all involved are at fault.
First, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with women putting on a
tallis or tefillin. It is not prohibited. The commandments involving
these do not explicitly exclude women. There are references to women
putting on tefillin in the Talmud. While over time these became
regarded as commandments for men only, there is no reason why a woman
cannot perform an optional activity for which women are exempt, such
as praying three times a day.

At the same time, I do not believe the "Women of the Wall" are
motivated by more than a desire for a confrontation, provocation and
headline. I do not believe they are motivated by deep spiritual needs
to wear a tallis.

And I think the ultra-Orthodox men who foam at the mouth when they see
the provocation are at least as silly as the feminists. Let them stay
in the men's section and keep their eyes off what is going on in the
women's section. The fact that there is even a women's section at the
Wall just reinforces what I was saying about women allowed to do
things for which they are not deemed commanded.

But all of the above silliness pales in comparison with the preachy
idiocy coming from the media and the politicians about all this. All
of these chant that the problem at the Wall is insufficient tolerance
for pluralism and diversity.

Oh, really?

Well, just a couple of hundred meters from where all this is taking
place one finds an infinitely WORSE form of intolerance, violence, and
pigheaded bigotry, all operating with the blessings of the Israeli
government. Not a single media talking head nor politician has had a
single word to say about the intolerance towards Jews who seek to
visit the Temple Mount. Not a single bleeding-heart preacher of
tolerance has had a word to say about the arrests - I am not spoofing
you, I do mean ARRESTS - of Jews who enter the Temple Mount and move
their lips. Lip moving by Jews is prohibited by the Moslem
"authorities" who control the Temple Mount. Israel has turned control
of the Temple Mount over to them. They claim to fear a drive-by
pray-in by Jews visiting the Mount. Saying the SHMA TISRAEL there is
a crime.

But the prohibition on freedom of speech for Jews goes beyond this.
In recent days, a group of religious Bnei Akiva youth planned a march
in the Old City of Jerusalem (not on the Temple Mount), in which they
would chant and wave banners saying "The Temple Mount is in Our
Hands." That slogan was the official announcement by a general in the
middle of the Six Day War in 1967, when the IDF took the Temple Mount.
Two weeks ago the police prohibited speaking that slogan or waving
such banners in Jerusalem, claiming it was "racist" and "anti-Arab."

So let us get this straight! Arabs shouting of "Massacre the Jews"
and "In blood and spirit we will redeem thee Palestine" is protected
speech in Israel, but a youth group chanting of "The Temple Mount is
in Our Hands" is prohibited "racism."

All those bleeding hearts so upset about the "intolerance" shown
towards the Women of the Wall have had not a single word to say about

The problem of course is 45 years old. When Israel took East
Jerusalem in 1967, the Labor Party-led government at the time decided
to turn control over the entire Temple Mount to the Moslems. The
Temple Mount is the holiest site for Jews. That is right, the Mount
and not the Western Wall. The Wall gets its holiness only from the
fact that it is positioned next to the Temple Mount.

At most the southern corner of the Temple Mount, where the Al Aqsa
Mosque is situated, is holy for Moslems. The rest of the Mount is
not. The Islamists deny there were ever Jewish Temples on the Mount,
which is a bit comic because the ONLY reason the Al-Aqsa Mosque was
erected there was precisely BECAUSE the Temples had stood on the Mount
and because the site was holy for Jews. The "Dome of the Rock" is not
a mosque at all and should have been removed back in 1967. The Moslem
"authorities" have systematically destroyed artifacts uncovered on the
Mount and have engaged in vandalism, in part to destroy evidence of
the Temples and Jewish presence in Biblical times. The Israeli
government has sat back in pusillanimous silence as the Moslems
perpetuate apartheid against Jews on the Temple Mount. The result is
suppression of freedom of speech, with the Israeli police and
authorities serving as accomplices of anti-democratic Islamic

So I hereby cyber-chant: "The Temple Mount is in Our Hands." To the
Attorney General: Come and Arrest Me!

3. Everyone knows of the wonders of Israeli high-tech and scientific
breakthroughs. But I wanted to draw your attention to
"Metallo-Therapy," a high-tech bio-med company that is developing
cutting-edge methods for fighting cancer. The founder and CEO of the
company holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from Ben Gurion

One important detail you should know. The founder and CEO of this
company is an Arab woman, Dr. Amal Ayoub. (I think she is Christian,
she grew up in Nazareth.) You can see this interesting write-up and
photo here: and also this:

Oh that dang-awful Israeli apartheid!

4. This is a riot.
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