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"Peace Now" emerges as an anti-Semitic Organization?



1.   It is not really news when someone discovers that the bulk of the Arab citizens of Israel  (not of the West Bank but inside Green Line Israel) are pro-terror anti-Israel jihadists.  What is news is that this time it is the Marxist sociologist Sami Samouha (or Samoha) who is saying so.  And if Samouha reports findings of 58% of Israeli Arabs endorsing anti-Jewish violence, I suspect the true number is much higher.  After all, Samouha has a long track record of prettifying the political positions of Israeli Arabs and has also participated in "One State Solution Conferences," which call for Israel's complete annihilation.  For more on Samouha, see


Here are the details on the new poll:

Poll: Most Israeli Arabs Support Violent Uprising


Most Israeli Arabs oppose a Jewish majority, support a Palestinian uprising and want Iran to have nukes.

Gil Ronen

About 58% of the Arab citizens of Israel say that the Palestinian Authority Arabs would be justified in starting a violent rebellion ("intifada") if the diplomatic process does not advance. A similar percentage advocate an "intifada" by Israeli Arab citizens if their situation does not improve considerably, according to a poll, which was carried out by Prof. Sami Samoha of Haifa University, with the Israeli Democracy Institute.

The views are in line with the call Monday by an Arab Knesset Member, for an Arab intifada inside Israel.

The poll shows that 63% of Israel's Arab citizens think Iran should continue its nuclear development, despite the evidence that Iran seeks Israel's destruction through nuclear weapons.

About 54 percent of the Arabs prefer Israel over any other country as a place to love. And yet, 70% do not accept Israel's right to maintain a Jewish majority.

While 70% of the Arabs say that the government is treating them like second-class citizens, a full 72% would like the Arab parties in the Knesset to join the coalition – although the Arab MKs themselves oppose this move.

Prof. Samoha said that while the opinions in the Arab sector have become more extreme, "the red lines have not yet been crossed." However, he warned, "a continued deterioration of relations could cause disquiet and instability."


2.  For those of you still concerned about the sufferings of Israel's poor Arabs, what with apartheid and all, you can see the mansion in which the radical anti-Israel Knesset Member Taleb a-Saana lives, here:


The Ewings of "Dallas" were mere pissants in comparison.  Wouldn't you sure like to know where the money came from for it?

(I also attach the photo in case it does not appear in the email message text)



3.  We all know "Peace Now" as the hardcore anti-Israel far-Leftist organization that is soft on terrorism and hard on any Jews daring to move into "Arab neighborhoods" where "they do not belong."   But there is increasing evidence that Peace Now is an anti-Semitic organization. 


Take for example the Op-Ed in Haaretz today (Hebrew only, at by one Dror Etkas.  He is or at least was a senior Peace Now honcho (the head of Americans for Peace Now says he left Peace Now a while ago to run Yesh Din, Peace Now's little sister), and ran the tattletale "Settlement Monitor Staff" at Peace Now, set up by the radical anti-democratic Amiram Goldblum, the guy who initiated and ran that recent pseudo-poll claiming to show that most Israeli Jews favor apartheid.


Etkas has an Op Ed entitled "The Jews are hardly Repairers of the World" in the print edition of Haaretz, although the web edition softened the title a little and changed it to "Jews can also be racists."


(We know of course that at Haaretz and in the rest of the anencephalic anti-Israel Left, "racism" is a term that is used to describe any Jew who thinks Jews have the right to defend themselves and never is used to describe Arab genocidal fascism and terrorism.)


So Etkas is saying that the problem is not just Zionism, it is Judaism.  His mocking Jews for being insufficiently "world repairing" is a rather pathetic aping of the practice of the assimilationist Jewish liberals in the US to mis-define "Tikkun Olam" or "Repairing the World" as referring to the need for all Jews to be liberals/leftists.  In fact, Tikkun Olam means ridding the world of paganism, and Peace Now is one of the clearest examples of paganism that those seeking world repair should see is removed.


Anyway, his Op-Ed is an attack against fellow leftist Michael Sfard, a far leftist lawyer and activist in the semi-Marxist Association for Civil Rights in Israel.  Sfard's sin was to claim that Jews invented the code of universal ethics while this code is being demolished by Israel's awful "occupation."  Etkas is enraged by that claim of Sfard's because he insists that Jews never really advocated any universal ethics to begin with.   Etkas stops short of accusing the Jews of poisoning the wells and drinking blood on Passover. 


