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Viginities, Dingbats, Hackers and Spies

1. Shlomo Gazit is a far leftist ex-general who was one of the first
presidents of Ben Gurion University. In fact, he was a key figure in
turning Ben Gurion University into the cesspool of tenured treason and
leftist extremism that it is today.

Gazit has an Op-Ed in Haaretz today (in Hebrew at ) in which he calls for
arming the Hezb'Allah terrorists in Lebanon. As you know, a few days
ago Israel blasted to smithereens a convey that was bring new advanced
missiles into Lebanon from Syria for use by the Hezb'Allah. Gazit is
aghast. How dare Israel defend itself! Besides, Assad is such a
villain, opines Gazit, that better his weaponry be in the hands of
anyone else rather than Syria, I guess including Al-Qaeda but
certainly including Hezb'Allah.

Gazit was once upon a time head of Israeli military intelligence, and
the fact that such a moron held such a position explains better than
anything else the failures of military intelligence over the years.
When "Oslo" began, Gazit was one of the first to proclaim the advent
of the New Middle East and the permanent tranquility that would follow
the Beilin initiative. He has also long been a leader in leftwing
fascism and McCarthyist assaults against freedom of speech for
non-leftists in Israel (see

2. Daniel Pipes maintains a running blog page in which he documents
cases of poetic justice and "instant retribution" in the Middle East,
mainly about Arabs blowing themselves up while trying to murder Jews
and things along similar lines. The page is here:
. If you have not read it, it will make your day.

But I think I may have one story of my own of the same caliber!

For those of you who do not think that there is a Higher Intelligence
with a terrific sense of humor in charge of the universe, you will
have trouble explaining the most delightful development of the week in
Israel, the decision by convicted spy Anat Kamm to sue the gotkes off
of Haaretz! As you recall, Kamm was convicted of stealing oodles of
classified documents from the army and passing them on to the Haaretz
reporter Uri Blau, who leaked them. Both Blau and Kamm are ultra
leftists. Well, as reported here
Haaretz is facing suit for 2 million shekels.

Remember that old shtick about "Da Devil made me do it"? Well, Kamm
claims Haaretz tricked and tempted her into the espionage. Blau, by
the way, got off with a wrist slap and Kamm was released early from
house arrest thanks to her good behavior.

According to the story in Haaretz:
Anat Kamm, who is serving three and a half years in prison for leaking
hundreds of classified documents to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau, has
asked the newspaper for NIS 2 million in compensation. Kamm says the
newspaper's actions caused her great harm.
In a letter sent by Kamm's lawyer Ilan Bombach to Haaretz publisher
Amos Schocken a week and a half ago, Bombach wrote: "Kamm views you
and some of the newspaper's employees as directly responsible, or
indirectly, for revealing [her] as the source. This exposure caused my
client enormous damage," he wrote.
For two years Kamm was held under full house arrest and her arrest cut
short her budding career as a journalist for the Walla website as well
as her academic studies, said Bombach.
Attorneys for Haaretz stated: "We have received the letter. It seems
the claims [in the letter] have no real basis."
Kamm passed the documents to Blau on a disk-on-key, which she had
taken from the office of then-head of the IDF's Central Command, Maj.
Gen. Yair Naveh. "She asked [Blau] as a condition for passing on the
documents that he never disclose where they came from," stated the
letter. Kamm was seriously harmed because Haaretz did not protect her
as a source, stated Bombach.
If Kamm does not receive the NIS 2 million as a compromise amount, she
will take the matter to court, warned her lawyer.

3. Oh a group of Syrian hackers broke into the Haaretz web site and
sabotaged it, introducing all sorts of anti-Israel and pro-terror
items. See
The mystery of course is how this was detected because the content of
the newspaper did not change at all. I have investigated and have
discovered that the only clear indication that Syrian hackers had
replaced the regular management of Haaretz was that all the newspaper
recipes for pork chops were deleted!

4. In his column from February 1, 2013, Maariv deputy editor Ben Dror
Yemini attacks some Israeli tenured leftists for their campaigns to
paint Israel as a Nazi regime. After reminding readers of the many
attempts by the Eurotrash to describe Israel as the successor state to
Nazi Germany, Yemini focuses on the behavior of Ariella Azoulay, the
"professor" wife of Tel Aviv University professor Adi Ophir. The two
devote their lives to demonizing Israel. (See

Azoulay was denied tenure at Bar Ilan University, since her entire
"academic career" consisted of churning out books of tendentious
photos doctored and manipulated to make Israel look oppressive and
evil. (Never any photos of any Jewish victims of Arab barbarism of
course.) Well, Azoulay and Ophir were among a group of far-leftists
hired by the German-funded far-leftist Minerva Institute, which
operates at Tel Aviv University. They produced a "report," which -
naturally - concludes that Israeli soldiers behave like Nazis. (In
Hebrew, see story

When she was denied tenure at Bar Ilan, the usual radical leftist
academics all organized a petition denouncing Bar Ilan as a fascist
intolerant anti-democratic institution because it refused to grant
tenure to Azoulay for the petty reason that she has no academic
publications (see

Oh and speaking of Pipesian poetic justice, you will love this
story about Azoulay:

5. In his biography of Stalin, Oxford University don Robert Conquest
provides the following quote from Stalin. As you probably know, when
the Red Army entered non-Soviet countries (before converting them to
Soviet colonies), the soldiers typically went on rape rampages. Not
just in Germany. In Berlin nearly every human in the city with two X
chromosomes was raped by the Soviet soldiers. When asked about this,
Stalin replied that the Soviet Union was more in need of military
victories than of virginities. (page 266)

Now in recent years the Radical Israeli Left has been going through
all sorts of ideological contortions to make excuses for the many
cases of sexual molestation and rape of Western supporters by
Palestinians (see
). These are women who come to the West Bank to help support
Palestinian terrorism but find themselves manhandled, and I do not
mean mere groping. The Left has been holding debates over whether to
speak out about all that. The dominant ideological position though
seems to be that Palestinian "resistance" comes before demands for
decency in behavior towards the fairer sex.

So in other words, the Israeli Left is pretty much saying the same
thing that Stalin said. Military victory (overt the Jews) is more
important than virginities!

6. Architecting Hate:

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