Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pop! went the weasel

Ahmed Jabari, the Hamas arch-terrorhoid and mass murderer, the fella
who planned the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, has been recycled, sent to
his 72 year old virgin.

You can see the recycling program in operation here:

All around the Gazan Brush,
Our monkeys chased the weasel.
The Hamas stopped to pull up his sock,
Pop! went the weasel.

I think now would be a good opportunity to send a condolence e-mail
note to as many Israeli tenured leftists as you would like, offering
condolences to them for their sad loss of their role model and hero,
Ahmed Jabari. Wish them a rapid recovery from their deep mourning so
that once again they can resume their constructive civic activities on
behalf of a Palestinian victory.

Don't forget to CC Mikey Lerner over at Tikkun.

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