Saturday, September 22, 2012


1. The Leftist scum in Israel is organizing a petition of solidarity
with the anti-Israel indoctrination center calling itself the
Department of Politics at Ben Gurion University. As you recall, the
Israeli Council on Higher Education wants to shut down this
anti-Israel abomination.
If you would like to help sabotage this petition, go to and in the three spaces to
the left near the top, write an offensive or insulting Signing Name in
the first slot (such as Al-Qaeda Loves BGU or Suha Arafat's Girdle or
Send Leftists to Gulags), the second slot is for your location
(Pakistan? Yemen?) and the third is for the name of your academic
institution (I suggest writing BGU)
You can do the same mischief at a second petition here in English:

2. Yom Kippur is nearly here and on that day of course we read the
Book of Jonah. In the first chapter of the Book the sailors cast
lots that point to Jonah as the cause of the terrible storm and they
ask Jonah what should be done about it. Jonah answers (verse 12 of
Chapter 1):
"Sa-ooni v'Hateelooni el Hayam," which means "Lift me up and Toss
me into the Sea."
Anyway, just in time for Yom Kippur, it occurs to me that this one
verse is pretty much the sum total of the political program and peace
plan of the Israeli Left, something it has engraved as its banner and

3. Those who tried to send emails to Rivka Carmi, the president of
Ben Gurion "University," no doubt discovered that she has closed and
blocked both of her email addresses, or you got a message that her box
is "over quota." Probably because she is being inundated with our
If you are willing, please take a moment and send your letter instead
to BGU's Public Relations officer: Amir Rozenblit, University
Ask HIM to pass it on to Madame Carmi.

4. As noted in recent posting from this corner, Haaretz, the
Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, has been leading the
campaign to admit hundreds of thousands of African infiltrators into
Israel to make sure Israel is no longer a Jewish state. Haaretz has
denounced as malicious racists all Israel politicians calling for
blocking the infiltration or criticizing the presence in Israel of the
Eritreans and Sudanese infiltrators.
Well, in his weekend column in Maariv, Ben Dror Yemini (who is
from a Yemenite Jewish family) recalls the campaign many years back by
Haaretz AGAINST the admission and absorption of Jews from North Africa
into Israel. After all, those North African Jews were by and large
poor, poorly educated, lacking skills. A Haaretz editorial in those
days demanded to know what Israel could possibly do with "such
people." It demanded to know what sort of country Israel would be if
so many North African Jews came to live here. It demanded to know
how such people could possibly be integrated in Israel. And if they
were to be admitted, then all the other Jews living in Arab countries
will want to come and live in Israel! Heavens to Stalin!
Yemeni also tells a story about how when the Air France jet was
hijacked to Uganda in 1976, the government called a special press
briefing of newspaper editors in Israel. Yemini was there. The
spokesman giving the briefing was Yitzhak Rabin. Gershon Shoken, the
father of the current generation of Haaretz Shokens, the guy who ran
the paper back then, kept demanding to know just how many of the
hijacked passengers were North African Jews, I guess because he
considered them racially inferior and not worthy of national concern.
Rabin answered that he had no idea. But no, insisted Shoken, there
are plenty of well-off North African Jews who might be on the plane
(note how that contradicts the diatribes cited in the previous
paragraph). Shoken's obsession with the ethnic identity of the
hijacked is echoed today in the Haaretz obsession about uncovering
daily mistreatment of Arabs by Jews but rarely reporting the daily
terrorist attacks by Arabs against Jews.

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