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The Israeli Left continues its metamorphosis from idiocy to treason.

Noa Shaindlinger, an Israeli PhD student at the University of Toronto
(Near and Middle East Civilizations), is one of the most openly
treasonous Israeli Far Leftists. This week she is being discussed in
the media thanks to her publishing a call for celebration when two
Israeli chopper pilots were killed in an accident
The two pilots were superheroes of the Jewish people. Shaindlinger
is superscum. She is a regular writer for this anti-Israel web site
financed by European anti-Semites: .

As it turns out, the very same Shaindlinger has long been a regular
stalwart on the "ALEF" chat list that continues to operate under the
auspices of the University of Haifa. The "ALEF" list is a forum for
disseminating anti-Israel and anti-Semitic materials, and its
"members" include jihadniks, Neo-Nazis, and other anti-Semites.

Here are some citations from that list, after which is the contact
information for the President of the University of Haifa. You might
want to send him your comments about all this.

An ALEF Sampling of Noa Shaindlinger:

ALEF List is used as a vehicle to smear an Israeli army officer and
attempt to get him targeted for violent "retaliation" by defaming him
as a murderer - posted on ALEF on 09 December 2012

From: "Noa Shaindlinger" <>
To: "1 in our name" <>,
"" <>

[alef] Activists expose the name of the soldier who killed Mustafa Tamimi

According to the IOF, investigation is still ongoing. The name of the
soldier who shot and killed Tamimi in cold blood exactly a year ago
has been kept a secret by the army. A group of Israeli solidarity
activists managed to identify him and launched a social network
campaign calling for accountability.

[link to website naming soldier included in the original message not
re-posted by Isracampus]

This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa

For Noa Shaindlinger ( Israel does not exist any
more, only "Israel" - posted on ALEF on 03 June 2009

Petition: UC Davis summer abroad in "Israel"

This Hatred is Disseminated via theUniversity of Haifa

Noa Shaindlinger ( posted this on ALEF on 16 March 2009

Re: [alef] Israeli peace movement
The entire "peace" discourse is misleading. "Peace" is what the
colonizer want - no resistance, pacification of the colonized and
final subjugation. Hence pax romana and pax americana: all is peaceful
at the other end of the gun.The Zionist "peace" movements are part and
parcel of the hegemonic apartheid regime. In fact, the existence of
the "peace" and "humanitarianism" discourses allow for occupation and
suppression to exist and feed into the colonizer's violence ("the most
humane and moral army in the world", "humanitarian ceasefire" and
other gems)."Peace" should never be the ultimate goal - it's
resistance. Resistance to occupation, to expulsions, land seizures.
Resistance to racist state apparatus everywhere, to hegemony and
domination, to muzzling of dissenting voices, to cultural
appropriation, to economic marginalization and to imperial
intervention. Resistance should be the basis of transnational (rather
than international) anticolonial movements, and not naive reiteration
of John Lennon's "give peace a chance". We just can't afford to.

This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa

Noa Shaindlinger posted this on ALEF on 23 November 2008

Of course the majority of Zionists would be satisfied with the two
state solution as it legitimizes their conquest and depopulation of
Palestine. The majority of Palestinians are forced into submission and
acceptance of that "solution" by their Zionists occupiers, their US
ally and the collaborative Abbas regime. But that so called solution
leaves out the majority of Palestinian - those in the refugee camps,
the diasporas and those living inside the Zionist state as second
class citizens. The one state solution (in which Israel ceases to
exist) isn't something concocted by a "bunch of confused
intellectuals", but is common sense, compliance with international law
and human sense of justice.


This Hatred is Disseminated via the University of Haifa
Taken from

To tell the president of Haifa University what you think of all this, contact:
President of the University of Haifa
Mr. Amos Shapira

Tel: 972-4-8240101
Fax: 972-4-8288110

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