Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mugged by Reality

There is an old saying that a conservative is a liberal who has
been mugged by reality. It remains to be seen whether getting
himself mugged by Islamofascists in Sweden will have any effect upon
the socialist catechism of Ami Vatury.

Ami Vatury is so far leftist that he teaches (German Studies) at
Ben Gurion University. A Haifa native, he holds a PhD in history
from the University of Haifa, although he carried it out at Ben Gurion
University. He claims to be a "social activist," whatever that is.
His major feather in his pink cap is that he used to organize strikes
of workers at Ben Gurion airport that crippled the country, and he
brags that he organized the longest and most damaging of these
terrorist actions at the airport. He also "teaches" "courses" at the
so-called Socio-economic College, a non-accredited pseudo-college
operated by the Israeli communist party in which "courses" are
indoctrination sessions in leftist dogma. He is active in the
semi-communist "Mizrachi Rainbow (Keshet)," a group of Marxist
anti-Zionist Sephardic Jews in Israel. And he also is active in other
leftist causes. He claims to be a "social democrat."

Well, Comrade Social Democrat was in Malmo, Sweden a few weeks
back. Malmo is perhaps the worst city in Europe these days when it
comes to violent assaults against Jews by Moslems. There is a large,
violent, and militant local Islamist population there. There have
been countless incidents in which Jews from the small and disappearing
Malmo community were beaten.

Comrade Vatury had gone there in person to make friends with the
local Islamists and write about how misunderstood they are. As he
relates in his own words in an entry in the far leftist Haokets web
site (in Hebrew here:
) he got the Marxist stuffing beaten out of himself there, when two or
three "locals" jumped him, did a Sopranos routine upon him, and left
him unconscious in the street. It is not clear whether they
identified him from his Hebrew or accent, but there is little
ambiguity as to who the attackers were. They were not blond
Lutherans. Vatury's wallet and money were NOT taken. So what do we
learn from that?

Vatury was taken to a local hospital, and the rest of his article
is devoted to singing the praises of the socialist Swedish medical
system. He notes that he was mugged near one of the low-income slums
of Malmo, and then goes to extreme contortions in order to try to
explain how his beloved Swedish socialism can even have low-income
slums and poverty. He tries to claim that it is all somehow the fault
of the rising Far Right in Sweden, but fails to notice the
contradiction in having a growing Far Right in a socialist utopia.

I know what you are thinking, and that is that Israel would be
such a better place if all of the OTHER Marxists and "social
democratic" utopianists could also be bludgeoned by Islamists in
Sweden into becoming guests of that nation's socialist medical system.

They might even wake up and smell the capitalist gourmet coffee!

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