Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hoist with his own Petard

Don't you just love it when a leftist moonbat gets hoist with his own petard?

Well, meet the pro-Palestinian Professor Dan Avnon, from the Hebrew
University's School of Public Policy and its uniformly leftist
Political Science Department ( )
. He is a leftist who objects to the idea that Israel should be a
Jewish state (
), although he does not seem to have any problem with any Arab Moslem

Well, he found himself boycotted by an anti-Israel institute in
Australia, one so anti-Israel that they hosted Ilan Pappe. The
anti-Israel crowd is upset because here Avnon is a leftist but he fell
victim to BDS (boycotting Israel, divestment, sanctions by the Bigoted
Dingbats and Scoundrels (BDS))! Boycotting OTHER Jews of course would
be no problem.

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