Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Campus Pogroms

1. More from the Israeli Cinematic Left - this time fascist

2. Another "academic" pogrom: Brooklyn College merging with Ben
Gurion "University":

3. A good analysis of the losses of the Likud:
I basically agree with it.

There is one other factor that occurred to me only AFTER I sent out
my own earlier analysis of the election. It is this. A major part of
the Likud's traditional constituency was always working-class
Mizrachi-Sephardic Jews. They backed the Likud going back to the
1950s. They have no patience for Labor Party Menshevism. They tend
to be religiously traditionalist. And they know who and what Arabs

They also do not like Avigdor Lieberman. In general, they are
resentful towards Russian Jews, feel the Russians are pampered and
treated better than Mizrachim (their feeling is largely sour grapes
and baseless but it is definitely there), and dislike the radical
secularism of Lieberman and some other Russian Jewish figures. When
Netanyahu announced the merger with Lieberman, many Mizrachim felt
betrayed by the Likud. They abandoned it for SHAS, Bennett, and maybe
even in some cases for Lapid.

4. Pogrom at UC-David:

5. Yet another good one from Prager:

6. The Arab moderate:,7340,L-4338799,00.html
Notice the "Holocaust Industry" jibe, taken directly from neo-nazi
Norman Finkelstein.

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