Sunday, March 24, 2013

Write Miister Lapid to demand that NO FUNDS BE PAID TURKEY IN REPARATIONS

Just a fast afterword and followup to the previous item about
Netanyahu's cowardly "apology" to Turkey.

Not only did Bibi "apologize" for Israel using force against the
genocidal Islamofascist terrorists who attacked Israeli troops, not
only did he apologize for using armed force to protect the people of
Israel, Netanyahu ALSO agreed to pay reparations to the Turkish
families of terrorists killed in the ship deck fighting when the
flotilla ship was boarded. The terrorists there attacked the IDF
troops who boarded the ship. The Turkish terrorists were killed while
attempting to murder Israeli soldiers. That is the basis for
Netanyahu offering to pay reparations. Maybe Bibi will next offer to
pay the Palestinians compensation for the damages to their Qassam
rockets that they shoot into Israel when these are shot down by
Israel's iron dome anti-missile system?

Bibi's problem is that he needs the Minister of Finance to sign any
checks for any reparations payments to the Turkish families of the
dead terrorists.

So I wanted to suggest that you drop a line to Yair Lapid, the
still untested new Minister of Finance but an Israeli claiming to be a
proud ZIonist with a sense of Jewish self-respect. Urge him top
REFUSE to make any reparations payments to the families of the
terrorists. While you are at it, suggest he deduct the amount
Netanyahu offered to pay Turkey in reparations from Netanyahu's own
salary checks.

You can email Lapid at

and fax him at


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