Thursday, February 07, 2013

Questions And Answers About 'Peace'

Questions And Answers About 'Peace'
By Steven Plaut

Q: With Obama about to visit the country, should Israel agree to
attend new negotiation sessions with the Palestinian Authority?

A: No. Nothing positive can come out of it. For twenty years Israel
has been attending "talks" with the Palestinians and these have
achieved absolutely nothing other than Israeli capitulation. In each
round of talks Israel has given away more and more assets and made an
ever-growing number of concessions, getting nothing in return.

Q: Why give up hope that the Palestinians will agree to some sort of deal?

A: Because they have yet to comply with a single punctuation mark in
any of the agreements they have already signed.

Q: So what should Israel offer the Palestinians?

A: Nothing at all.

Q: Nothing?

A: Israel should make demands instead of making offers of concessions.
It should make no new offers of anything until long lists of its own
demands are fully met.

Q: But how then can Israel achieve peace with the Palestinians?

A: It can't. Making endless concessions has no more chance of
achieving peace than offering nothing. In other words, since the
Palestinians are uninterested in peace, no offer of any sort will
produce peace, and therefore they should be offered nothing at all.

Q: What is the best way to pursue a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict?

A: By abandoning all attempts to pursue a solution. The pursuit of
"solutions" has been the root of all evil in the Middle East these
past two decades. Israel should stop looking for solutions and instead
pursue military victory.

Q: Do you seriously want Israel to send troops back into Gaza after
the redeployment by Sharon and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza?

A: Yes, of course. It was obvious at the time of the Israeli
unilateral withdrawal that military reoccupation of Gaza was only a
matter of time, inevitable and necessary. The sooner it is done, the

Q: Doesn't Israeli occupation cause terrorism?

A: No, removal of Israeli occupation causes terrorism.

Q: What should Israel offer Syria?

A: The right to retain Damascus and other Syrian territory east of the
Golan Heights in exchange for Syria's abandoning its demands for the
"return" of the Golan Heights.

Q: Do you seriously expect Syria to agree to that?

A: No.

Q: How should Israel deal with terrorism?

A: First and foremost, by recognizing that there is no NON-MILITARY
solution to the problems of terrorism.

Q: What should Israel do with terrorists?

A: Summarily execute them without trial whenever they are captured
while engaged in violence. Capital punishment should be instituted
for all other terrorists.

Q: How should Israel deal with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

A: By killing as many of their members as it can.

Q: What is the best strategy Israel can adopt with regard to the Gaza
Strip and the West Bank?

A: R&D, or Reoccupation and De-nazification.

Q: How should Israel deal with the Qassam rockets?

A: By R&D, or Reoccupation and De-nazification. There is no way the
Qassams will be halted through "talks." They can only be halted by
Israel's reestablishment of complete military control over the Gaza

Q: Should Israel return Jewish settlers to Gush Katif in Gaza?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: What should Israel do about settlements on the West Bank?

A: Build more of them. It's the best way to take Palestinian statehood
off the table once and for all. In any future deal based on "limited
autonomy" – which was of course the original concept Israel accepted
at Camp David – "settlements" will represent no impediment at all to

Q: How should Israel deal with Hezb'Allah?

A: By helping to resolve the parking congestion problems in the towns
and villages of southern Lebanon that are strongholds of Hezb'Allah
and loyal to it. That is, by constructing large new parking lots

Q: How should Israel deal with domestic Arab radicals?

A: Israeli Arabs openly identifying with the enemies of Israel or
endorsing terrorism should be stripped of their Israeli citizenship
and deported. All Arabs sitting in the parliament, working as senior
civil servants or as judges must be required to take an oath of
allegiance, on a sacred book of their religion, to Israel as a Zionist
state. The extended families of any Arabs involved in terrorism or
anti-Jewish violence should be deported and their property seized.

Q: What about the Temple Mount?

A: The PLO must be completely stripped of control over it.

Q. How can "hope for peace" be created in the Middle East?

A: By eliminating all hopes among the Arabs that they will destroy Israel.

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