Saturday, September 15, 2012

Call to Arms! Please help end this Abomination!!

Special Isracampus Report:
Open Political Indoctrination, Brainwashing, and Politicization at the
Ramat Gan Academic Center

Special Isracampus Report

The Ramat Gan Academic Center of Law and Business is a third-rate
community college that operates in Israel. It consists of a third-rate
business school and a fourth rate law school. It also has a new
official approach to higher education. It is seeking to indoctrinate
its students officially into far-leftist Marxist violence and
anti-Israel radicalism. The college has announced (source: Makor
Rishon Sept 14, 2012) that it will be granting large fellowship grants
to all students in the college who sign up to work as members of
extremist anti-Israel "activist" groups. Among the eligible groups a
student may join to receive the fellowship is the violent pro-terror
"Anarchists against the Wall," the pro-terror Communist Party front
group "Machsom Watch (Checkpoint Watch)," B'Tselem (in the news this
week because Hussein abu Hussein, a member of its board, insists
Israel is more evil than Nazi Germany), a group seeking to force
Israel to admit unlimited numbers of African infiltrators, and a few
other extremist organizations. No Zionist or conservative
organizations are included in the list of eligible activist groups.
The fellowships given to these leftist activists are for 10,000
shekels, which is almost as high as annual tuition at a major Israeli
university. (It is not stated in the news story what the source for
the funds is, but I figure you can guess that -- SP)

Organizations from the non-Left, including the Im Tirtzu student
organization and the "Legal Forum for the Land of Israel," have sent
letters of complaint to the officers at the college, who responded by
stonewalling. They see nothing wrong with their college serving as a
North Korean style camp for anti-Israel political indoctrination.
Curiously, not a single one of the tenured leftists lobbying against
Ariel University has had a single word to say about all this.

Given the open indoctrination into anti-Israel leftism and Marxism,
not only does the Ramat Gan College deserve to receive no public
funds, but it should not be accredited at all as an institution of
higher learning in Israel.

To express and opinion about that, write to:
The Honorable Gideon Sa'ar
Minister of Education
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem
Additional Email:
Phone: 972-2-6408131
Fax: 972-2-6753525

Shalomit Amichai
Director General of the Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem

Make sure to send a copies to the following functionaries at this
"Academic Center" and you can tell them what you think of all this:
Prof. David Menashry (whose home base is Tel Aviv University)
President of Ramat Gan Academic Center

Nitza Mazar
CEO of Ramat Gan Academic Center

As well as
Prof. Manuel Trachtenberg
Chairman, Council on Higher Education
POB 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel

Aharon Beit-Halahmi
Planning & Budgeting Committee Chairman
Council for Higher Education
P.O.B. 4037, Jerusalem 91040, Israel
Tel: 02-5679911
Fax: 02-5679969

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