For every quote one can come up with that shows that throughout the ages Jews were enlightened and sensitive, so opines Comrade Etkas, one can come with an opposing quote that shows the opposite.  For every Jewish liberal who fought for civil rights or against South African apartheid, he insists, one can also find at least one Jewish racist who collaborated with racism.   Note the "at least."   At best, Jews produced a tiny minority of people who were sufficiently ethical to satisfy the sublime standards of this Peace Now leader. 


Take Algeria in the 1870, he says.  When the French imposed their own apartheid regime over Algeria, lots of local Jews there applied for French citizenship and "collaborated" with the colonialist regime.  That pretty much proves to Etkas that most Jews are moral cockroaches.   Then there were the Sephardic Jewish racists in Bordeaux in France who opposed liberation for the Ashkenazim Jews in France at the time of the French Revolution.  More cockroaches!  (Actually it is amusing hearing someone on the Left and in Haaretz complain about anti-Ashkenazi "racism" among Sephardim.)   While Jews were at times over-represented among the moral good guys in society (does he mean the Bolsheviks?), the Jews were also generally over-represented among the racist evil oppressors of society (illustrated by counting the number of Jewish czars who ruled in Russia?)!!  Thus any idea that Jews can serve as a beacon of morality to the nations is absurd, insists Herr Etkas. 


In fact things are even worse than that.  The Book of Joshua in the Bible, says Etkas, proves how Jews are violent and genocidal and oppressors and lovers of occupation.  Yes he really says that!


He is upset that so few Jews are willing to struggle for the "rights" of non-Jewish "oppressed groups," while ignoring the hordes of assimilation liberals (asslibs) among the Jews who are ONLY willing to fight for the "rights" of non-Jewish "oppressed groups" but never for the rights of Jews.   In other words, Jews like the members of Peace Now.


The open anti-Semitism now emerging from Peace Now is extremely dangerous and important.  Since Israel has an anti-racism law on its books, one never applied to anyone except right-wing Jews, the time has come to proclaim Peace Now an illicit racist organization, and maybe also to ban it as a terrorist organization.



4.  The great Phyllis:



5.  You probably heard that the heroic French journalists Philippe Kersenty lost his appeal before a French court.  He was sued by French journalists for "libel" for correctly revealing that they had staged the hoax death of a Palestinian boy, Mohammed a-Dura, in Gaza.   See this report:


You realize what this means?  It means that the French court is almost as biased and as anti-speech as the Israeli courts!  You know, those Israeli courts who imposed a fine on a certain professor for reporting correctly that Neve Gordon, the anti-Israel pseudo-academic from Ben Gurion University who leads the Boycott Israel movement, had illegally entered Ramallah to serve as a human shield for wanted terrorists and to interfere with Israeli anti-terror operations.  The Israeli courts in question found nothing incorrect about what the Professor reported, they just ruled that describing the criminal behavior of Gordon as someone behaving like a Judenrat-wannabe was prohibited speech in Israel because everyone except leftists is prohibited from using "Holocaust era rhetoric" in political discourse.  I think you all know who the professor was.  The courts ruled that it was libel to tell the truth about Gordon in that way.


So as bad as things are in the French "justice" system, they have quite a ways to plummet before they reach the level of Israel's dual justice system.



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The Answer to B:



Dear B: 


     You say that Israel will have no choice but to implement the "two-state solution," allowing the "Palestinians" to have their own state alongside Israel.  If not implemented, Israel will have to absorb the millions of "Palestinians," thus giving them the right to vote and be elected inside Israel itself.  You say that any other alternative must be ruled out as unjust because it will leave the Palestinians with no right to vote and run for office, and you say the world will not tolerate a situation in which "Palestinians" are denied the right to vote.  SO Israel either has to absorb them and allow them to vote in Israel or give them their own state where they will have the right to vote.


     The problem with your suggestion is that "Palestinians" will still not have the right to vote even if they are granted their own state in your "two-state solution."  If a situation must be ruled out as intolerable as long as it involves denial of a right to vote to "Palestinians," then you must rule out any "Palestinian state."   Arabs do not have the right to vote in REAL elections, in fair and open elections, in any Arab country.  The world has never had any problem tolerating that!  Arabs CERTAINLY do not have such a right in Gaza's Hamastan, and any West Bank "state" would be no better.  Sure, Arab regimes hold empty make-pretend for-show Potemkin "elections" but never real elections, Jimmy Carter's approval notwithstanding.  So any implementation of your two-state "solution" would leave the "Palestinians" with no real right to vote and no real civic rights of citizenship in "Palestine."


     Therefore if Israel refuses to grant the "Palestinians" Israeli citizenship, refuses to grant them the right to vote in Israel, and also refuses to allow them to have their own state, then just how are those "Palestinians" any WORSE off with regard to the right to vote and participate in civic society than they would be in any "Palestinian state"??




