Monday, November 19, 2012

Doctor Strangedove

I thought that the current situation and the experience of recent
years could be best summarized by this picture, actually creatd
several years back:

In fact, the missiles landing near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem should more
appropriately have pictures of Ariel Sharon riding bronco upon them
(he enthroned Hamas in Gaza!), but Ehud Barak is second choice, since
he has been Minister of Defense while israel attempted to defeat the
Hamas by turning the other cheek. The only Jewish state onthe planet
has long adopted Christianity as its defense policy!

I have argued for years that only when Hamas or Hezb'Allah rockets
land in Tel Aviv and especially in Ramat Aviv, where the secular
yuppie elite and political leadership live, would the Israeli
government stop pharting around and get serious about dealing with the
terrorists, rather than simply waiting for them to run out of
ammunition. The rockets are getting closer to Ramat Aviv.

There is no alternative to R&D = Re-Occupation and Denazification!
Everything else is delusion!

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