Friday, June 21, 2013

The Compulsive Underminer



   Since his assassination at the hands of Yigal Amir, Yitzhak Rabin has been the focus of a sort of personality cult by the Israeli Left and its captive media.   Pop songs and folk lyrics beatify Saint Yitz.  The anniversary of Rabin's assassination serves as the Israeli analogue to Lenin's birthday in the old USSR and is the day in which leftists call for suppression of the freedom of speech of non-leftists.


      For the "peace camp" one can settle any argument by digging up a quote from Rabin, a bit like communists settle disputes by discovering a citation from Lenin or Marx, or how Lubavichers settle disputes by finding a quote from the late Rebbe.  Israeli schools are ordered to teach the "Rabin Legacy" and the "Rabin devotion to pursuit of peace."   All around Israel there are Rabin buildings and Rabin highways and Rabin intersections and Rabin bridges and a Rabin Hospital . 


    In fact, there is pretty much only ONE expression coined by Rabin and one opinion of his that you will NEVER ever hear being tossed about this week, the week of the 90th birthday party of Israeli leftist Shimon Peres.   The one unmentionable expression is Rabin's assertion that Shimon Peres is a "Compulsive Underminer" or in Hebrew Chatran Bilti-Nil'eh.   The word Chatran can also mean traitor,  not just underminer.


    The Hollywood airheads in town for the Peres festivities forgot to mention this.  Bill "Shalom Chaver" Clinton forgot to mention whom the late Chaver considered to be an Underminer.  Baba Streisand neglected to sing Peres a song about mistrust and unreliability and just plain dishonesty.


   The other thing that participants in Peres Week all seem to have forgotten was Peres' cavalier attitude towards the outbreak of mass murders and atrocities by his "peace partners" against Jews right after he allowed Yassir Arafat to move his army of terrorists out of their Tunisian exile and into the suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  With bombs going off and buses and cafes exploding, Peres made a statement in the early days of "Oslo" in which he said that he was far more worried about the infiltration into Israel by cable television than he was about the infiltration by terrorists.


      (Actually the very fact that he saw cable television and its challenge to the bolshevik monopoly of the state bureaucracy over electronic broadcasts as a "threat" is almost as outrageous as the fact that he did not see the genocidal Islamofascist terrorists of "Palestine" as any threat!!!)


      Peres of course was also the key figure in the campaign of McCarthyism after the Rabin assassination, devoted to the "theory" that Rabin's death was directly caused by the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists.  At Peres' orchestration, any criticism of leftists became "incitement."   The highest form of democracy was arresting Rabbis and settlers and Right-wingers who dared to express their opinions.


    And if the Peres Doctrine could be applied retroactively, Peres would have had Yitzhak Rabin himself arrested for the crime of insulting a public official (which is a crime in Peresian Osloid Israel), after Rabin called Peres a compulsive underminer.

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