Steve Plaut


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The Compulsive Underminer



   Since his assassination at the hands of Yigal Amir, Yitzhak Rabin has been the focus of a sort of personality cult by the Israeli Left and its captive media.   Pop songs and folk lyrics beatify Saint Yitz.  The anniversary of Rabin's assassination serves as the Israeli analogue to Lenin's birthday in the old USSR and is the day in which leftists call for suppression of the freedom of speech of non-leftists.


      For the "peace camp" one can settle any argument by digging up a quote from Rabin, a bit like communists settle disputes by discovering a citation from Lenin or Marx, or how Lubavichers settle disputes by finding a quote from the late Rebbe.  Israeli schools are ordered to teach the "Rabin Legacy" and the "Rabin devotion to pursuit of peace."   All around Israel there are Rabin buildings and Rabin highways and Rabin intersections and Rabin bridges and a Rabin Hospital . 


    In fact, there is pretty much only ONE expression coined by Rabin and one opinion of his that you will NEVER ever hear being tossed about this week, the week of the 90th birthday party of Israeli leftist Shimon Peres.   The one unmentionable expression is Rabin's assertion that Shimon Peres is a "Compulsive Underminer" or in Hebrew Chatran Bilti-Nil'eh.   The word Chatran can also mean traitor,  not just underminer.


    The Hollywood airheads in town for the Peres festivities forgot to mention this.  Bill "Shalom Chaver" Clinton forgot to mention whom the late Chaver considered to be an Underminer.  Baba Streisand neglected to sing Peres a song about mistrust and unreliability and just plain dishonesty.


   The other thing that participants in Peres Week all seem to have forgotten was Peres' cavalier attitude towards the outbreak of mass murders and atrocities by his "peace partners" against Jews right after he allowed Yassir Arafat to move his army of terrorists out of their Tunisian exile and into the suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  With bombs going off and buses and cafes exploding, Peres made a statement in the early days of "Oslo" in which he said that he was far more worried about the infiltration into Israel by cable television than he was about the infiltration by terrorists.


      (Actually the very fact that he saw cable television and its challenge to the bolshevik monopoly of the state bureaucracy over electronic broadcasts as a "threat" is almost as outrageous as the fact that he did not see the genocidal Islamofascist terrorists of "Palestine" as any threat!!!)


      Peres of course was also the key figure in the campaign of McCarthyism after the Rabin assassination, devoted to the "theory" that Rabin's death was directly caused by the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists.  At Peres' orchestration, any criticism of leftists became "incitement."   The highest form of democracy was arresting Rabbis and settlers and Right-wingers who dared to express their opinions.


    And if the Peres Doctrine could be applied retroactively, Peres would have had Yitzhak Rabin himself arrested for the crime of insulting a public official (which is a crime in Peresian Osloid Israel), after Rabin called Peres a compulsive underminer.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Montgomery Burns



1.  The big "event" this week is the "celebration" of the 90th birthday of Shimon Peres and the conference that was organized in connection with this.  That is the same conference Stephen Hawking decided to boycott, joining the BDS terrorists.


Bill Clinton pulled up his britches to attend and lots of Hollywood stars are attending, perhaps the one getting the most press being Barbara Streisand.  The funniest story about the "stars" I think is this one about Sharon Stone.:

Robert de Niro is here, although in the past he made disgusting anti-Israel statements.


I think the best commentary is the 14 questions for Shimon Peres piece by David Bedein that I attach below.


I myself still think that the two most amazing facts about Shimon Peres are these:


1.  That he managed to spend so many years over the past decades in Israeli political life while at the same time pursuing his acting career and playing the Montgomery Burns character on "The Simpsons" TV show;  and


2.  The fact that Peres did not spend the past two decades in prison.  His Oslo "peace process" has directly produced close to 2000 murdered Israelis, and I think that in any normal country he would have been charged with hundreds of counts of depraved indifference second degree murder.


Fourteen Questions For Shimon Peres

Posted By David Bedein On June 20, 2013

The President of Israel, Shimon Peres, pushing 90, celebrates his longevity with a birthday bash this week that includes thousands of invited guests and hundreds of reporters.

It behooves the journalists who cover the Peres birthday event to hold Peres accountable for policies that Peres stands for. In the media, longevity allows for long memories.

1. In 1981, Peres opposed and tried to interfere with Menachem Begin's 1981 decision to bomb Saddam Hussein's Iraqi nuclear reactor. Does Peres have any regrets for his opposition to the destruction of that nuclear reactor?

