Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Jews or Dogs Permitted

1. A few days ago we posted something about the refusal of the
Israeli dual justice system to convict Ezra Nawi, the violent
convicted child molester, of calling an army officer a "war criminal."

Well the New York Slimes is beatifying the hoodlum Nawi this week.
Here is its take:
But the most amusing segment is this citation from the Hebrew
University's tenured extremist David Shulman:

'"Since I've known the man for decades and seen him in action in many
extreme situations, I'm certain that the charge is untrue," David
Shulman, a Hebrew University professor and peace activist, wrote in
the newspaper Haaretz. Of Mr. Nawi, he added, "He is a man committed,
in every fiber of his being, to nonviolent protest against the
inequities of the occupation." (This about the same Nawi who did hard
jail time for violent assault and was convicted of pedophilia! -- SP)
'Mr. Nawi attributes his activism to two things: as a teenager, his
family lived next door to the leader of Israel's Communist Party,
Reuven Kaminer, who influenced him. And he is gay.
'"Being gay has made me understand what it is like to be a despised
minority," Mr. Nawi said.'
The piece also cites a second Hebrew University tenured extremist:
'"Ezra knows Palestinians better than any of us," said Amiel Vardi, a
professor who works closely with him. "This is not only because of the
language, but because he gains their confidence the minute he starts
talking with them. He has all sorts of intuitions as to what should be
done, what are the internal relations — things we hardly ever

2. This is simply delicious:
When the Far Left Calls for Modest Clothing

Despite left-wing criticism of hareidi modesty rules, the far left
does support modest dress – when it comes to the PA.
Maayana Miskin
While the Israeli left has been extremely critical of hareidi Jews who
pressure others to dress modestly, it turns out that sometimes the
left supports modest dress. The extreme-left Magazine Hakibush
(Occupation Magazine) recently called on its readers to dress modestly
and respect community norms – when visiting Palestinian Authority Arab

The magazine called on readers to join Arabs in the Hevron hills, and
added, "Remember to bring your ID card, water, a hat, and modest
clothing that respects the sensitivities of the Palestinians."

The appeal mentioned shorts and sleeveless shirts as two things that
should not be worn.

The planned visit to the Hevron hills area is part of an ongoing
campaign. While far-left and anarchist groups say the purpose of the
campaign is to help Arab farmers fight for their rights, Jews living
in the region say the campaign deliberately foments conflict.

"We had discussions and agreements with the Arabs. There was
co-existence and dialogue, but since the leftist activists entered the
picture, everything has changed," residents of the area told Arutz
Sheva in a 2010 interview.

Far-left groups claim to be helping Arab farmers to cultivate their
own land. However, local Jews say, in reality they target plots of
land within Jewish communities that were not previously cultivated by
Arab farmers.

Please note: Leftist anti-Israel women "protesters" have been
repeatedly molested and some raped by Palestinians in the West Bank
when they come to support Palestinian terrorism.

3. You will also like this:

4. Remember how upset the Left and its captive media were when a
handful of demented Chareidim were putting up vulgar anti-Zionist
graffiti in Jerusalem? Well,

5. Zman Haifa, a Haifa weekly, reported on Dec. 21 that the
University of Haifa has approved the appearance on the campus of Kamal
Chatib, deputy director of the northern branch of the Islamofascist
movement in Israel. This is the group run by the openly genocidal
Sheikh Raed Salah. The sheikh had been permitted to speak on campus a
few years back in an auditorium where campus guards prevented Jews
from entering and there he called for suicide bombings against Jews.
His deputy is best known for calling Jews "fleas plotting to harm the
al-Aqsa Mosque." (See this older item on him: where he is
cited saying: "We will not shed tears if Al-Aqsa is harmed, for we
shall shed blood.")

University students, including the Im Tirtzu Zionist movement,
demanded an explanation from the school's new president and he refused
to answer them. The paper cites a number of un-named professors on
the campus as being outraged by the decision to invite Chativ. No
doubt everyone reading this thought they meant me, except I only heard
about it for the first time from the paper itself.

The Islamofascist will address campus Arab students and I suspect Jews
will again be barred from entering. No dogs either.

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