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Little Bradley was the Main Supporter for Larry Derfner's Calls for Terrorist Atrocities


By on September 1st, 2011


The Derfner affair began as an esoteric incident noticed only by
English-speaking Israelis. Where the ex-columnist for the Jerusalem
Post Larry Derfner was fired by the Post after he had published
criminal support for random murders of Jewish civilians by Arab

It has grown as the radical Left rallies to endorse Derfner and
support the inalienable right of Arabs to murder Jewish children. Far
leftists are coming out in droves to cheer Derfner's justifications
for terrorist mass murders of Jewish civilians. The international
news agencies have reported the story, as has the Jewish Telegraphic
Agency. Leftist blogs are ranting against the "fascist censorship" by
the Post and the suppression of Derfner's "freedom of speech."

Suddenly the far Left is outraged that the Jerusalem Post "suppressed
diversity of opinion and pluralism" by sacking Derfner.

But of all the members of the Derfner lobby, the most notable of all
is the writer of a blog entry in the Huffington blog. It is written
by none other than Haaretz senior editor Bradley Burston. I really
think you need to read his comments in full here:

Burston complaining that pluralism and diversity of opinion at the
Jerusalem Post are being jeopardized by canning the squirrelly little
cheerleader for terrorism? Burston, the senior editor at Haaretz
having an opinion about diversity?

Well, the delightful part of this is watching Burston whine about the
loss in pluralism and diversity at a newspaper. That is because he is
employed by the worst totalitarian leftist anti-pluralistic newspaper
in the Western world. The pluralism and diversity at Haaretz are
similar to those in Pravda in the Brezhnev era.

Haaretz is a monolithic engine of propaganda in which virtually no
non-leftist opinion is permitted. Its editorial pages are uniformly
far-leftist, anti-Zionist and semi-communist. Once a week a token
Right-winger is allowed to publish an Op-Ed. Usually Moshe Arens or
Yisrael Harel, and the token slot is obviously there so that Haaretz
editors like Burston can roll their eyes in hurt feelings whenever
anyone says Haaretz has no pluralism or diversity.

The leftist anti-Israel propagandizing at Haaretz fills the paper and
is not restricted to the editorial page. Aljazeera may be a less
biased, less one-sided news source than Haaretz. News stories at
Haaretz are daily distorted to give them far-leftist ideological
themes and twists and messages. Letters to the editor at the paper
are censored and non-leftist letters banned. I never read the sports
pages there but I would not be surprised if half the sports news
stories are devoted to the evils of settlers and Orthodox Jews and the
need to convert Israel into a bi-national state.

While liberal newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post have
their biases, those biases do not dominate each and every page in the
newspaper, and non-liberal opinion pieces are published there often.

Not at Haaretz. There is only one single correct point of view
permitted in Haaretz, and it is ALWAYS the far-leftist anti-Israel
Post-Zionist view.

So here we have the spectacle of an editor for a newspaper that
suppresses all diversity of opinion and imposes its political bias
even upon the most minor news story, and he then comes along and
whines about the Jerusalem Post not living up to its proud tradition
of permitting pluralism and diversity!!

Read Burston's little rant.

The first thing you will notice is that Burston is running his
comments on the Huffington Post blog, an unbalanced non-pluralistic
blog in which no conservative is permitted to publish. This is where
he chooses to bitch about insufficient pluralism at the Jerusalem

The second thing you will notice is how many lies Burston manages to
squeeze into this one page. First he dismisses the idea that Derfner
endorsed terrorism, claiming that "some readers" mistakenly thought so
and that Derfner's words were misunderstood.


All you need to do is read Derfner's actual column, which can be read
Derfner justified and celebrated the right to murder Jewish civilians
as resistance against Israeli evil.

Burston then insists that Derfner's call for murdering Jews was a
mistake and a misunderstanding.


He calls Derfner an exceptional columnist. Liar. By exceptional
maybe he means Derfner is as bad a liar as Burston is. After the
a-Dura hoax was exposed, Derfner insisted that those who fabricated it
were not so wrong because Israel so often intentionally targets other
Palestinian children. Derfner also could not contain his adoration of
the flotilla terrorists attacking Israeli unarmed troops.

Burston is a liar liar with a kafiya on fire.

Burston writes, the "management of the Jerusalem Post has caved in to
what amounts to a political boycott." No it didn't. It simply
maintained simple standards of decency. Unlike Haaretz.

Burston is suddenly all in favor of pluralism and diversity. But
never, Stalin forbid, at the his own employer, the Palestinian daily
newspaper published in Hebrew with its 6% market share.

Want to tell Burston what you think? He is at

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