2. Peres is proud of the Oslo peace accord which he helped facilitate between Israel and the PLO on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993. However, on October 7, 1993, the left-wing newspaper Al HaMishmar revealed that the PLO would not ratify that accord, and, indeed, the PLO has never ratified that accord. Instead of heeding the Al HaMishmar report, Peres, then Israel's foreign minister, dispatched his Deputy Minister, Yossi Beilin, to fly to Tunis to thank Arafat for ratifying the Oslo accord, which Arafat and the PLO never did. Why does Peres promote an unratified accord?

3. In 1994, Rabin, Peres, and Arafat made an agreement that Arafat's armed forces would comprise no more than 9,000 inductees, and that any Palestinian under arms would first have to be vetted by Israeli intelligence to ensure that he did not have a background in terrorist activity. Yet as early as December 1993, it was discovered that the PA had drafted two Arab residents from the Arab village of Tequa who had murdered the curator of the Herodian, David Rosenfeld, in 1982. In December 1995, Arafat announced that his commanders for Ramallah and Nablus were men who planted bombs in Jerusalem's Zion Square on July 5, 1975, killing thirteen people. As of 1995, the PA armed forces counted as many as 19,000 people under arms by 1995 and now at least 30,000. Since 1995, the IDF acknowledges that it no longer knows who has been recruited into the PA security force. Can Peres answer the question as to whether the PA armed forces now includes volatile terrorists within its ranks?

4. Throughout 1994 and 1995, when private agencies produced videos of Arafat's speeches where Arafat expressed support for Jihad to liberate Palestine, Peres implored Israel TV not to air Arafat's speeches in the Arabic language. Peres also asked the US Congress not to view the videos of what Arafat was saying in Arabic. Does Peres express regret for trying to obfuscate Arafat's message in the Arabic language?

5. In December 1994, when Peres and Rabin conducted a briefing for the media in Oslo before they both received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Arafat, I asked them if Arafat had fulfilled his commitment to crush the Hamas. Both Rabin and Peres indicated that he would do so. A few hours later, when I asked Arafat the same question as to whether the PLO leader would crush the Hamas, Arafat's response was clear: "Hamas are my brothers. I will handle them in my way." And Arafat did handle the Hamas – by bringing them into his new regime, as full coalition partners. In May 1995, Arafat's security forces announced that they would provide Hamas with arms. In December 1995, Arafat invited the Hamas to join his provisional regime. In 1996, Arafat appointed Hamas officials to run the religious departments and schools under his authority. By fall 2001, the IDF confirmed that Islamic terror groups train and operate in the full view of the Palestinian Authority security services, and that the Islamic terrorists get a clear message that their activity operates with the full blessing of Arafat's regime. The promise of the Oslo process was that Arafat would crush the Hamas, not co-opt the Hamas. Does Peres feel today that Arafat betrayed him?

6. Norwegian statesmen Kare Kristiansen resigned from the Nobel Prize committee because of the Nobel Prize bestowed upon Arafat. The same Kare Kristiansen told the Norwegian media that Peres had promised financial remuneration to fellow Nobel Prize Committee member Terje Larsen in order to ensure that he would share the Nobel Peace Prize with the late Prime Minister Rabin. In 2002, I interviewed Mr. Kristiansen and he explicitly affirmed that he had witnessed the deal made between Peres and Larsen which assured Larsen that he would be "well rewarded for his efforts." How does Peres respond to the allegation that he paid good money for the Nobel Peace Prize?

7. The Palestine National Council meeting in April 1996 did not vote to nullify the PLO charter to destroy Israel. However, Peres proclaimed that Arafat did fulfill his promise to amend the PLO charter. It turned out that the resolution that Arafat had told Peres that they would pass was not even brought up for a vote. What is Peres's current perspective of the PLO charter, which was never changed?

8. In March 2007, when a new "Palestinian unity government" was formed to include Hamas and the Fatah in a coalition government, Peres declared that "only with economics can we make peace." Peres went on to say that if members of terrorist groups perceive economic incentives, they will cease to be terrorists. Does Peres truly believe that a terrorist organization, which acts upon a deep-rooted ideology, can be enticed by a good business opportunity to abandon the path of terror?

9. Peres repeats over and over that the "gap between Israel and the PA is very small," while consistently describing Abbas as "Israel's hope for peace." However, Peres refuses to comment on the war curriculum that Abbas and the PA ministry of education have introduced in the PA. Peres consistently refuses to say if he has even reviewed the new PA school books, which have introduced a curriculum of war for the next generation of Palestinian Arab school children. On March 1, 2000, Peres addressed an international colloquium for the Jewish media, where Peres announced that the PA had adopted a PA school curriculum for peace. When I pointed out to Peres that the curriculum that he had quoted from had been vetoed by the PA, Peres moved away from the microphone and said "I know." Why will Peres not comment on the current PA curriculum of war?

