Monday, November 19, 2012

Even Haaretz cannot hide the massive public support for the Operation against Gazan Barbarians

Just a couple of weeks back, Haaretz together with the so-called
"Dialogue" public opinion polling group published an enormously biased
and twisted pseudo-poll, one initiated by Hebrew University
far-leftist professor Amiram Goldblum, a founder of Peace Now,
claiming to show that most Israeli Jews are racists and support
apartheid. So obviously nothing this gang does in teh area of opinion
polling should be accepted at face value.

But even this gaggle of Far Leftists cannot hide the ENORMOUS public
support for the military operations against teh Gazan savages,
Haaretz headline today reads that over 90% of Israeli Jews (84% when
Arabs are counted) support the operation. That probably really means
that 99.98% of Jews outside of Ben Gurion University support the

There is actually something amusing about those numbers. About 18% of
Israelis are Arabs. When Arabs are added to teh survey results,
support for the war drops by 6%. Well, you do not have to be a
mathematician to understand from this that 2/3 of Israeli Arabs ALSO
are supporting the operations!

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