10.     Before the Gaza retreat, Peres, then deputy Prime Minister, announced on July 7th, 2005 that the American government had allocated $2 billion to cover the costs of disengagement. That assurance was quoted by the mainstream Israeli media for months to come. However, on July 12th, 2005, the spokesman for the US treasury department told Israel's leading business newspaper, GLOBES, that the US was not giving one penny for the Disengagement Policy. Where did Peres get the idea that the US would fund the Israel retreat from Gaza?

11.     Before Israel's 2005 retreat from Gaza, Shimon Peres accused southern Israelis of "stoking hysteria" about the rockets and asked, "What's the big deal?" while describing the Kassam missile as harmless. "Kassam Shmassam," said Peres. Since then, the southern region of Israel has suffered 29,000 aerial attacks from Gaza and 49 people killed over the past ten years, what is Peres's perspective on the assurances that he gave the people of southern Israel before Israel withdrew its civilians, soldiers, and bases from Gaza?

12.     In 2011, Shimon Peres dispatched a letter of praise to J Street, one day after J-Street called on the US to support the PLO resolution at the UN Security Council calling for the halt of settlement construction, including east Jerusalem, which the Obama administration vetoed after all other permanent members voted in favor. Does Peres have any second thoughts about sending such a letter of support to J Street?

13. On January 4, 2013, Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, delivered a new year's message in which he lauded Adolf Hitler's Arab ally, Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, as someone whose legacy should be "emulated" by the Palestinian people. Since Israel's President Shimon Peres never stops in his adulations of Abbas, Peres was asked if he would condemn Abbas's praise of the Mufti, yet Peres refused comment on Abbas's praise of the Mufti. Why would Peres not condemn Abbas's praise of the Mufti?

14. Peres continually endorses an independent Palestinian state under the leadership of Abbas, as a Palestinian state that would coexist as a peaceful neighbor with Israel. Yet UNRWA remains in tact, maintaining 5 million Arab refugees and their descendants in "temporary" refugee camps, under the premise and promise of the right of return to Arab villages that no longer exist within Israel. Why does Peres not support a change in the UNRWA mandate, which contradicts his vision of a "two state solution"?




2.  More on the Hebrew University's Terrorist PhD Atrocity:



3.  There are serious proposals in Israel that the taxpayer and the government pay for the property damages perpetrated by the "Price Tag" vandals.  The only problem is that none of the people proposing such an idea think that the taxpayer and government should ever compensate Israeli Jews for vandalized damages to their property when the vandals are Arabs.



4.  Ever since its creation Israel has suffered economically from the economic illiteracy of its leadership and the government's willingness to capitulate to every semi-Marxist "idea" being promoted by special interests or tossed about by the media and the chattering classes.  For example, even today water in Israel is priced based upon its pumping and transportation costs and not on its resource value.  To understand why that is idiotic, try to imagine if petroleum were priced the same way.


    In any case, the current fad of economic ignorance concerns exporting the newly discovered natural gas that Israel has off shore and is preparing to market.  Assorted ignoramuses are demanding a tight export limit, restricting how much gas can be exported, demanding that the rest be restricted and earmarked for domestic use only.  That is a bit like telling a farmer he has to eat his own tomatoes because the government is limiting what he is allowed to sell in the market for his own good.


    The "argument" of the lobby against exporting the gas is that the gas has monetary value that should be preserved for Israelis and that the use of the gas domestically leads to good things being produced that Israelis can then consume and enjoy.


     Sorry but I have to pull rank here as an economist  The arguments against the exporting of the gas are specious and ridiculous.


    You know what else has monetary value besides gas?  Money!   Selling the gas earns money!


     And there are two ways that Israelis can get good things to consume and enjoy from the gas.  The first is to use the gas at home to produce those things.  The second is to sell the gas abroad, earn foreign exchange, and then use the foreign exchange to buy those good things to be consumed and enjoyed.  The alternative that is more efficient and cheaper is the better alternative, and markets themselves are needed to determine which that is.  Gas that is exported earns more for Israel than the same gas would do so if the bureaucracy coerced the producers into restricting exports and selling the gas domestically.  The lobby actually would like the gas to be grossly underpriced when sold to domestic users, a bit like the distortion in the pricing of water, and that would lead to squandering the gas on inefficient uses to please special interest.


   Yair, take Econ 101.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Hebrew University Decides to Join the Jihad and arm a Convicted Terrorist with a PhD in Chemistry

1.  Hebrew University grants PhD degree to convicted terrorist A'del Hidmi:


Terrorist Earns Hebrew U. Doctorate, Refuses to Shake Hands


Two-time terrorist who planned a suicide bombing is given his degree. He refuses to shake the university president's hand.

Maayana Miskin

A terrorist who served two prison terms for involvement in terrorism, including a plot to carry out a suicide bombing, has been awarded his doctorate in chemistry from Hebrew University, Maariv reports.

The terrorist is an Israeli citizen and a resident of eastern Jerusalem.

During the graduation ceremony in Hebrew University's Har Hatzofim campus he refused to shake hands with Hebrew University President Professor Menachem Ben-Sasson. His name was read aloud at the ceremony and he was applauded by the crowd.

He began working on his doctorate prior to his second terror conviction, several years after serving time in prison for membership in a terrorist organization. He did his research in the Hebrew University laboratories.

At the same time, he was in close touch with local terrorist groups and assisted them in plotting a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem. He assisted in finding a young Arab man to carry out the planned attack.

The bombing was planned in August 2002, shortly after a terrorist bombed a Hebrew University cafeteria, murdering nine students and staff members.

The attack was thwarted three days before it was to have taken place. Security forces arrested the would-be suicide bomber in Ramallah, and detained the "doctor" in his home in Jerusalem.

He was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime. In the wake of his arrest Hebrew University decided to bar him from its laboratories for safety reasons.

A statement from Hebrew University read, "Hebrew University does not prevent people with a criminal background from learning within its gates. His work was found worthy from an academic perspective, and he met all the criteria to receive a doctorate. However, it should be noted that he did not get permission to use the university's laboratories following his conviction."

A fuller report in Hebrew appears here:



Now I know exactly what you are thinking and that is:  Why is the Hebrew University ONLY giving Hidmi a PhD?  (By the way, it is a real PhD and not an honorary one, like they give politicians.)  There must be lots of other deserving candidates who should also be granted a PhD.  Even posthumously!


I would surely start with Osama bin Laden and his urban renewal research about New York City.  Then Pol Pot should be awarded a Hebrew University PhD from the Hebrew University's prestigious departments of Asian studies for his important work on Cambodian demography.   I am sure Noam Chomsky would agree to fly in to grant the diploma to him.  Then there should be special degrees awarded to Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and Adam Lanza (the guy who shot up Newton, CT).  Slobodan Milošević should get one for his valuable work on European integration.  The heads of Sudan should get one for their regional planning achievements in Darfur.  And of course there are so many Germans deserving of receiving Hebrew University PhD's for their efforts against Jewish occupation that it is hard to know where to begin with them! 


Why not drop a note to the heads of the Hebrew University and let them know how their behavior will be affecting your inclination to send them donations in the future!:

Hebrew University:

President of the Hebrew University

Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905

Fax. 02-5811023

Rector of the Hebrew University
Prof. Sarah Stroumsa


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905 
Telephone: 02-6719698, 02-5883676

Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices:


By the way, Haaretz does not report the story of the terrorist getting the PhD at all.  Can you guess why?



2.  For years Haaretz has refused to use the "T" word (terrorist) to describe Palestinians who murder Jews.  Instead they are activists.  It also refuses to accuse Arabs or leftists of being racists or chauvinists.


But these days the "T" word appears in every other sentence in Haaretz, only to be replaced by "chauvinist" in those other sentences.  That is because of Haaretz' yellow journalistic "reporting" about the "Price Tag" hooligans.


As you know, I think the Price Tag or Tag Mechir vandals should be taken out back behind the woodshed and introduced to a good hickory switch.  Yesterday they targeted the largely Christian Arab village of Abu Ghosh, best known for its hummus, outside Jerusalem.  (All assuming the perps were really Tag Mechir.)  They wrote anti-Arab graffiti all over and vandalized some cars.  It turned out that two of them actually belonged to Jews who rent housing in the village.


Haaretz however runs a lurid screaming headline ( about the "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crimes" of Tag Mechir.


That is all very nice.  But let us note that Haaretz has never denounced Arabs blowing up buses of Jews or pizza restaurants as "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crimes."  If you only read Haaretz and never leave your home you probably think that Arabs never write anti-Jewish graffiti anywhere or vandalize Jewish property.  How about the annual environmental terrorism of Arabs when they deliberately start forest fires?  How come THEY are never "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crimes?"   How come Arabs chanting "Death to the Jews" is never a "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crime," even when it is Arab students at Israeli universities?  How come Haaretz denouncing Israel as an apartheid regime or engaging in other similar forms of treason is never considered a "Nationalist/Chauvinist Crime?"


3.  The related story that has Haaretz and the rest of the radical Left all a-foaming is the that about someone who made up a poster of Minister of Finance Yair Lapid bedecked in Nazi uniform with a Hitler-Günter-Grass moustache.  You can see it here:


For the Left this is a golden opportunity to dig out of the attic its old urban legend about how Yitzhak Rabin was supposedly assassinated by a poster showing HIM with the caption "Traitor" and dressed like a Nazi.  That poster was evidently manufactured by some teenagers but distributed by police mole Avishai Raviv as part of his undercover  work.  Ever since, the Left has insisted in unison that Rabin was the first and only human in history to be murdered by a poster.  The Left then invented the term "incitement" to describe all exercises of freedom of speech by the Non-Left.


Now there is an interesting twist to the new Yair Lapid poster, aside from the usual calls to arrest the perps who prepared it.  (Note how no one ever calls for the arrest of leftists or Arabs who prepare tasteless posters!)   In Hebrew the caption on the poster reads: Yair Lapid the Tyrant Oppressor of Israel's Economy.


That is correct - whoever made the poster was upset about Lapid's Slash-and-Tax new set of economic measures.  And guess who is the most vocal in denouncing Lapid for his measures!!?  The radical Left, that is who!

Now I have no special inside information about who actually prepared the incitement poster in question but I now have an outstanding bet with a colleague for a month's salary that when they are apprehended it will turn out that they are LEFTISTS!




4.  Have you ever noticed how much Alice Walker looks like a maid?




5.  Peace is breaking out again…

Palestinian murderers are demanding to be released - so the Palestinians will agree to come to the peace process. Do we know WHICH murderers are about to be released? Examples:

* March 1983. Joshua (Jason) Friedberg who has made aliya from Montreal, encounters  Yousef Shamashaneh Ju'ad and others. These  were experienced terrorists, having  in the past killed Lior Tubol and Ronen Karmani  from Jerusalem and thrown the two 17-year olds' bodies  into a wadi where their bodies were found after days of searches. After offering him a ride,   Ju'ad killed Joshua too and dumped him on the side of the road. Joshua's father and mother were recently shocked to learn, while visiting his grave, that their son's murderers may be released.

* Abu-Harabish Salam-Saliman Mahmoud and Adam Ibrahim Juma'a threw firebombs at an Egged bus and caused the death of 28 year old Rachel Weiss  and her three toddlers. A soldier - David Delarosa- tried to save the helpless babies. He was outside but re-entered the burning bus to save them.  He was unsuccessful and due to internal burns to his lungs, he died soon afterwad. Geula Delarosa, David's courageous mother, urges us to prevent these  murderers from being released.  Let's not ignore her request!! Much of her family home is dedicated to the memory of the lost son: pictures, certificates, insignia, memorabilia.  

* December 1992. The body of Border Policeman Nissim Toledano from Lod is found bound and stabbed. Most of his killers, today in their forties, were freed in the Schalit Deal. But one, Issa Moussa Issa Mahmoud, remained in prison because in addition to the Toledano murder he ran over a soldier, fired at and seriously injured a police officer, and assembled a terrorist cell to abduct soldiers.  His time has now come - he too is about to be released.

* Professor Menachem Stern, a historian born in Poland who earned his PhD at Oxford, made aliya and was appointed  director of the Shazar Center and member of the Israel Academy of Sciences. While walking through a forested area next to the Israel Museum, Professor Stern was ambushed.  One terrorist held him down.  Another stabbed him repeatedly until the 64-year-old bled to death. His body was found by schoolchildren.  His murderer, Salah Halil Ahmed Ibrahim, is about to be released.

* Three Israeli Arabs used pitchforks to murder three IDF soldiers as they slept.  


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Affirmative Action Preferences for Jews!



1.  Affirmative Action Preferences for Jews!



    Those who read Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, get to begin each morning with a dose du jour of treason.


    Haaretz these days makes no attempt to disguise its contempt for Israel nor its determination to see Israel exterminated.  And as part of its jihad against Zionism and survival, Haaretz is leading the campaign to label Israel an apartheid regime.


    Take the June 18, 2013 editorial, which you can read here: is

"Another brick in Israel's apartheid wall."


     If you have the stomach to wade through it, you will discover that Haaretz considers Israel to be an apartheid regime because a new bill in the Knesset is proposing improving veterans benefits for Israelis who have served in the military.  This is all part of the general jihad of the Far Left to label as "racist" any benefits granted to veterans in Israel.  The far-leftist "think tank" calling itself the "Israel Democracy Institute" is also part of the Smear Israel as Racist Because of Vets Benefits campaign.




   I mean, can you think of ANY country on the planet that does NOT grant veterans benefits to people who have serve in the military?  If that is "apartheid," then just imagine how fascistic must be the Veterans Administration and its hospitals in the US!

     The problem of the Left of course stems from the fact that Arabs are not conscripted into serving in the Israeli military.  Jews are conscripted, as are Druse and Circassians.  Arabs can volunteer to serve in the military and some do.  They are then as entitled to receiving vets benefits as any other veteran.  So why exactly is this "racist"?


     If there is anything "racist" in all this, it is the anti-Jewish racism of conscripting Jews for service while giving Israeli Arabs a free pass.  Indeed, this also puts Jews at a disadvantage in everything else, like entering the university three years later than Arabs.  When a University proposed requiring that Arab applicants to its med school first work three years in the labor force to gain life experience and so have the same age and maturity as Jewish applicants, the Left had a conniption and denounced THIS as racism also!  In the past, Leftist NGOs demanded that Arabs who do NOT serve in the military be granted all the same perqs granted to Jews who DO serve in the military.  Really.


    Now let us put all of this into perspective.  Israel's social security system is called the Bituach Leumi or the National Insurance Institute (NII).  It was founded in 1954 as part of the Ministry of Welfare and later became a separate agency.  It is the main social welfare institution in Israel and pays a modest old-age pension, child support allotments, income supplements for the poor, death allotments, stipends for the disabled and unemployed, as well as payments to divorced women who are not getting child support and to people serving in the reserves.


     When it was first set up, the NII covered Israeli army veterans ONLY!   And that made perfect sense.  It was regarded as a sort of veterans benefit.  You did not serve in the army and are worried what will be if you hurt yourself or lose your job?  Go buy yourself insurance in the private market! 


   It was only later that the system was changed.  I think it was when Ben Gurion was Prime Minister.  After an election where the Labor Party needed the ultra-Orthodox parties in its coalition, the government extended NII benefits to the ultra-Orthodox, even though they generally did not serve in the military.  When the government lawyers pointed out that this would open up Israel to attacks for granting the perqs to the Ultra-Orthodox but not to the Arabs (who also do not serve), the government decided to extend NII benefits to Arabs also.  It was all because of its desperation to get the Jewish religious parties on board.


     The result was to strip away any meaningful content to veterans benefits in Israel.


     But who says it is too late to change that?  Why not exclude all those who do NOT serve in the military, and by that I mean Arabs and the Ultra-Orthodox and drug addicts and leftist "conscientious objectors," from NII benefits altogether.  They can buy their own life insurance and pensions and disability insurance in the private market.  Moreover, why not establish clear affirmative action preferences in admission to universities in Israel and in hiring for those who have served in the military (or at least did non-military national service)?  Give veterans preferences in everything from scholarships to dormitory space to small-business start-up grants to income-tax reductions.  Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Chareidim interested in getting in on the preferences can volunteer to serve their country, and so enjoy the perqs just like anyone else.  Conscientious objectors can move into a monastery or cave.  Drug addicts can stop taking drugs and join the army!


    Now affirmative action is supposed to benefit groups who suffered from past discrimination, right?  Well, Jews suffered from discrimination by Arabs in the Middle East for 1300 years.  Let's start to right the wrongs!  Give Jews in Israel preferences! 


    The anencephalic Left responds that you can't do that because the Jews are the MAJORITY in Israel and you can't give preferences to a majority. 


    Oh yeah?  Says who?  Ever heard of affirmative action for women? 


    Anyone reading the books by Thomas Sowell knows that all of the original affirmative action programs, those operated in Asia long before the idiotic idea was adopted in the US, were ALL programs to grant preferences to the MAJORITY groups (in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. etc.) at the expense of the "over-achieving" Chinese minority.  Similar affirmative action programs for the majority were operated elsewhere, from the Baltics to Africa.   


    SO why not for Jews!??




2.    David Newman, the anti-Israel anti-democratic "Dean" of social sciences and humanities at Ben Gurion University, the geographer who built the Department of Politics there into the worst anti-Israel indoctrination center in the country, the "academic" who helped produce an anti-Semitic documentary for British television, the Neve Gordon lite, the guy who defends and justifies BDS anti-Semites, the guy who demands that all critics of the Far Left be silenced and suppressed, is being awarded some sort of honor by the Queen of Britain.  See this:


As one wag put it:  The brainless scarecrow got a diploma, the heartless tin man got a citation for caring, the cowardly lion got a commendation for courage, and the anti-Israel anti-democratic David Newman......

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